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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require ID verification when I buy OSRS gold?

No, we do not require ID verification for many payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard & Apple Pay. You can pay with any of these payment methods via our website without verification. However, if our system detects suspicious activity and thinks the payment might be fraudulent, then we will ask for verification after the payment. If you do not want to verify, then we can refund the payment in full without any problem.

What are the different payment methods?

Our website has a variety of payment methods to choose from such as cryptocurrency, bank transfer, credit card, and PayPal. We charge different fees for different payment methods. For PayPal payments, we require ID verification before you can select this payment method. For some EU countries, there are VAT taxes applied that we need to pay to the corresponding country.

Do you deliver the OSRS gold on high-level accounts?

Yes, we only use 100+ combat high-level accounts in P2P worlds to mitigate the risk of RWT bans for our customers. Therefore, you are sure that you buy OSRS gold with the lowest risk possible when purchasing from LuckyCharmGold. Many other websites use low combat accounts trading in F2P worlds when delivering their gold. Many customers get banned this way, and many customers come to our website since we do care about our customers and the safety of their accounts.

I have seen cheaper OSRS gold elsewhere, do you price match?

No, we do not price match to other websites or marketplaces. Our prices are very competitive for the service that you are getting. Other marketplaces where bulk gold sellers fight for the lowest price also come with an incredible amount of risk of your account being banned. These people move huge amounts of OSRS gold per day and usually trade on low-level accounts. This kamikaze way of RWT is very risky, and their accounts will get banned daily. If you have bought gold from one of these bulk sellers, your account will also be banned.

Can I be banned when buying OSRS gold?

In short, yes. There is always a risk when buying OSRS gold. However, we have developed a system where we are using many high-level accounts on different IP addresses to completely mitigate the risk of a Real-World-Trading ban. You as a customer can also make sure you buy OSRS gold without getting banned by reading our guide. On our website, you can also buy OSRS items, which is deemed safer than buying OSRS gold since the trade looks more natural.

How to Buy OSRS Gold

You can buy OSRS Gold on our website by following the steps below:

  1. Add the amount of OSRS gold you want to purchase and press the “buy OSRS gold” button
  2. Fill out your OSRS name and your email and select the payment method of your choice
  3. Check the “I agree to the terms of service” and press “checkout”
  4. Follow the steps with any of our payment processors that we have on the website
  5. After payment has been completed successfully, a live chat will be automatically opened with your order number.
  6. Follow the instructions from our live chat agent to pick up the gold in-game and enjoy!

Why buy OSRS gold from LuckyCharmGold

5000+ positive reviews

Our Website and Discord have been providing OSRS-related services for over 3+ years and have gathered 5000+ positive reviews. Interested in reading some of our customer reviews? Make sure to check out our sythe vouches and our Trustpilot page.

Instant delivery

Nobody likes to wait for their OSRS gold to be delivered once they placed an order. Some websites do not have their OSRS gold stocked and need to buy it from bulk suppliers before being able to deliver the gold to you. Our website always makes sure to have the OSRS gold in stock that we offer for sale and will trade it to you instantly after the order is completed successfully.

How we can provide cheap OSRS gold

Every OSRS player would want to buy OSRS gold at the cheapest price possible. But most websites charge high prices for their OSRS Gold because they are making huge profits on the margins of buying and selling 07 GP. The main goal of our website is to be the cheapest provider of OSRS gold on the market. We can maintain cheap OSRS Gold prices since we work with lower profit margins than other gold sellers. Do you see cheaper prices on another website? Let us know in the live chat and we might be able to beat their price!

Why OSRS gold is so cheap at the moment

The prices of OSRS gold have been dropping significantly lately, in the last 1–2 years the prices of gold have decreased by almost 50 percent. There are three main reasons for the recent drop.

Duel Arena removal

The first prominent reason is the removal of the Duel Arena in OSRS. The Duel Arena was a place where players could bet OSRS gold against each other with 50% odds of winning the battle, making it an in-game casino. A lot of OSRS gold was bought for the benefit of staking the gold in the Duel Arena. A small tax was placed on the money that was staked, which was immediately removed from the game, creating a money sink and making 07 GP scarcer.

Lower demand for OSRS gold

Finally, there is another more obvious reason why gold prices are dropping, which has to do with simple economics. The price of any good is derived from the supply and demand of that particular good. At the moment, the interest in OSRS has been decreasing, making the demand for OSRS gold lower relative to its supply.