Privacy Policy

1. General Information

Privacy Policy of
By using our website you are accepting all the practices as described in the terms of service and privacy policy, we reserve the right to change our privacy policy, therefore please check for changes when ordering from our website.

2. Data gathered

The following information may be collected when using our website:
1) Geographical location, and IP address
2) Chat transcripts done on our website
3) Email address
4) Payment information
5) Runescape 3 and Oldschool Runescape account character
6) Information gathered from promotional offers
7) ID documents

Payment information as listed in 4) above will be collected and processed by our payment processor, which will safeguard your data with total security.
By using you acknowledge that you are providing consent to the use of all data mentioned in section 2. A client has the right to ask what data we collected of the client in all circumstances. Any client has the right to request his or her data to be removed.

3. Cookies

By using our website cookies are stored which are used only at our website, cookies are only used to remember the currency preferences of your choice.

4. Data Storage

Data is kept for the time necessary for the website and its services. In case of a dispute or legal actions being taken data might be needed for a longer time, this data will be deleted when it is not deemed necessary to keep it anymore.

6. Contact Information

Company: LuckyGold
Country: Netherlands
If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy or terms of service, please contact us:
Email: [email protected]