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The ultimate OSRS RWT guide - Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned
Nov 16 2021
Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned
Here at LuckyCharm Gold, buying and selling gold is our bread and butter. We have been servicing the community for years, with combined decades of experience in the black market of OSRS from our management team. Our highest priority is making sure you as a customer are happy with our services and can buy and sell gold on our website without getting a ban on your account. Therefore, we wrote this extensive RWT guide that helps you absolutely minimizing the risk of a RWT ban in OSRS.
A majority of RWT bans are focused on sellers, not buyers. Even after Jagex’s recent announcement of rule changes, this has changed very little. A vast majority of RWT activities go unbanned, for instance: we have never had a single ban on our trading accounts since starting up gold services over 4 years ago. We take every precaution possible to avoid this. As a buyer or seller, rest assured that we take the security of our customers extremely seriously and do everything in our power to keep you and your account safe, but to stay as safe as you possibly can be following these instructions when purchasing or selling GP.

How to RWT safely in OSRS
Contrary to popular belief, a VPN or proxy will NOT make the chances of catching a RWT ban lower. In fact, using a VPN will make you more likely to be banned. Firstly, a VPN or proxy can be used before by somebody else for RWT and can be flagged by Jagex. Doing another gold trade on the same IP address will cause your account to be instantly banned for Real-World-Trading. Secondly, your account changing IP addresses and instantly trading large amounts of wealth is very suspicious and will cause Jagex’s system to raise suspicion. Recently, a lot of RWT bans are coming from the change of an IP address. The safest thing to do is to trade on the IP address and device that you normally play the game on, as this will not flag your account within Jagex’s systems and thus will keep you safer.

Using alt accounts to RWT
Some customers may be inclined to use an alternative account such as a pure or a fresh level 3 account to use as a mule for their transaction. This is also a very big misconception made in the RWT business, unless one of these accounts is also played on frequently alongside your main account. A fresh account is monitored heavily, as well as alternate accounts that do not play the game but are logging in just to trade large sums of wealth. This will actually increase the likelihood of your main being banned, as Jagex is far more likely to flag an alternate account used solely for RWT and trace the wealth transfer back to your main.

Another reason why trading on alternate accounts is a bad idea is the fact that two trades are done on your IP address instead of just one. Having more trades done between accounts always increases the risk of a RWT ban.
Furthermore, low-level accounts with low playtime that are trading on free-to-play worlds will also increase the likelihood of being flagged, as these are the accounts that are closely monitored by Jagex. Therefore, At LuckyCharm Gold we only use high-level accounts with good playtime and membership to absolutely minimize the risk of our trading accounts being flagged and caught, and we suggest that, if possible, you do the same - A level 3 fresh off tutorial island trading large amounts of wealth is far more suspicious than a high level main with hundreds of hours of playtime.

Different methods to RWT
There are various methods that people use for Real-World-Trading such as regular trading, staking, Player-Killing (PKing), using tip-jar and drop trading. We at LuckyCharm Gold advise you just to use the regular trading method when buying and selling gold. Jagex has no way to monitor if the trade was a loan or a PVM split that was obtained, for instance. Staking was another great way to transfer large amounts of gold, however since the duel arena removal, this is no longer viable. Using other methods mentioned such as PKing, tip-jar and drop trading raises suspicion from our point of view. It is highly irregular to do trades with large sums of money for these methods, which from the point of view of Jagex looks like RWT. When something looks like an obvious RWT, the chances of catching a ban are more likely.

Buying Bonds in OSRS as safe way to RWT
Bonds are a way of directly buying gold of Jagex, with absolutely 0 risks of a RWT ban. Though some overly-cautious players choose to purchase their gold this way, it is highly recommended to avoid buying bonds. They are extremely expensive for the amount of gold you get, costing around 4x as much as black market gold, whilst the actual risk of purchasing gold is extremely low, if you choose the right website that cares about your safety.

What are the chances of a RWT ban?
Although Jagex has been increasingly threatening to crack down on RWT, the sheer volume of gold traded means it is exceptionally unlikely you will be caught. We have never had any customers banned from buying or selling gold through our services. There are always players that do catch a Real-World-Trading ban, mostly people that are very careless and trade too much in a short amount of time. Make sure that before and after the trade you are not changing IP addresses and use the account you normally play on, and you should be completely fine.

Different types of RWT bans
If you followed all the practices listed above, the chances of a RWT ban would be very slim. There are two types of bans that you are able to catch, a RWT major permanent ban and a RWT minor 3-day ban.
RWT Warning (minor 3-day ban)
Most buyers of OSRS gold get a RWT warning from Jagex in the form of a minor 3-day ban. This happens mostly when a OSRS gold sellers is caught, all the accounts that have traded the permanently banned sellers account, will get a RWT minor 3-day ban. We get plenty of questions of people that got a ban like this when buying from other websites (usually trading with level 3’s), and if it is safe doing any more RWT on the account. Our answer to that
RWT Major (permanent ban)
If you are caught with a permanent ban, there is nothing else that you can do to recover your account. Unfortunately, your account has been lost and there is no way to appeal the ban. The only option left is to create a new account, and start over again.

Where to buy or sell OSRS Gold without getting banned
We at LuckyCharm Gold have stress tested the best RWT methods so that you can buy OSRS gold safely without getting banned. We use high combat level accounts with static residential proxies, and we prefer to trade on member worlds if you buy gold from us.

Whether you want to buy OSRS gold or sell OSRS gold, our website is super simple and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, entering the amount of gold you wish to buy or sell, your in-game username and email address, and your desired payment method.
We accept a wide range of payment methods such as credit cards, cryptocurrency & many more. One of our dedicated site managers will assist you as soon as they can and help you through the process. The manager will give you a world and a location, we prefer trading in a member's world at the grand exchange since this is where most of the gold trades are done by regular players. Simply trade the account and verify that it is you through the live chat and accept the gold. We always strive to serve our customers as soon as possible.
B0aty HCIM Deaths
Nov 11 2021
B0aty’s hardcore ironman deaths
B0aty is one of the legends of OSRS – one of the most mechanically skilled players in the game, and a pioneer of the Ironman game mode with his One-Man-Army series. His HCIM streams have remained some of the most popular streams in the OSRS section on twitch, showcasing b0aty’s insane click skill and in-game knowledge. Unfortunately, no matter how much skill Adam has in the game, deaths on a HCIM are inevitable – either due to lag, disconnects, or minor mistakes in some of the hardest content in the game. Here listed are all of b0aty’s HCIM deaths since the game mode was launched
Buy Tayrocs
B0aty’s first HCIM, the name a reference to his Twitch sponsor and chat meme Tayrocs, was the first of HCIM’s to die to the unfortunate disconnect. Whilst killing bandos, b0aty disconnected on stream and sadly logged back into Falador in October of 2017
Another death to disconnect, b0aty was unfortunately lagged out whilst killing Sire on stream in February of 2019. A continuing pattern for b0aty was that whilst his game skill was great enough that he’d avoid chances and play perfectly, his internet would always let him down in the end and cause his death
The saddest and most avoidable of all of b0aty’s deaths, this HCIM is the furthest into the game he’s ever been. Unfortunately, a freak accident of his phone hitting his mouse as he was AFK at Corporeal beast led b0aty to step in without noticing, dying on stream in front of thousands of viewers. Feelsbadman in the chat, at least this time it wasn’t to a disconnect
Sacred Trial
B0aty’s first death whilst playing the game, Sacred Trial was a gauntlet–rush account that sadly died whilst fighting Hunllef, stacked out by the boss as he tried to escape the room with zero food left. B0aty was almost happy with this death on stream, as it was the first time in 6000 hours of playing the game mode that he had died in a situation that was completely his fault
B0aty’s most recent death was to another unfortunate disconnect. A major loss for b0aty, as this account had an arcane spirit shield and a Theatre of Blood pet in the bank, b0aty’s internet unfortunately disconnected whilst killing Vorkath – in the same stream that he was chanced extremely hard by one of Vorkath’s attacks. This is the last death of a Hardcore that b0aty has had, and we hope to see him playing the game mode again soon on stream – only this time we hope his internet stays alive long enough for him to keep playing until the end
OSRS PKing Guide
Nov 11 2021
OSRS Main PVP world PKing guide
OSRS Pking is some of the hardest and most rewarding content in the game. The true endgame, PKing involves not only being skilled at the game, but being able to outplay and counter your opponent in order to send them back to Lumbridge and claim their loot. Nostalgic to many but completely fresh to a lot of players, Edge Ville style honour PKing on mains is some of the easiest and most profitable PKing to get started on, as it does not require a fresh account and is relatively mechanically simple, compared to pure PKing and NH deep wild PKing
The basics
The most common location for this kind of PvP is the grand exchange on the current PVP world. Every Wednesday, the world switches between w539 (US West) and w560 (UK). It is best that you only PK when the world is on your ping, especially if you are new to PvP and trying to learn. A cheese, but viable, strategy is to play on these worlds during times when people on the other side of the world are online – if you are UK, PvP at around 2 a.m., as most players online will be American and you will have a big advantage due to ping.
When logged into these worlds, make sure you have protect item prayer on at all times, even when banking, to bring your chance of losing your +1 to an absolute minimum
Something to look out for in PVP worlds is rushers and PJers. An easy way to limit your chance of being rushed or Teleblocked is to stay inside the safezone, located on the stone tiles of the GE, and ask other players inside to fight, only stepping outside to fight your opponent. If you are skilled enough to get a Kill, run straight to the bank and take out a full invent of food – I recommend 3 brews, 3 restores, 3 karams and the rest anglers, as well as a looting bag – and then loot, so you can’t be killed by any mager hoping to take advantage of your low food count in your inventory.
The easiest and most basic setup to learn edge-style PKing is the rune setup
If you do not own an Infernal cape or Fighter torso, replace it with a fire cape and a rune platebody
Any inventory layout will work, whatever you feel most comfortable with - as long as you bring the key items
Triple Eats
Any high healing food will work – anglers, manta rays, sea turtles, dark crabs or tuna potatoes. Whatever is cheapest on the GE. The eats always go in the same order
Food – Potion – Karambwan
Make sure you don’t get eat stuck – it is better to Food/Brew than Food/Karam, as you are still able to eat the extra karambwan without delay
Small eats
Small eats are a great way to stay at a safe HP without safeing. Most people will hover around 75-80hp when their opponent has spec left, as this HP cannot be 1 hit by special attacks. Pineapple Pizzas heal 11hp and guthix rests heal 5hp eat sip. Guthix rests can also be used mid attack without losing momentum, so are a great way to slightly nudge up your health without your opponent noticing.
Before stepping out, make sure you eat an Angler to be at 121hp
Spec weapons
The best special attack weapon to use in these fights is an AGS. Whilst claws are fantastic for holding momentum in deep wild fights and big hits on pures, they are much easier to survive and far less accurate than an AGS spec on mains.
Once you are more confident, you can bring a granite maul as well. Although inaccurate off armour, its special can be devastating and finish off your opponent when the AGS doesn’t hit quite high enough
The fight
Once you have chosen your opponent, its time to fight! A lot of the main part of the fight comes down to practice and instinct – the more you PK the better you get.
Whilst starting, focus on the main two points – not dying, and getting kills. Try and read when your opponent specs, and make sure you eat up above hittable HP without safeing, and if possible, pop your venge on their spec to set yourself up for a devastating combo. In your first few fights, focus more on not dying than getting kills – risking it for a KO will often backfire if you’re not fully capable
Try and stack your special attacks with a vengeance combo to increase your chances of stacking your opponent out
In this clip, I time my AGS spec to land at the exact same time my vengeance is proc’d by my opponent’s whip hit. Even if my opponent knew I was venged, he would not have been able to survive the attack.
In this clip, I react to my opponent hitting my venge with a quick AGS Gmaul. I also eat to minimise my risk of dying, although my opponent also venged and pulled out his ags – I would have died if I did not kill him. This is the risk vs reward of “risking” to kill your opponent
Ultimately, The best way to learn pking is through practice
The only way to get good and get kills is to practice, and the only way to practice is to go and PK, so gear yourself up and good luck sending noobs back to Lumbridge!
OSRS HCIM Account Buying Guide
Oct 18 2021
Purchasing a Hardcore Ironman
Hardcore ironman can be some of the most fun, rewarding and challenging content in the game – balancing risk of death with efficiency and obtaining max, best in slot gear without losing 1 life and without the assistance of others. As anyone who has played a Hardcore ironman before can tell you, Due to the nature of Old School Runescape and the game mode itself, it can be a long grind in-between death from beginner, early content back into the mid and end game where the real fun PVMing and skilling begins, making deaths even more frustrating as starting a new account can mean hundreds of hours of grinding, questing and skilling before you can really get back into the game mode. Fortunately, we at Lucky Charm are committed to maximising your enjoyment from the game by doing these grinds for you!
Let us do the hard work for you
Along side our account services, where skilled workers will hand train your account for you, we also offer account sale services. Some of the worst parts of efficiently training your new HCIM is the early game - Wintertodt isn’t exiting for anyone, let alone getting 99 Firemaking for the umpteenth time on your new hardcore, and it’s very easy to get burnt out before even getting to the part of the game you want to play. Our most popular account builds are 99 firemaking, 99 firemaking / 70 agility and 99 firemaking / 70 agility / 83 Hunter. These three builds are perfect for anyone either new to Hardcore Ironman, or those rebuilding a new account after losing status. With these options, you can choose to skip some of the most annoying and boring grinds within Oldschool RuneScape and get straight into the action without being inefficient on your account or limiting yourself. Due to the nature of the boss and its loot, it is far better to get 99 firemaking whilst remaining at 10hp, as well as the crates stacked up being a fantastic starter pack for the early and mid-game on your Hardcore.
All our accounts are 100% Hand trained by our workers – we will never sell botted accounts, or hide any bans / mutes that have been registered on the accounts. We will only ever use Runelite or Vanilla client whilst training accounts. Our customers satisfaction and security are our highest priority, and if any problems arise within the purchasing of an account or after obtaining the account we are always here to help. All accounts sold through Lucky Charm have no registered email or authenticator – meaning we have no way of recovering the account after you have purchased it and added the necessary security details. We highly recommend you add a recovery email, authenticator and change the password after the account is in your possession to make sure there is no way someone is able to obtain your account.
Need more?
Extra services are always available through our services discord. We offer an extremely wide range of services for your account, from item collection to endgame PVM carries and completions. We have experience with almost all content in the game, from low level fire capes with no supplies, to bossing as a HCIM and diary completions. Any content that you are unable to complete due to time constraints or lack of experience with, we have you back and can help take your account to the next level – just open a ticket up in discord or chat to us in the general chat.
Account Process and details
Why these stats?
We create the accounts fresh and get straight into training. Our skilled workers hand-train the account to 99 - we do not use Bots, AHK scripts, cheat clients or multi-boxing, and all accounts are sold with 0 bans or offences unless stated otherwise.
We get to 99 firemaking first using wines bought from Draynor Village, or cakes. This is an early game grind that must be done on any Hardcore to be efficient, as Wintertodt gets much harder when your HP is trained above 10hp, and the crates are near essential for making your Ironman experience as comfortable as possible.
We get 70 agility using rooftop courses only, collecting all the marks of grace to get your account full graceful – an essential item for any account – as well as set you up to make more stamina potions. 70 agility makes questing on an Ironman extremely smooth and quick, with way less walking than an account with 1 agility.
83 Hunter is an essential skill to have on an ironman since at 83 hunter players can catch dragon implings which have very notable drops such as amulet of glory, magic seed, snapdragon seed which are all very important for an ironman. Especially the amulet of glory is very useful for early PVM on the Hardcore Ironman.
Once purchased, we will send you the accounts login and password Through the Runescape website, you can change the set email and add authenticator to the account and change the password. Runescape passwords are not case sensitive, so we recommend you use a long password that is not used on any other websites. Note – this will not change the login email, so make sure you have that written down as to not forget. Setting a recovery email will mean this account is 100% yours – we have no way of recovering your account, even if we wanted to, so you have absolute security and zero worries we can recover once the account is trained up to a beast Iron.
A pre-made Iron is an incredibly easy and quick way to save time and avoid burning out on some of the slow yet essential early game grinds on Ironman, and is highly recommended whether you are new to Ironmen or a returning player looking for a hardcore challenge.
If you have any further questions, message Lucky on discord or ping any of the managers within our services or accounts discord in the general chat. Good luck on your Ironman, and I hope to not see you on the hardcore deaths twitter!

OSRS Best RuneLite HD Settings Guide
Sep 16 2021
Explaining and Optimising the settings of the Runelite 117 HD plugin
HD is finally here in Old School RuneScape! 117’s new plugin brings new life to the game, bringing it fully into 2021 with amazing graphics and lighting. In its current state, those without brand new RTX graphics cards may struggle to run it at optimal performance, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on HD.
Explanation of settings
Draw Distance
Very simply, expands how much of the game is drawn. I recommend turning this up as high as you can for the most immersive experience
draw distance on 90
draw distance on 40
This smooths the edges of objects, producing a cleaner look with higher detail
anti-aliasing off
anti-aliasing on
UI scaling
This affects how your inventory and world map looks – This all comes down to personal preference.
Anisotropic filtering
This reduces jagged edges within textures, and adjusts textures for your viewing angle to improve the visual aesthetic of textures on the ground and on walls
Flashing effects
Within the HD plugin, certain areas have special lighting affects – such as Draynor manor and tempoross having lightning. If you don’t suffer from epilepsy and want the most immersive visuals, make sure this is on!
Saturation, contrast, brightness
These are the colour filters for the graphics. I recommend playing around with these settings until you get your preferred visuals, but personally I keep saturation and contrast at default and brightness on “darker”, to adjust for the extremely bright textures in the overworld
Level of detail
This setting will adjust how many extra textures, such as blades of grass and dirt piles, appear in game, and how far they are rendered from your character
Dynamic Lighting
This setting gives off lighting in game from certain light sources, such as fires, pets and teleport portals. This lighting is beautiful, and I highly recommend it. The different settings (25, 50, 100) will adjust how far out these lighting effects are rendered
dynamic lighting on full
dynamic lighting on 25
dynamic lighting off
Projectile and NPC lights work in the same way, with projectiles lighting up your magic spells and crystal bow arrows, and NPC lights showing lighting off certain pets and NPC models.
Atmospheric lighting
This will give different lighting to different affects areas in the game. Although this plugin will make the game look beautiful, it can make it hard to see in certain areas
atmospheric lighting on
atmospheric lighting off
Shadows are my personal favourite part of the plugin. They bring so much life and detail to the game, and I highly recommend you turn these on. Shadow resolution will affect how high detail these shadows are and turning on “expand show draw” and increasing the shadow distance will render shadows in all areas that are rendered in the draw distance. Lighting will always come from the southwest, with shadows pointing northeast
shadows on, 8192 resolution
shadows on, 2048 resolution
shadows off
Fog depth will do as it says, adjust the depth of the fog on the border of your draw distance. I recommend keeping this at static and a depth of 5
Ground fog will also do as it says, giving the floor fog in certain areas. This looks amazing, but again can make certain areas difficult to see in
ground fog on
ground fog off
I recommended leaving the default sky on “Default (Blue”. The sky will adjust itself to match the environment you are in, which looks amazing
Ground and object textures are as they say, the improved textures on floors and walls. I also recommend leaving these on for a full HD experience
ground and object textures on
ground and object textures off
HD Tzhaar reskin will reskin the Tzhaar area to the yellow orange it was back in 2008. This plugin comes down to personal preference on how it looks
TzHaar reskin on
TzHaar reskin off
Optiming the settings for performance
For those of us without top-of-the-line PC builds, leaving the settings on absolute max will not be possible. Luckily, with how customisable the plugin in it is easy to optimise it for your PC or laptop. The most intensive settings are shadows, anti-aliasing and dynamic lights.
The minimum computer specs I recommend for this plugin are an i5 4460/Ryzen 1600 or above, 8gb of ram, GTX 1050/RX 470 and above. Whilst it is possible to use the plugin on lower power machines, stable 50fps won’t be achievable in most areas
For optimal performance
turn anti-aliasing off
turn shadow resolution to 2048
turn dynamic lights to some (50)
turn draw distance down, 70 is optimal for good performance and visuals
turn anisotropic filtering to 8
turn expand shadow draw off, and shadow distance to 40
turn level of detail to medium
turn water effects to some
These settings are the most intensive on your computer and decrease the performance the most. Turning these down will only mildly affect the visuals, whilst increasing performance massively, keeping your game at a stable 50fps with smooth gameplay.
Certain areas, such as priffdinas and the GE on a heavily populated world, will always be intensive on your computer due to how many shadows and dynamic lights are drawn, but with these optimisations you should still be able to run it even on lower end computers.
OSRS Pure PKing Guide
Sep 15 2021
Baby Pure PKing guide
PVP is some of the hardest and most rewarding content in the game at its high levels, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to learn. PVP at its core is about stacking out your opponent without getting stacked out yourself – easy in concept, but against experienced foes it can prove difficult.
We highly recommend you create a baby pure if you’re completely new to PKing – our guide to make this account can be found at here. These extremely low-level accounts risk next to nothing, and are a great start to learning to PK. More experienced players quickly level out of the bracket, leaving only newer PKers for you to fight. This makes it much easier to learn PKing without dying every time you step out.
The risk in this bracket is extremely low, as little at 50k per set. This makes it extremely cheap to learn to PK, you can even turn a good profit once you are proficient. However, if you are confident, you may risk up to 1m in gear – this isn’t recommended if you are very new to PKing, as you are more likely to be focused by experienced PKers if you are risking, and you are also extremely likely to lose your items. Only risk what you’re willing to lose!
This is our recommended setup for beginners.
If you don’t have 70 range, equip Red D’hide chaps instead
This is the advanced setup. Only use this if you’re confident
The Basics
The most active honour-pking spot is the grand exchange on PVP worlds – world 560 and world 539. Pures generally fight around the south of GE, and the north of Varrock west bank. It is active at all times, but most active between 8pm – 2am UTC
If you have it, keep protect item on at all times and watch out for rushers. If you are suddenly frozen or hit by a crossbow bolt, teleport straight away to avoid dying to rushers – they are common in this combat bracket, but easy to avoid if you keep an eye out.
Pre-angler before you step out to have the highest HP possible. When you start a fight, pot up and put your prayer on
this is the prayers to use. Switch to ultimate strength when speccing, or camp ultimate strength if you are not confident in switching prayers quickly
Be very careful of your HP, try and stay around 80% of your max HP the entire fight, making sure to not get yourself “pot stuck”. Eating has a set order – Food, Sarabrew, Karambwan. If you eat out of order, you are delayed by a few ticks until your next eat – this is enough to get you killed! So make sure you eat your shark first, brew second and karambwan last.
If you see your opponent running in to spec, put your phoenix necklace on and eat up! Most players will use and MSB or crossbow into gmaul, meaning the damage will stack in 1 or 2 hits – You need to eat as your opponent hits you to survive, but its always better to eat too early than eat too late
Make sure you keep an eye on your prayer – its better to die and keep your +1, than risk dying and losing it.
Understanding PID
To put it as simple as possible, PID determines whose hit registers first. An easy way to see who has pid is to see if your hit registers as your XP drops, or a tick after your XP drops. You want to be speccing on PID and focusing on eating when its not your PID. PID will swap randomly, and if you’re lucky/unlucky it will swap as you or your opponent specs
If you are “pid swapped”, your opponents hits will register on the same tick, and a tick before you are expecting them to – this makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible to out-eat, but they are rare.
Regening spec
After both players have used their special attacks, its time to teleport – there is little point in staying after both have specced / ran out of KO potential, and you’ll just be wasting supplies. Below is a video demonstration on how to use w330 house portals to regen your stats and spec
An organised bank goes a long way in making your inventory quick and easy to manage and refill. I highly recommend keeping your gear and supplies in your first tab, and using your second tab as a loot tab. This way, you can quickly bank without having to search up every single item you need.
KO-ing your opponent
Here comes the fun bit. The granite maul is the best weapon for special attacks in this bracket, with its potential for huge stacks and ease of use. To double spec, either click the spec bar 3 times in 1 tick and then your opponent, or spam click it 4 times in 1 tick to instant-fire it. If you have a secondary weapon, click it as soon as your XP drops to whack after. If not, hold the gmaul to get an extra hit on the end.
My go to strategy is to wait for two big arrows in a row, and then send the spec. This will mean my opponent is on lower HP and eat stuck, so they can’t out eat my stack – as long as I hit
The use of F-Keys are essential for this stack, as well as some quick clicking. Practice doing this in PVM or in the clan wars portal, where there is 0 risk, so you can get the timings right and get into the muscle memory of the action. If you aren’t confident switching prayer along with the spec, prod super strength through the entire fight.
These are the basics of PKing! Although it feels complicated at first, you will quickly learn how to fight and kill your opponents whilst surviving their specs. I recommend to new players to buy 10-30 PK sets, and expect to lose them all whilst learning. The low cost of sets in this bracket make this an easy investment for anyone who wants to learn how to PK. I can make up to 3m an hour PKing on my pure, or over 20m an hour DHing on my main. Once you’re good, PKing is some of the most fun you can have in OSRS, as well as some of the best money outside of ToB! Good luck, and I’ll see you on the PVP worlds!
OSRS Baby Pure Guide
Sep 11 2021
24-hour beginner baby pure guide
Beginner pures, also known as baby pures, are the quickest and easiest way to get into PKing. With minimal risk, fast fights and big KO potential, low level pures are some of the most fun you can have PKing in Old School Runescape, for those completely new to PKing and those who are more experienced. PK sets can be as low as 30k, and baby pures have an extremely low skill floor – as can be learnt in our baby pure PK guide – making this build one of the best to learn PKing from scratch on and start obliterating your opponents.
Building a PK-ready baby pure can be done, efficiently, in less than 24 hours. With this build, you can go straight to PKing without delay and get straight to the fun on a single bond. This guide will show you how to create a pure with 50 attack, 60 strength, 60 ranged and 31 prayer – fully quested and ready to be trained into a higher level or max pure
For this build, you will need:
*Some gp – 5m will be plenty
*A dwarf multi cannon, 5000 cannon balls
*200 anglers, 30 stamina potions, 20 ranging potions, 20 super combat potions
*20 dueling rings, 20 games necklaces, 10 rings of wealth
*Air staff, 1000 mind runes, 1000 chaos runes, 1000 fire runes, 1000 earth runes
*200 logs, a knife
*50 dragon bones
The initial setup for the account – mage is used to kill the bosses fought during quests
A majority of the XP is done through questing – this is far quicker than traditional XP training, and allows you to quest further for mithril gloves, avas accumulator and ancient magics without ruining your pure build.
Quest items needed:
*Black bead, yellow bead, red bead, white bead
*Burnt meat, eye of newt, onion
*Hammer, 1067 coins, garlic, holy symbol
*5 cheeses, leather gloves
*6 air runes, 6 earth runes, 6 water runes, rope, 6 logs
*6 clay, 4 copper ore, 2 iron ore
*Redberry pie, pickaxe, 3 iron bars
*Desert shirt, desert robe, desert boots, 3 bronze bars, hammer, 50 feathers, Shantay pass
*10 bread, 10 cooked trout, Asgardian ale
*50 pure essence, bucket, Rope, axe, plank, any staff
Once you have collected all these items and geared up appropriately, you are ready to start your account! Makes sure to use the “attack styles” plugin on runelite to hide defensive attacks, to make sure you stay at 0 defence XP, and always carry multiple stamina pots and anglers to make your questing as smooth and easy as possible
50 attack, 60 strength 60 range baby pure guide
*Complete Imp Catcher
*Completed Witches Potion
*Complete Vampire Slayer
Once these quests are done, train to 20 magic on the lesser demon on the top floor of the wizard’s tower
*Complete Witches House
*Complete Waterfall quest
*Complete Fight Arena
*Complete Tree Gnome Village
*Complete Doric’s Quest
*Complete the Knights Sword
Train your fletching to 10. Thankfully this is the only non-combat skilling you’ll need to do on this account for this baby build
*Complete the Tourist Trap – make sure to use your lamps on Agility
*Complete The Grand Tree
*Complete Death Plateau
*Complete Dwarf Cannon
*Complete Restless ghost
*Complete Priest in Peril
*Complete Mountain Daughter
Train your prayer to 31
dragon bones can be used on an altar inside a house for the fastest XP. You can find open houses with altars in Rimmington on world 330. Make sure you don’t go past level 31, as we want to keep the combat level of the account as low as we can.
The bulk of questing is done, and your account should be coming together nicely. Now it’s time to train your combat. Start by training range. Below are the setups you should use whilst training – don’t worry if you can’t afford ranger boots, just leave the boot slot empty. Steel darts are extremely cheap and deal as much damage as Iron Knives at a fraction of the cost, and are highly recommended for training.
1-40 range setup
40-50 range setup
50-60 range setup
To train range, safe spot the Ogres near castle wars with your cannon – make sure you are attacking the ogres with your darts as well to train HP. Behind the bushes is a safe spot, so you will never have to worry about being damaged by the Ogres
Train in this spot until you have 60 ranged
Once you have achieved 60 Ranged, it’s time to train melee. Sand Crabs is the best place to train your combat stats, as they hit very little, have low defence and are extremely AFK. Aim to stand in a spot where three crabs spawn and aggro you, as this is the most efficient way to kill sand crabs. If you can’t find these spots, hop around the sand crabs and see where people are training – these are the good spots. Find an open world and get started. First train to 45 strength, then 50 attack. Once 50 attack, swap to a granite hammer and train to 60 strength
30-45 strength, 45-50 attack setup
45-60 strength setup
Once you have achieved 60 strength, congratulations, you’re PK ready
This is our recommended setup for PKing in this bracket. Wait until a big arrow, then double maul + whack for the KO. With next to 0 risk, protecting the gmaul, you can die without worries as you learn to PK – Lots of people within this bracket get smited easily for their obby mauls and granite mauls, so there’s lots of GP to be made. Good luck PKing, and I’ll see you on World 560!
Zulrah Monkeymaking Guide
May 17 2021
Solo money making method
Zulrah (2M / Hour)
Requirements: Requirements
*75 Ranged + Magic
*43 prayer
*Regicide quest completed
*3m+ in gear
Zulrah is a snake boss, located in Zul-andra, just south of the tyras camp in the elven lands. Whilst seeming daunting to begin with, with a little practise is a very easy and laid back boss with great potential to boost your bank value up by millions. The snake boss with many phases has a wide variety of mechanics, and some great drops - such as alchables, skilling supplies and rare drops such as the toxic blowpipe and the serpentine visage. With the ability to get transmogs for the helmets, and even a pet snakeling, zulrah is a fan favourite for many OSRS bossers.
Getting there
There are a few quick ways of getting yourself to zulrah quickly. First of all, we have zul-andra teleports. These can be quite pricey, but will speed up the process by atleast 10 minutes per hour. Alternatively, with 76 Agility, you can use the Fairy ring code B-J-S which will take you to a small island right next to the boss area, this agility requirement can be boosted with summer pies.
Talking to the boss
Learning to kill zulrah is a real learning curve. Understand that you will die, and it will be frustrating, but you will 100% see progress in every attempt. Luckily for you, before 30 kills or so you do not need to pay to get your belongings back on death.
Zulrah resides on a small island off zul-andra, in the shape of a horseshoe. In total, there are 4 different rotations that may be thrown your way, some easier than others, but all consisting of the same process. You can work out which rotation you are on by the first moves of the boss, seen in the image on the side, in which you will want to save!
source :
This image will be your savings grace when learning zulrah. To simplify, The four rotations are the same every time. This means that by identifying which rotation you are on, the pattern will show you where to stand, and what to hit zulrah with. As most bossing, this is a large learning curve, and after 50 kills or so you will automatically know what rotation you are on and what to do for the most part. The best way to learn these is to jump in head first, and try to move with the patterns. You will die alot to begin with as stated earlier, but the more you persevere the better you become. zulrah is often over complicated in guides, but should really be kept simple.

Gear setup
Zulrah is a unique boss in the sense that you can achieve fast kills with very cheap gear. This makes this boss a personal favourite for rebuilding when you’ve hit the sand casino one too many times. In this section we’ll go over some simple setups for the starters and the experienced PVMers.

Cheap setup (Sub 3m)
To begin with, you can choose to simply only use magic to learn the rotations and mechanics. This gear will simply consist of:
* Trident of the seas
* Offhand mage book such as the book of darkness
* Mystic robe set
* Occult necklace
* Mystic boots.

Whilst extremely cheap, this setup can be extremely effective during zulrah's range phases, where it is weak to magic.
Alternatively, if you’re ready to test out your hybrid skills, a switch consisting of Black d’hide, amulet of glory, Rune crossbow, Avas device + Diamond bolt (e)’s is super damaging against zulrah’s mage phases. this will take a little getting used to, but will speed up your kills compared to the mage only setup by around 2 minutes per kil, averaging around 3-4 minute kills.

Low cost setup (sub 10m)
Once you’ve made a little profit and have some spare cash in the bank, its time to upgrade. Get your hands on:
* a Toxic blowpipe and some adamant darts
*The ability to use the special attack to heal along with the higher DPS makes a massive difference farming zulrah.
*Trident of the swamp
This will increase your magic accuracy and damage by a considerable amount! The speed of the kills will instantly be upgraded by around 1 minute - 2 minutes per kill, allowing for multiple extra kills/hour. To accompany this gear setup, you may also wish to upgrade to
*God d’hide boots with your range switch if you’re feeling confident
* Infinity boots
*Ahrim’s robes for the magic accuracy
*God d’hide ranged gear for the prayer bonus.
* Recoil rings are still an essential.

Med setup (Sub 20m)
So you’ve upgraded your gear to the toxic weapon set, and have made even more money. You’re probably wondering what the next upgrade may be and it may surprise you. Once you have the funds, get your hands on

*a Ring of suffering (RI).

It's recommended you use NMZ points to upgrade this ring to double the defence bonuses, but it's the special ability you’re buying this for. The ring of suffering has the ability to store recoil rings + activate it, meaning your recoil will never run out for snakelings + zulrah’s high damage, whilst also giving a very large defence bonus overall. This is an essential quality of life upgrade, which also allows for extra invent space.

High cost setup (Sub 100m)
The bank is looking bigger and its time for an upgrade. At around the 100m bank value, the best gear you can use will consist of -
*Full ahrims robes
*Toxic trident of the swamp
*Mages book
*Occult necklace
*Eternal boots
*Barrows gloves
*Ring of suffering (RI)
*Unholy blessing
*Serpentine helmet
*Full god d’hide
*God d’hide boots
*Toxic blowpipe
*Avas assembler
*Necklace of anguish
*Vengeance in rune pouch

This gear setup whilst a little more expensive, will see you rack up kills in sub 3 minutes every time. The high DPS from the trident + mage gear and blowpipe will be substantially better than the cheaper setups. Whilst being more expensive, you will make a lot more GP/hour with the multiple extra kills received per hour. At this point, it is recommended you use Zul-andra teleports. These allow for 3 extra kills per hour, meaning all scrolls used are paid for by the extra kills

From here on, your upgrades simply consist of:
*Full ancestral
*Full armadyl
*Tormented bracelet
*Arcane spirit shield

Tbow rebuild (Sub 1b)
Zulrah is the perfect boss for rebuilding after buying your first twisted bow. The gear requirements are next to nothing, as the twisted bow is so powerful against zulrah you can literally just use full black d’hide. this gear setup consists of:
*Twisted bow
*Amethyst arrows ( Damage is capped at 50 for zulrah, so dragon arrows are pointless!)
*God d’hide boots
*God d’hide set
*Recoil rings/Suffering
*D’hide coif
*Ava’s assembler

The twisted bow is so powerful that it negates any need to use a trident. You can potentially see kills that take less than a minute in armour less than 1m gold. Not to mention, it is much easier to kill the boss when there is no switching required.

Absolute max gear (2b+)
If you are looking to make alot of extra gold, whilst having billions in the bank, or looking to get the zulrah pet, this setup is for you. This consists of:
*Harmonised nightmare staff
*Full ancestral
*Eternal boots
*Ring of suffering
*Tormented bracelet
*Occult necklace
*Imbued heart
*Mage arena 2 cape/max cape
*Tome of fire with fire surge spell
*Full armadyl
*Amulet of Anguish
*Pegasian boots
*Twisted bow
*Dragon arrows
*Toxic blowpipe
*Barrows gloves

This setup will be allowing you to get sub 1 minute kills every time, with my personal record being 38 seconds. in this setup. The DPS by the harmonised orb is non comparable, the pure strength you will use against the boss is no match for a 500hp snake. This method will see the best kills/hour possible making upwards of 3m/hour.
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