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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a VPN when providing the service?

Yes, after purchasing any OSRS service from our website, we will invite you to our Discord. Here, we ask you to fill out a form describing more information about the service, including your order number. In the form, we ask you where you are from, so our worker can play on a VPN from the same country.

How fast will my service be completed?

This completely depends on the type of service that you purchase. Once the service is posted to the workers in our Discord, it usually takes a few hours before the service is started. All our workers tend to play at least 8 hours per day on your account, making sure that your service is always delivered as fast as possible.

Can I buy OSRS services with a Jagex Launcher Account?

Yes, this is no problem at all. Once your ticket has been created in our Discord, make sure to communicate with the worker that you have a Jagex Launcher account. The worker will an authentication code from you to log in to your account

Can I transfer my wealth from the account?

Yes, this is even a requirement! We ask you to remove all unnecessary wealth that is not needed for the service. In the case that you have an Ironman or HCIM account, you are not able to transfer your wealth. In this case, we make sure that we find a worker that matches the wealth of your account.

Buy OSRS Services at LuckyCharmGold

Do you not have time to play OSRS yourself? Or do you want to skip an annoying training or questing grind? Then you can boost your account by buying any of our OSRS services from our website.

We have already completed over 10,000+ service requests in our discord since we started providing services in 2019. All the workers in our Discord have a security deposit and have been accepted based on a strict hiring policy. This way, we can assure you that you always have the best workers available when buying OSRS account services from us.

We have grown into one of the largest OSRS service providers over the years. The main reason for this is our super competitive prices, we always compare our prices with the competition and adjust our prices where necessary. We always complete services fast since our workers play a minimum of 8 hours per day on your account. Furthermore, we have important security measures such as safety deposits & premium VPNs that we use to provide the service on your account.

The type of OSRS account services we provide

Since we started providing services in 2019 we quickly expanded our operation to provide as much variety of services as possible. At the moment we are providing multiple services such as power-leveling services where we boost any skill with many methods available.

Another popular service is our questing service, where you can select any OSRS quest that you want to be completed on your account, including mini-quests. Our Achievement diaries service is used since diaries are one of the most annoying things to complete in the game since Rune Lite doesn’t have a plugin available. Our zeah favour service completes any of the kourend house favours to 100%.

Did you always want to have a fire cape on your account, but you cannot manage to defeat Jad? Make sure to check out our OSRS fire cape service, and we will get your fire cape as soon as possible!

For the more experienced gamers who already have a firecape in the game, we also have our long-awaited infernal cape service. This is the only OSRS service that we provide with Parsec, which is remote control software. This software makes it look like you yourself are getting the Infernal Cape, since our Caper will complete the cape on your own PC.

Obtaining items such as a fighter torso, full void, or a dragon defender can be very tedious. Check out our minigame services page, where you can purchase any of these services and more.
For our Ironman and HCIM gamers, we have our most recent Ironman item gathering service. This includes getting items such as herblore secondaries, chinchompa’s, and crafting supplies that will help you further on your Ironman journey.

Do you have a custom request that you cannot find on the website? No problem! Simply join our Discord to open a ticket and tell us more about your request, we are happy to help you with your custom services request.

Join our OSRS Services Discord

We have a huge OSRS services Discord with around 3000+ customers in it. You can join our Discord by pressing the link at the top of our website. If you want to pay for your OSRS service with OSRS GP you can go directly to our Discord server and navigate to the create-a-ticket channel. If you want to buy OSRS services with credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, or bank transfer then you can add the services you want on our website and check-out with any of the payment methods just mentioned. After you have completed your order, a live-chat will be automatically opened with your order number, our live chat agent will give you instructions to create-a-ticket on our Discord. Make sure to enter your order number when opening a ticket, so the live chat agent can confirm that you already paid for your services order.