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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will my OSRS Skilling service be completed?

This completely depends on the skilling service that you purchased. Once you successfully complete your order, we will invite you to our Discord server. A worker will usually start within a few hours after your skilling service has been posted. All our workers will train at least 8 hours + per day, making sure that your skilling service is always completed as fast as possible. If you want to know an ETA of your power leveling service, then feel free to ask our live chat for an estimate.

Do you use a VPN while boosting my account?

Yes, one of our workers will always be playing on a VPN to complete your power leveling service. When you are asked to open a ticket in our Discord, make sure to fill out the form where you can enter your country + city, so our worker knows which VPN location to use.

How do I know that I will not be scammed?

Before using any OSRS services from any website, we advise you to do extensive research about their feedback. You can check out our Trustpilot page and Sythe Vouches to read customer feedback on past services. All our workers have a security deposit that will match the wealth on your OSRS account, therefore you will never have to worry about a worker stealing your items.

Is the power leveling done manually?

Yes, we make sure that all our workers are playing on RuneLite which is one of the few allowed third-party clients by Jagex. All our workers will provide screenshots of all the levels gained on your account, so we can 100% prove that all our work has been done manually.

Do you require a bank pin for these skilling services?

This depends completely on the skill that you want us to train. If you have bought a power leveling service for the agility skill, then no bank pin is required for us to complete the service. For a skill like construction, however, we do require a bank pin since we need to use the butler in the player-owned house, which requires a bank pin.

How to purchase an OSRS power leveling service

Using your desired skilling service is a very easy process. Simply choose the desired skill that you want to boost, and fill out your OSRS character name in the box to automatically pre-fill all your OSRS skills. You can then enter your desired skill level and training method and press “add to cart” to add the boosting service to your cart.

You can order multiple OSRS power leveling services at the same time by adding them all to the cart. Once you have completed checkout with any payment method of your choice, you will be invited to our Discord server. Here you are required to open a ticket and mention the order number that was provided, as well as your country + city so our workers know what VPN location to use.

One of our Staff team will post your OSRS skilling service for our workers to see, who in most cases take your service within a few hours. One of our skilling workers will keep you updated on the ticket of your Discord. This way, you are always able to directly ask your skilling worker about the progress on your account.

Let us boost your account by using our OSRS power leveling service

We at LuckyCharmGold have years of experience in OSRS power leveling. Since 2019 we have been providing customers with our OSRS skilling service to boost their levels to those well-desired 99’s.

Since the start of our boosting service, we have already completed over 10,000+ tickets successfully and have generated thousands of feedback, which can be viewed on our Trustpilot page and our Sythe Vouches.

We have put great effort into designing a Discord server with a flawless system to make sure that any OSRS services that you purchase are completed as fast as possible. Furthermore, we have a very strict application process for our workers. Making sure that you always have a reliable person working on your account, that completes your power leveling orders as fast as possible.

Why buy your OSRS skilling service from us

We are proud of being a premium power leveling provider with the cheapest prices on the market. We will always make sure to complete your skilling order as soon as possible, so you can jump right back into the game to enjoy your boosted account. Our workers will always play on Rune Lite, so you are sure that no illegal 3rd-party clients are used. After you have created an order, you will get an invitation link to our Discord, where a worker will give you daily updates with screenshots about the progress done on your account. Did we already tell you that our workers will use a VPN in your country? When you open a ticket in our Discord server, we always ask which country + city you are from so our worker can play on a VPN of the same region.