OSRS Dizana’s Quiver Colosseum Service

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Complete order with any payment method of your choice
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Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use to complete the quiver service?

We use remote control software to complete your Dizana's Quiver service. One of our quiver workers will connect to your PC using Parsec, the fastest remote control software. They can access your PC, making it look like you are completing the Quiver.

Have you ever had any bans or Quiver removals?

No, we never had any bans or Quiver removals since we started our Quiver service. If you want to play it extra safe, then make sure to do some Colosseum attempts before ordering your OSRS Quiver service. This makes it look more legitimate, since the Quiver did not get achieved in a single attempt. 

How fast will my OSRS quiver service be completed?

After you pay for the Quiver service, we will invite you to our Discord server, where we ask you to open a Dizana's Quiver ticket. After you have opened the ticket, you will schedule a time with one of our Quiver to complete your Quiver. This is usually done within 1–2 days.

How our OSRS Quiver service works

  1. Select your account build, your weapon availability, and if you have any account limitations
  2. Complete payment for your Quiver service with any of the payment methods we have available on our website
  3. You will receive an email with your order number, and a live chat will be automatically opened. 
  4. Our live chat agent will invite you to our OSRS services Discord
  5. You will open an OSRS Quiver ticket, make sure to mention your order number when opening the ticket
  6. Our live chat agent will confirm the payment with our Quiver worker, and the Quiver worker will schedule a time with you. 
  7. Your Quiver service will be completed, typically within a day. 
  8. Enjoy your new best-in-slot Ranged cape!

Why you should buy our OSRS Quiver service

The Colosseum is one of the hardest challenges in OSRS. Even experienced players will have a very hard time completing this challenge. Even if you have a maxed account and are a very experienced PvMer then it will probably take around 100 hours to beat the Colosseum. Therefore, it is advisable to buy our OSRS Quiver service instead. This will save you a lot of time, frustration & effort. Our OSRS quiver service is also very safe, we haven't had any bans or Quiver removals since we started our service. 

Our reputation as an OSRS quiver service provider

We do understand that you have questions regarding the legitimacy of our service. We always recommend that you do extensive research before buying any OSRS-related product or service on any website. Take a look at our Sythe reputation by scrolling through our Sythe vouches, and always make sure to check out the Trustpilot page of any website before making a purchase.