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Terms of Service

1. General

When ordering from our website you should read the terms of service carefully before purchasing. Purchasing on our website implies that you have read the terms of service carefully and agree with everything, when you do not agree you are not allowed to use the luckycharmgold website in any form.

2. Disclaimer

The company Luckygold or the website is not affiliated with Jagex Ltd. or Runescape® in any form.

3. Verification

Some payment methods will require verification documents to be sent. Verification documents will be stored securely and are only used to prevent fraud. The payment methods that require verification documents are Mastercard, Visacard, and American Express. If you are using any of these payment methods and do not provide these documents we will refund the payment. Identification documents should be sent to [email protected]. Verification documents that should be included in the email are the following:
• A picture of the front of your passport or id card showing your full name + picture (all the other information must be blurred out)
• A picture of the front of your credit card/bank card that the purchase was done with showing the last 4 digits + your full name (all other information must be blurred out)

4. Refund policy

Any purchases that are done on the website are final and non-refundable. If payment is done with Mastercard, Visacard or American Express and no identification documents are provided, we will refund the order, which can take several days depending on the payment method.

5. Taxes

When using our website you are complying with all the local laws of your country. All taxes must be paid in full accordance with the local law of your country. By using our website you agree that our company LuckyGold can not be held responsible for any damages or fines that you might face.

6. Country of residence

When buying from our website you are not allowed to use any VPN or proxies that can change your ip address, we use anti-fraud software that will detect the use of a VPN and proxies and will refund the payment if we see a payment being done via either of this software. Your country of residence will be used as information to pay VAT taxes to the corresponding country.

7. Fraudulent payments

We use various methods to be able to detect fraudulent payments. When a fraudulent payment is done, we will use all the documentation available to fight any disputes. We will also report all the information available to local authorities.

8. Service denial

We maintain the right to deny any order that is done via our website at any point throughout the transaction. When a transaction is completed and we believe that this transaction may be fraudulent or done on behalf of somebody else we reserve the right to refund the transaction.

9. Delivery of order

After an order has been completed successfully an email will be provided with the order number included. After an order has been delivered successfully, the order cannot be canceled or refunded and is considered as completed.

10. Terms of service changes

We reserve the right to change the terms of service at at any point in time. When purchasing from this website you are required to view the terms of service every time before a new purchase is made.

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