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All of our OSRS gold trades are made from high combat level accounts
We are able to trade in both P2P and F2P worlds, by default we trade in P2P
We always pay the best rate possible for your OSRS gold
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Sell OSRS Gold

Offering up to $0.14/M
The prices we offer are approximate and will vary based on payment method, quantity, and our current stock levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you have available?

You can sell OSRS gold for PayPal. We will pay you via the goods and services method in the currency of your choice. We can also pay with any cryptocurrency of your choice.

How fast will i be payed?

Immediately after you trade over the gold, we will pay you via the payment method of your choice. There are no delays, and payment will always be received immediately after you handed over the OSRS gold to us.

do you cover payment fees?

If you choose to sell osrs gold via cryptocurrency then we will cover the fees of the transaction. If you sell osrs gold via PayPal we will pay you via the goods and services method. In that case the fees will be on you.

What is the risk of a RWT ban when i sell OSRS gold?

The chances are very low if you sell OSRS gold to us. We make sure to do everything to minimize the risk of an RWT ban. Trading on high-level accounts on p2p worlds, rotating accounts to not trade too much per account.

Why sell OSRS gold to LuckyCharmGold

We at LuckyCharmGold are always comparing the OSRS gold rates of competitors to make sure we are buying your OSRS gold for the best rates possible. We check our gold rates at least twice per day. 

Also, we have very careful real-world-trading practices. Meaning, that we care about our accounts and also about your safety. Therefore, we can guarantee that you sell OSRS gold to us while minimizing the risk of an RWT ban. 

We are always trading on high-level accounts in p2p worlds. We have multiple accounts that all have at least 100+ combat. Furthermore, we are trading with all of them on a different IP address to minimize the risk of an RWT ban. This means our accounts never catch a ban with our careful trading practices, which also means you face barely any risk when selling OSRS gold.

Sell your OSRS gold for the best prices

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you some of the best prices for your OSRS gold on the internet. We have a vast amount of customers who buy OSRS gold from us, and we try to be as competitive as possible with other bigger websites. Our website operates on low profit margins, making it possible for you to sell your OSRS gold for the best price.

Sell OSRS gold for PayPal

Do you want to sell your OSRS gold for PayPal? Then you are in the right place! We can buy the gold from you via PayPal via the goods and services payment method. Paying via goods and services implies that any possible fees of the PayPal transaction are on you. Please open a live chat to ask about the best rate that we can give you for PayPal.