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OSRS Minigame Services

Please ensure you have all minigame prerequisites, or that you order those as well.

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How does buying OSRS minigame services work

When you have ordered an OSRS minigame service from our website we will send you an invite to our dedicated services Discord. In this Discord, you can open a minigame services ticket where you must confirm your order number in the ticket. Then we will find you one of our minigame workers that will complete the minigame service for you. When a worker has claimed your ticket, you can send him the account details via a private message. The worker will keep you updated on the ticket about the progress of the minigame service and will notify you when the minigame service has been completed. After the service has been completed it is important that you change your password and set two-factor authentication.

Why purchase OSRS minigame services at LuckyCharmGold

Are you looking to buy an OSRS minigame service but do not know which website to choose? There are several minigame service providers that are charging very high prices for their services. We at LuckyCharmGold are providing a premium service for the lowest prices in the market. That way you rest assured that you are picking the right provider while not overpaying for your OSRS minigame service. There are thousands of customers that went before you, have a look at our Trustpilot reviews and our feedback channel in our dedicated services Discord to see what our customers think about us!

OSRS fighter torso services

Barbarian assault services are highly requested since this is one of the most annoying minigames in all of OSRS. The fighter torso especially is one of the most requested barbarian assault services since the fighter torso is one of the best in-game slots to wear as a plate body. The fighter torso furthermore does not cost anything if you want to obtain it in the game. It is mostly used for PKing since it is an untradeable item, meaning that if you die with it, you can retrieve it when paying a certain amount of OSRS gold. We at LuckyCharmGold are providing fighter torso services for as low as 35M per torso.

OSRS pest control services

Do you want to obtain full void in OSRS? Then use our OSRS pest control service! You can simply order this by choosing the pest control points that you want for your specific combat bracket. Do you want to order a full void service with all the different helmets? Then you should order 1250 points in total. If you are just looking for a full void ranged service then you must order 850 points in total. Buying an OSRS void service is a great way to skip the grind and let us do the annoying task of obtaining your full void in the game.

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