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Buy OSRS Fire Cape Service

Order your firecape service and our team will be able to get one for your account.

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Preferred setup of OSRS fire cape service

Pure fire cape setup

Please have the following items in the inventory:
- Bastion Potion (4) X3
- Saradomin Brew (4) X8
- Karils bow (bolt racks equipped)
- Super Restore (4) x15
- Purple Sweets x 200
Preferred gear setup:

Zerker/main fire cape setup

Please have the following items in the inventory:
- Bastion Potion (4) X3
- Saradomin Brew (4) X7
- Stamina Potion (4) x2
- Super Restore (4) x16
Preferred gear setup:

Why you should order an OSRS fire cape service

Obtaining the fire cape in OSRS is a very hard challenge for players that do not have experience with the Tzhaar Fight Caves. You have to defeat 63 waves of monsters, including “Jad”, where a single mistake can lead to an instant death. If you die in the Tzhaar Fight Caves you have to re-do all of the waves starting from wave 1 again. This can be very frustrating and hence people often look to buy an OSRS fire cape instead. We are able to do your fire cape and complete it within the timeframe of an hour for a very cheap price. This way you don’t have to worry about putting in endless work hours to obtain your desired cape, you can let professional workers at LuckyCharmGold service your OSRS fire cape.

How does an OSRS fire cape service work

Buying a fire cape from our website is a very easy process. Simply choose the fire cape based on the type of account build that you have and add this type of fire cape to your cart. After checkout, you will be asked to join our Discord where you can open a ticket in the fire cape channel. After you have opened a ticket, you must mention the order number that was provided to you by email and on the checkout screen. We will find you a worker that can complete your fire cape as fast as possible. After a worker has claimed your ticket, you can send your account details to him by private message. Please make sure to remove two-factor authentication on your account and remove any unnecessary wealth. Our worker will keep you updated about the progress of your fire cape ticket on our Discord and will notify you when the fire cape has been completed.

The type of OSRS fire cape services we provide

Are you looking for a specific request like an OSRS ironman fire cape service? Please join our Discord by pressing the link at the top of the menu bar. Open a fire cape ticket in our Discord and provide us with specific information about your account such as the skill levels, your gear, and supplies.

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