OSRS Infernal Cape Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use for the Infernal Cape service?

We use remote-control software to complete your Infernal Cape. One of our capers will connect to your PC using Parsec, which is the best remote control software to use. We therefore also do not need your account credentials or bank pin to complete this service.

Did you ever have any bans or cape removals?

No, we never had any bans or cape removals before. We also did many VPN Infernal Capes, since sometimes the internet of the customer was not good enough to do the cape via Parsec. The Infernal Cape services that we did through VPN also didn't have any bans or cape removals. 

How fast will my Infernal Cape be completed?

After you pay for the Infernal Cape service, we will invite you to our Discord server, where we ask you to open an Infernal Cape ticket. After you have opened the ticket, you will schedule a time with one of our infernal capers to complete your cape. This is usually done within a timeframe of 1–2 days. 

How our OSRS infernal cape service works

  1. Select your build, the best ranged weapon that you have, and select any limitations that your account might have
  2. Pay for your Infernal Cape service through any of the methods on our website
  3. You will receive an email with your order number, and a live chat will be automatically opened with your order number
  4. Our live chat agent will send you an invitation link to our OSRS Services Discord, where we will ask you to open an Infernal Cape ticket.
  5. When opening the Infernal Cape ticket, make sure to mention your order number in the form.
  6. Our live chat agent will confirm the payment with our Infernal Caper, and the caper will schedule a time with you to complete the cape
  7. Our Infernal Caper will complete the Infernal Cape service
  8. Enjoy your brand-new Infernal Cape!

Why should you buy an OSRS Infernal Cape

The inferno is one of the toughest challenges of OSRS. Learning the techniques of mastering the waves in the inferno is a very lengthy process that can take hundreds of hours. Even highly skilled OSRS players face difficulties obtaining the infernal cape. It is therefore a wise decision to buy an infernal cape in OSRS since you will save a tremendous amount of time. Some players who try to obtain the infernal cape eventually quit, wasting hundreds of hours without any result. Therefore, it is best to immediately buy an infernal cape, which will save you a lot of trouble and time.

Our reputation as an Infernal Cape service provider

We understand that you might have questions about the legitimacy of our service. We do encourage you to do extensive research before purchasing an infernal cape service. Take a look at our Trustpilot page as well as our Sythe vouches to see reviews of customers that went before you.