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Do you not have time to play OSRS yourself? Or do you want to skip an annoying training or questing grind? Let us service your OSRS account and take the work out of your hand! We have completed over 10000+ OSRS service requests in our dedicated services discord. Still not convinced? Have a look through our feedback channel on our discord to see the feedback of all the customers that went before you!

Is buying OSRS services a bannable offense?

On the 23rd of march 2021, Jagex updated the game rules of Oldschool-Runescape making OSRS services a bannable offense. Players caught letting their account be serviced by another player for the exchange of gold, or real-world money, face the risk of their account being permanently banned for Real-World Trading (RWT). The problem that Jagex faces is that it is tough to detect when an account is being serviced. If you buy OSRS services on our website or our Discord we encourage you to request the worker to use a VPN of your country of residence. This will make the account service look more natural since it seems like you are playing OSRS on a holiday, or at a friend’s house for instance.

The type of OSRS services we provide

Since we started providing OSRS account training services in 2019 we quickly expanded the different types of services that we can provide to our customers. At the moment we are providing power-leveling, questing, minigames, firecape & infernal cape services. Do you have a custom request that you cannot find on the website? No problem! Simply join our Discord to open a ticket and tell us more about your request, we are happy to help you with your custom request!

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