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What is OSRS Gold (Oldschool Runescape Gold)?

Oldschool Runescape gold is in-game-currency for the game Oldschool Runescape that was developed by Jagex in 1999. OSRS Gold is needed to do almost anything in the game such as skilling, questing, bossing and staking. Items that you can buy with OSRS Gold include armour, potions and food. Most of the item trading is done through the Grand-Exchange located north-west of Varrock.

How to earn OSRS Gold?

The are various ways to make money in Oldschool Runescape such as player-killing, bossing and item gathering. One of the best money makers in the game involves killing high level monsters in a team such as Chambers of Xeric and the Theatre of Blood. There are also ways to earn OSRS Gold as a single player by killing Zulrah which can earn up to 3M/hour, check out our Zulrah Moneymaking Guide for more information.

What is Real-world trading?

Real-world trading (RWT) or real-world item trading (RWIT) is the act of selling or buying Oldschool Runescape in-game currency or services for real-world cash. Real-world trading is against the official rules of Oldschool Runescape and players that get caught real-world trading can get heir Oldschool Runescape account permanently banned.

Is it illegal to buy OSRS Gold?

Buying OSRS Gold is not illegal in the real-world since sales of digital goods are allowed among all countries in the world. Within the game Oldschool Runescape buying OSRS Gold is prohibited according to the official game rules, it can cause your account to be banned for real-world trading.

Where to buy OSRS gold 2021?

There are numerous platforms where you can buy OSRS Gold in 2021. There are player-to-player trading forums such as Sythe, Osbot and Powerbot where players can buy or sell gold between one another. There is a downside to these player-to-player trading forums as scams are very common and there is a lack of payment methods between players. Another option for buying OSRS Gold is to buy from websites offering Oldschool Runescape gold. There are many trustworthy websites with various payment methods such as Probemas, PieGP and Food4RS. The only downside when buying from these websites is that you are paying a high price to receive your OSRS Gold. Do you want to buy cheap OSRS Gold from a website with various payment methods? Then buying from LuckyCharmGold is your best option.

Do you get banned for buying OSRS Gold?

When buying OSRS Gold you are breaking the game rules of Oldschool Runescape (real-world trading) so there will always be a risk involved when buying or selling OSRS gold. There are numerous ways to minimise the risk of a real-world trading ban. Our advice for players is to avoid using proxies or virtual private networks (VPN’s) since these IP addresses can be flagged for previous in game rule breaking by others. Furthermore, it is encouraged to trade on high-level combat accounts that you as a player are normally playing on. The safest website for buying Oldschool Runescape Gold is LuckyCharmGold since this website is only using high-level combat accounts and safe home IP addresses to deliver your gold safely.

Which OSRS gold websites are legit?

When purchasing OSRS Gold one must be careful as there are numerous fake gold selling websites. The best way to find a legit OSRS Gold website is to do good research about the website such as reading reviews and checking if they have a Trustpilot page. If you are looking for the cheapest OSRS Gold website with over thousands of feedback then look no further then LuckyCharmGold.

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