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OSRS Quest Service

Please ensure you have all quest prerequisites, or that you order those as well.

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How to pay for OSRS quests

Buying an OSRS questing service on our website is a super simple process.
1. Add all the desired OSRS quests to your cart
2. Complete cart checkout with our payment processor or with OSRS gold
3. Get invited to our services discord
4. Open a questing ticket in our services discord and mention your order number
5. Sent the details of your account via DM to your dedicated worker
6. Sit back and relax while we complete your questing service

Important notes when buying an OSRS questing service

- It is very important that you change the password before the questing service to something temporary. Make sure that only you and the dedicated questing worker will have access to this password.
- Make sure to remove 2FA on your account so our worker can access your account without problems
- Remove any unnecessary wealth on your account, we allow a maximum bank wealth of 50M for a questing service. Remove any additional wealth to an alt account.
- After we have completed your OSRS questing service, change your password and enable the authenticator on your account again.

Why you should purchase your OSRS quest service at LuckyCharmGold

Fast speed of delivery

We at LuckyCharmGold are very careful in our hiring process, we only hire fast and professional workers. That way you will never have to wait long until your questing order is completed.


We are aware that there is always the possibility that a worker can steal something from your account. Therefore we have strict terms of service allowing workers to only work on accounts with a maximum bank wealth of 50M, that way we are preventing possible exit scams. Furthermore, workers all have a deposit of at least 200M and in case something happens to your account we will always make sure to compensate you.

Great reviews

Having completed over 10.000+ services makes us one of the largest service providers in the OSRS community. We have generated thousands of positive feedback on Trustpilot, Sythe, and our feedback channel in our discord. Therefore when buying from LuckyCharmgold you are buying with 100% confidence.
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