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OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for P2P

OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for P2P

Completing all the quests in OSRS is quite an accomplishment as certain quests are incredibly long and difficult, but they are also rewarding as they unlock different content in the game. Players can save time by taking the proper route to finish all quests. Certain quests grant experience bonuses in skills needed to complete other quests, therefore finishing those first will save time rather than training those skills.

Additionally, finishing certain quests can unlock content in the game that will shorten the time needed to finish other quests. For example, the plague city quest unlocks the Ardougne spellbook teleport and teleport tablet, which can be used to return to Ardougne quickly while completing quests in the future.

This guide takes into consideration these factors to help you reduce the time needed to complete all quests in the shortest time possible.

Optimal quest guide for P2P

It is recommended to use the quest helper plugin in Runelite; it highlights the items and people to click on and how you should interact with them to complete any quest in OSRS. For every step in the guide below, you should buy all the items and supplies you would need for all quests in that step.

Step 1


Cook’s assistant

Sheep shearer

Misthalin Mystery

Prince Ali Rescue

Rune Mysteries

Imp Catcher

Gertrude's Cat

growing your cat

Start raising your kitten as you complete the rest of the quests on this list as a full-grown cat is needed for Freeing Evil Dave and Ratcatchers quests.

Witch's Potion

Children of the Sun

Complete the Natural history quiz in the Varrock Museum: Head downstairs to the basement of the Varrock Museum and speak to Orlando Smith, then click on the plaque in front of each display to get a question, RuneLite will highlight the correct answers to all the questions; after completing all the displays, speak to Orlando to complete natural history quiz.

Daddy's Home (mini-quest): this would give you 400 construction experience, which will get you to 8 construction and the ability to own a house

New levels: 12 cooking, 7 crafting, 9 prayer, 10 magic and 8 construction

Train Construction from level 8 to level 10 by building chairs in your house.

Step 2


Dwarf Cannon: Unlocks the ability to use a cannon.

Recommended: Get 20 hitpoints

Waterfall Quest: Bring good food to heal since you would run past level 86 fire giants (maximum hit of 11) and level 84 moss guardian (maximum hit of 14) that can hit above 10; you might need to try a few times with low hitpoint but using sharks with 20 hitpoints has a high success rate

Recommended: get 35 magic at Sand Crabs

Tree Gnome Village: 

safespot for tree gnome village

You need to fight the Khazard Warlord (level 112), he can be safespotted using the trees west of his location, and he can easily be killed with a fire bolt at 35 magic.

Doric's Quest

Witch's House: Fire bolt can be used to kill the witch’s experiment (levels 19, 30, 42, and 53).

The Knight's Sword

New Levels: 11 crafting, 36 attack, 30 strength, 10 mining, 24 hitpoints, and 29 smithing

Step 3

Train fletching from level 1 to level 10


The Tourist Trap: choose agility for the 2 experience rewards

Black Knights' Fortress

Druidic Ritual: Unlocks the herblore skill

Recruitment Drive

Goblin Diplomacy

Sleeping Giants: Unlocks Giant foundry minigame

Fight Arena

safespot for fight arena

Safespot using skeletons and obstacles during the boss fight

Plague City: Read the ardougne scroll after completing this quest to get the ability to use ardougne teleport

Monk's Friend

Hazeel Cult

Sheep Herder: Tip: Spam click on the sheep so your character does not lose control of them


Tower of Life

Tribal Totem

New Levels: 27 agility, 10 herblore, 14 prayer, 12 crafting, 33 smithing, 40 attack, 24 thieving, 18 mining, 13 woodcutting, 20 thieving, 14 construction

Step 4


Death Plateau: Tip: If you don’t have a Blurberry special or Premade blurb’sp to give Harold, gamble with 100 coins while doubling your bet every loss. 

Merlin's Crystal

Holy Grail: You should use either magic or ranged to safespot the Black Knight titan then deliver the last blow with melee

Murder Mystery

The Grand Tree: Fire bolt or higher can be used to kill the black demon using the safespot shown when using the RuneLite quest helper plugin.

Rag and Bone Man I: you should immediately start Rag and Bone Man II by speaking to the Odd Old Man after completing this quest, so you can get the bones needed for it as you do other quests.

Priest in Peril: Speak with Drezel at the end of the quest to get access to Morytania

Nature Spirit

The Lost Tribe: 

Nardok’s bone weapons

Unlocks Nardok’s bone weapons, the Dorgeshuun crossbow and bone bolts are inexpensive ranging items to start ranged training

Death to the Dorgeshuun

Elemental Workshop I

New levels: 35 smithing, 28 crafting, 26 thieving, 13 ranged, 23 mining, 32 defence, 26 hitpoints, 31 prayer, 32 agility, 44 attack, 17 magic, and 14 cooking

Step 5

Train till 35 agility: you can complete the easy Ardougne Diary and use the experience lamp on agility to get to 34 then train 35 agility using the Varrock course

Train prayer to level 37 to protect from magic using dragon bones on other player houses


Icthlarin's Little Helper

The Golem

Train firemaking from level 1 to 15 then train woodcutting from 22 to level 36 using Oak trees found around Gielenor, burn the oak logs to get your firemaking level to 30.

Train Crafting from 29 to 31; you can buy a few uncut sapphires and cut them with a chisel to get to 31 crafting.


Lost City: get two additional dramen branches that would be used for quests in the future

Fairytale I - Growing Pains

Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest: this is described as RFD-start on the quest helper, you only need to buy the required items and deliver them to the cook in Lumbrige and a scene will start after unlocking the recipe for disaster series.

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Goblin Generals

New levels: 20 farming, 31 crafting, 17 cooking, 19 magic, 44 attack, 30 thieving, 36 agility, 22 woodcutting and 17 farming.

Step 6


Sea Slug

Fishing Contest

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Mountain Daughter: After this quest, speak to the Dwarven boatman and ask him to take you to Keldagrim to start the Giant Dwarf quest

Ratcatchers and Clock Tower: If your cat is fully grown, use it for this quest. You should watch a YouTube guide to learn how to evade the guards. Also, grab a rat poison and complete the clock tower quest when in Ardougne for Jimmy Dazzler.

The Feud

Scorpion Catcher: Get an anti-dragon shield by speaking to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge; it is highly recommended for this quest

The Dig Site: Right after this quest, search the bookcase in the exam center to start Elemental Workshop II

Elemental Workshop II

A Soul's Bane

Enter the Abyss (miniquest)

X Marks the Spot: Get slayer experience by using the antique lamp on slayer

Start Pirate's Treasure to save time, don’t teleport to Blue Moon Inn, stop at that point in the quest and start the next quest, and complete the rest of this quest when you are in Varrock and the final part in Falador  

Client of Kourend: Use both antique lamps on Slayer

The Queen of Thieves

The Depths of Despair: Unlocks a less crowded spot for killing sand crabs

A Porcine of Interest


Shield of Arrav: 

Shield of Arrav grouping teleport

You need a partner to complete this, you can find one by opening the shield of Arrav in grouping teleport and clicking join; send a message in the channel to find a partner

New levels: 26 slayer, 37 agility, 39 thieving, 17 slayer, 9 runecraft, 27 hitpoints, 32 defence, 38 smithing, 35 crafting, 17 herblore, 34 strength, 26 fishing, and 19 cooking.

Step 7

Get 100 kudos: First, talk to Historian Mines upstairs in the Varrock museum to give information about the displays from the quests you have completed to get kudos and two antique lamps that you should use on Slayer.

Historian mines

Finish the Varrock Museum's cleaning finds section to receive 50 kudos. When you add up these 50 kudos, the 28 kudos from the Natural History Quiz, and the 30 kudos from Historian Minas, your total should be 108 kudos.

Finally, talk to the information clerk to claim 3,500 Mining and 2,500 Crafting experience.


Bone Voyage: Unlocks Fossil Island which contains ammonite crabs which a better melee training method



The Giant Dwarf: buy most of the bars and ores recommended on the quest helper. When helping out the secretary and director to join the consortium, skip the bars or ores you don’t have and get the ones you have from the bank near the consortium

Making History and Ghosts Ahoy: at some point in the Making History quest, you need to visit Port Phasmatys, start the Ghost Ahoy quest then, and finish up the Making History quest when you leave Port Phasmatys. 

Forgettable Tale

Another Slice of H.A.M

Vampyre Slayer

Ernest the Chicken

Demon Slayer

Shadow of the Storm: Use experience reward on ranged

Train ranged from level 28 to 30

Animal Magnetism: Unlocks Ava’s devices to save ammunition.

Creature of Fenkenstrain

New levels: 40 thieving, 29 slayer, 37 crafting, 14 fletching, 36 woodcutting, 45 attack, 40 mining, 39 prayer, 26 farming, 27 cooking, 34 magic, 39 smithing, and 31 firemaking

Step 8

Train cooking to level 30 by cooking the fish that gives the best cooking experience for your level at Lumbridge kitchen while using the bank in the basement


Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Jungle Potion

Shilo Village

Easy Karamja Diary: put the antique lamp on Slayer

Train Prayer till 40 for protect from missiles

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Observatory Quest

Horror from the Deep

Horror from the deep safespot 

safespot both the Dagannoth and Dagannoth Mother using the rocks in the room and ensure to pray from ranged as well.

Train Ranged till 37 for Spirit of Elid

Spirits of the Elid

Garden of Tranquillity

Enlightened Journey

Train 33 firemaking till 49 using the logs that give the highest firemaking experience

Romeo & Juliet

Tears of Guthix

In Search of the Myreque

Shades of Mort'ton

In Aid of the Myreque

Skippy and the Mogres: required for killing Mogres for completion of Rag and Bone Man II

Troll Stronghold: unlocks the ability to make law runes

Troll Romance

New levels: 39 agility, 38 strength, 41 crafting, 37 strength, 34 defence, 46 attack, 25 herblore, 41 crafting, 27 hitpoints, 32 farming, 37 woodcutting, 41 prayer, 40 thieving, 34 ranged, 29 cooking, 19 fletching, and 36 magic

Step 9

Train strength from level 38 to level 40 at ammonite or sand crabs.


Darkness of Hallowvale

Recommended: Train agility from level 41 to level 56 for underground pass

Underground Pass: bring along agility potions and summer pies to reduce the chance of failing.


Dragon Slayer I: it’s recommended not to complete this quest as this unlocks dragon tasks for the slayer which gives a really low experience per hour. Also, it is better to fight the dragon later when you have better combat stats.

The Fremennik Trials

Train construction from level 19 to level 20

The Fremennik Isles: it is recommended to train your defence and magic based on your experience level to fight the quest bosses; more experienced players can do this quest with low combat stats

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Easy Kandarin Diary


Contact quest boss

Train your melee stats till you are confident enough to kill the Giant Scarab (level 197), Locust Rider (level 119), and Scarab mage (level 66), and then use the combat lamp on magic

Train ranged to level 40

Train magic from level 39 to level 46

Temple of Ikov

New levels: 42 ranged, 31 fletching, 43 thieving, 39 magic, 40 smithing, 33 fishing, 36 cooking, 44 strength, 47 attack, 39 smithing, 43 crafting, 26 construction, 41 defence, 30 hitpoints, 38 woodcutting, 24 fletching, 57 agility, and 33 slayer.

Step 10


The Eyes of Glouphrie

Temple of the Eye

One Small Favour: use the antique lamp on Slayer

Train hunter from level 9 to level 12

The Ascent of Arceuus

Tale of the Righteous

Train smithing to level 44 by smithing the best possible ores

Between a Rock

Train mining from level 41 to level 42

The Forsaken Tower

The Slug Menace

Getting Ahead

Train herblore to 31 making the potion that gives the best herblore experience for Edgar's ruse.

Cold War

Train crafting from level 45 to level 50

The Hand in the Sand

Enakhra's Lament

Eadgar's Ruse

My Arm's Big Adventure

 Tai bwo wannai

This requires 60% Tai Bwo favour, you can get this quickly by killing spiders north of Tai Bwo Wannai village. If you want to complete a task for a medium Karamja diary, get 100%

The Garden of Death

Rag and Bone Man II

New levels: 43 prayer, 38 farming, 38 herblore, 43 mining, 50 crafting, 49 firemaking, 48 magic, 37 construction, 57 agility, 33 runecraft, 44 thieving, and 40 slayer

Step 11

Train prayer from level 43 to level 45

Train fishing from level 33 to level 50

Train farming from level 38 to level 40

Train slayer from level 40 to 42

Train cooking from level 36 to 50 using jugs of wine

Train mining from level 43 to level 50


Rum Deal:

edgeville monastery 

Pray at the Edgeville Monastery to get 47 prayer points.

Cabin Fever

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Lumbridge Guide

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

Heroes' Quest: Use admiral pie to boost to 53 fishing and a chef’s delight to boost to 53 cooking

Throne of Miscellania

Royal Trouble

Haunted Mine

Lair of Tarn Razorlor (miniquest): It offers slayer experience

Monkey Madness I: Talk to Daero for 35,000 experience in attack and defence and 20,000 experience in strength and hitpoint

Train ranged till level 60 at Ammonite crabs

Train thieving with Ardougne knights till level 50

Train magic from level 48 to level 50

Roving Elves

Mourning's End Part I

Mourning's End Part II

Desert Treasure I

The Corsair Curse

New levels: 51 magic, 60 agility, 53 thieving, 45 hitpoints, 51 strength, 51 attack, 41 hitpoints, 43 slayer, 57 agility, 50 cooking, 43 ranged, 49 firemaking, 51 smithing, 38 herblore, 50 fishing, 38 herblore.

Step 12

Train Magic till level 55

Train runecraft from level 33 to level 35

Train hunter from level 16 to level 27

Train mining from level 40 to level 41


Family Crest

What Lies Below

Eagles' Peak

A Tail of Two Cats

Train Woodcutting from level 42 to level 52

Train herblore from level 40 to 41

Legends' Quest

Land of the Goblins

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze

Olaf's Quest

The Ribbiting Tale of a Lily Pad Labour Dispute

A Kingdom Divided

A Taste of Hope

At First Light

Curse of the Empty Lord (miniquest)

The General's Shadow (miniquest)

Get more Varrock Museum Kudos: Talk to Historian Minas to get 10,000 experience from antique lamp and use it on slayer, when you get 151 kudos, talk to the information clerk to be awarded 4,000 experience in crafting, hunter, prayer, slayer, and smithing.

Train combat stats till you are confident to do barrows brothers

His Faithful Servants (miniquest)

New levels: 49 prayer, 55 slayer, 51 smithing, 50 hunter, 51 crafting, 37 construction, 52 woodcutting, 51 defence, 50 cooking, 46 hitpoint, 53 thieving, 60 agility, 55 herblore, 51 fishing, and 37 runecraft.

Step 13

Train prayer from level 49 to level 50

Train farming from level 41 to level 46

Train cooking from level 50 to 66 by making jugs of wine

Train defence from level 51 to level 65

Train strength from level 51 to level 60


The Great Brain Robbery

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen: Unlocks Fairy Rings transportation

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing King Awowogei

Recipe for Disaster/Defeating the Culinaromancer

Twilight's Promise

Perilous Moons: Train combat till you are confident to kill the quest bosses

Train thieving from level 54 to level 56

The Path of Glouphrie

Train Magic from level 56 to level 65 using high-level alchemy

Train Crafting by cutting the gems that give the highest crafting experience when cut for your level

Lunar Diplomacy: Unlocks lunar spellbook

King's Ransom

Knight Waves Training Grounds (miniquest)

Train Magic from level 65 to level 66

Train fishing from level 52 to level 57

Swan Song: Use admiral pie to boost to 62 fishing

boost fishing with admiral pie

Below Ice Mountain

Train smithing from level 51 to level 55

Train hunter from level 50 to level 52

Defender of Varrock: use antique lamp on Slayer

Train smithing from level 55 to level 65

Train runecrafting from level 40 to level 50 using the Guardian of the Rift minigame.

Devious Minds

Train woodcutting from level 55 to level 68

Train thieving from level 58 to level 58

Grim Tales: Use dragon axe special attack to boost woodcutting till 71

New levels: 47 farming, 59 thieving, 61 agility, 56 herblore, 68 woodcutting, 49 hitpoints, 50 fletching, 65 smithing, 50 runecraft, 59 slayer, 59 fishing, 66 magic, 52 attack, 66 defence, 61 strength, and 51 prayer.

Step 14

dream mentor boss

Train your combat stats till you are confident enough to kill the Inadequacy (Level 343), The Everlasting (level 223), the Untouchable (level 274), and the Illusive (level 108)

Dream Mentor: use the dreamy lamp on magic

Train fishing from level 59 to 60

Train slayer till level 60 using a cannon

Train runecraft from level 50 to level 55

Train fletching from level 50 to level 60

Train firemaking from level 60 to level 66

Train agility from level 61 to level 62


The Fremennik Exiles: Before starting, train combat to kill Basilisk youngling (level 53), Basilisk (level 61), Monstrous Basilisk (level 135), Typhor (level 218), and The Jormungand (level 363).

Sins of the Father: Use tome of experience on Slayer

In Search of Knowledge (miniquest): Use the lamp of knowledge on slayer

Hopespear's Will (miniquest): Rewards 38,750 prayer experience after completion

Beneath Cursed Sands

New levels: 63 agility, 54 prayer, 64 slayer, 66 crafting, 61 slayer, 56 runecraft, 50 hitpoints, and 66 magic.

Step 15

Train hunter from level 53 to level 60

Train agility from level 63 to level 68

Train Slayer from level 64 to level 69

Train crafting from level 66 to level 70

Train construction from level 38 to level 50

Train mining from level 60 to level 68

Train smithing from level 65 to level 70


Monkey Madness II

Into the Tombs (miniquest)

A Night at the Theatre

Dragon Slayer II boss

Train combat till you are confident enough to kill Vorkath (level 392) and Galvek (level 608)

Dragon Slayer II

Train mining from level 68 to level 69

Train thieving from level 62 to level 63

Making Friends with My Arm

boost mining with dragon pickaxe

 Make sure to use dragon pickaxe special attack or spicy stew to boost mining

Secrets of the North

Train firemaking from level 66 to level 75

Train thieving from level 65 to level 70

Train runecraft from level 56 to level 60

Train herblore from level 56 to level 70

Train construction from level 50 to level 70

Train Woodcutting from level 68 to level 70

Train Mining from level 69 to 70

Train hunter from level 62 to level 70

Train farming from level 47 to level 70

Desert treasure II boss

Train Combat till you are confident kill the several tough bosses in Desert Treasure II and Song of the Elves.


Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire

Song of the Elves

New levels: 70 construction, 70 hunter, 70 farming, 71 agility, 70 herblore, 70 mining, 71 smithing, 70 woodcutting, 65 prayer, 65 thieving, 70 slayer, and 70 magic, 

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