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OSRS P2P Melee Combat Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99

OSRS P2P Melee Combat Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99

Melee combat skills are made up of attack, strength, and defense, and the one you want to train may be selected by changing your attack styles. Melee combat skills are fantastic to train. Here are some reasons why:

  • They are required to complete several quests and defeat bosses. 
  • It is also important to train 99 in all melee for PVP players so that you can compete more competitively with the best players in those PVP battles.
  • The higher your melee stats, the faster your slayer training will be. 

In this guide, I will go over the best spots, gears, and bonuses to help you get the highest experience rates from 1-99 melee in P2P

As previously stated, melee consists of attack, strength, and defense. Attack determines how frequently you can inflict damage on an enemy, strength determines how much damage you can do with a single hit, and defense reduces your probability of suffering damage when struck by an enemy.

It is preferable to begin training Strength first since this improves your max hit, hence boosting your experience rates in both attack and defense. After strength, you should train attack. Since defense does not enhance your experience rates, food can be utilized, but training your defense is recommended as your level increases

Quests that gain fast combat experience

Most of the quests listed do not only reward experience but also unlock combat equipment with higher bonuses. Most of them also require you to fight a boss at the end, so training prayer and using prayer potions will be beneficial, especially for low-level or inexperienced players. You should also safe-spot most of these bosses because the majority of them are safe-spottable.

Quests that gain fast combat experience

  • Witch’s House: This quest rewards a 6,325 hitpoint experience. It is a good place to start because of the experience reward in hitpoints, which will be useful when doing other quests. To complete this quest, you will need to defeat four different levels of the witch's experiment, the first of which is level 19, the second of level 30, and the final two of which are 42 and 53, respectively, which can be safe-spotted, making this quest easy, even for low-level players.

  • Waterfall quest: Although you do not need to defeat any bosses to complete this quest, you will need to withstand attacks from level 84 Moss Giants and level 86 Fire Giants, who can do a combined hit as high as 17. A hitpoint of at least 17 and some food are recommended, and if you have completed the witch's house quest, your hitpoint should be well above level 17. The quest grants 13,750 attack and 13,750 strength experience.

  • Death Plateau: This quest has no skill prerequisites and is relatively simple to accomplish; it does not require you to beat any bosses and grants 3000 attack experience once done. 

  • Fight Arena: This quest requires you to kill Khazard scorpion (level 44), Khazard Ogre (level 63), and Bouncer (level 137), which can all be safe-spotted, completion of this quest gives 12,175 attack experience.

  • Tree Gnome Village: This quest requires you to defeat the Khazard Warlord (level 112) which can be safespotted by running west out of his attack range. Completion of this quest awards 11,450 attack experience. 

  • Vampyre Slayer: This quest is fairly easy and fast to complete, and only Count Draynor is required to be defeated, which is quite easy to defeat even for low-level players. The completion of this quest gives 4,825 attack experience.

  • The Grand Tree: This quest unlocks access to the spirit trees and requires 25 agility and killing the black demon, which can easily be safe spotted and attacked with magic. Completion of this quest gives 18,400 attack experience. 

  • Holy Grail: This quest requires 20 attack and the completion of Merlin's crystal. You would need to kill the Black Knight Titan during this quest. you can safespot him by standing east of the bridge at a distance where he cannot attack you. Completing the Holy Grail offers 15,300 defense experience.

  • Mountain Daughter: This quest requires at least 20 agility and 1000 attack experience. You would need to defeat Kendall, which can be easily safespotted.

  • Scorpion Catcher: This quest requires you to run past level 172 black demons and level 64 poison spiders. The only skill requirement is 31 prayer. Completion of the quest gives 6,625 s strength experience.

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio: This quest requires 15 agility, 30 cooking, 5 fishing, and completion of the jungle potion quest. Completion of this quest gives 2,500 attack and 2,500 strength.

Fastest Combat experience for P2P

If you have low-level combat or just starting, I strongly recommend you do the Witch's House, Waterfall Quest, Death Plateau, Vampire Slayer, and Grand Tree before doing the methods below.

Killing Chickens: Level 1 - 10

Killing Chickens from Level 1 - 10

Chickens are low-level animals that require no food to kill, making them ideal for starting combat on a new account. Chickens can be found east of the River Lum in Farmer Fred's chicken coop in Lumbridge. It is best to train strength first, then attack, and finally defense.

Killing Ammonite crabs: Level 10 to 70

Ammonite crabs have a level of 25 and are preferred to sand crabs because they have hitpoints of up to 100. This method is AFK because the ammonite crabs are aggressive and respawn every 30 seconds. if you find a good spot with 2-3 respawn points, you don't have to click until 10 minutes when they become tolerant of your presence; you would need to run some distance away from them and then run back to make them aggressive again. You can get up to 30,000 xp per hour, depending on your level and gear.

Killing Ammonite crabs from Level 10 to 70

Locations of Ammonite crab

 the coastal and northern part of Fossil Island, and also in the northern area in the Wyvern cave

Sand crabs: Alternative to Ammonite crabs

Sand crabs have a combat level of 15 and are only available to P2P players. They are also very AFK and stop being aggressive after 10 minutes, just like Ammonite crabs. 

Sand crabs: Alternative to Ammonite crabs

If ammonite crabs are crowded, and even after hopping worlds, you have trouble finding a good spot, sand crabs are the perfect alternative during this level; although they have lower hitpoints, the experience rates are not that different; sand crabs can be found just south of the woodcutting guild in the beach South of the Hosidius or Crabclaw Isle, and Crabclaw Caves. To access the Crabclaw Isle, you must bring 10,000 coins

Nightmare zone: Level 70 to 99

The Nightmare Zone is a combat-only minigame located northwest of Yanille. The premise behind the minigame is that you will be able to face all the bosses you have fought during any quest. During a dream, the bosses spawn in different numbers and respawn whenever you kill them, so you can train as long as you can. You can get up to 100,000 xp per hour depending on your level and gear.

Nightmare zone from Level 70 to 99

Although you will need prayer potions and super combat potions at the start to gain some Nightmare zone(nmz) points, after those initial points, you will be able to use the nmz points gotten from the minigame to buy overload and absorption potions, which give combat bonuses and additional hitpoints respectively. One of the main disadvantages of this strategy is that you always require coins within Dominic's coffer, and the amount depends on the dream mode you select.

Best Monsters for NMZ training

When starting at level 70, It is best to select these bosses: King Roald, Me, Bouncer, the Kendall, and Tree Spirit.

At above level 90, you can select any of these bosses below for nmz without any reduction in experience rates.

Trapped Soul - The Arcent of Arceuus

Count Draynor - Vampyre Slayer

Sand Snake- The Depths of Despair

King Roald: What Lies Below

The Kendal - Mountain Daughter

Me - Lunar Diplomacy

Skeleton Hellhound - In search of Myreque

Tree Spirit - Lost City

Dad - Troll Stronghold

Khazard Warlord – Tree Gnome Village

Black Knight Titan - Holy Grail

Ice Troll King - The Fremenik Isles

Bouncer - Fight Arena

Black Demon - The Grand Tree

Jungle Demon - Monkey Madness I

Slayer Training for combat experience

Training Slayer alongside your combat level is an excellent way to make the journey to 99 melee combat more enjoyable and profitable, as you will be able to kill monsters that would otherwise be immune to your attacks. Slayer mechanics are fairly simple; you must obtain assignments (monsters to kill) from Slayer masters, and when you kill these monsters, you gain Slayer XP. There are several slayer masters to unlock, which give you tougher bosses as your combat level rises.

Although training slayer as a way to train melee is not the quickest way, you will be able to unlock a lot of bosses and also use slayer equipment like the slayer helm, which will increase the rate at which you kill bosses and also give you fairly good experience rates in both melee combat and slayer. Although you can begin Slayer at any level, it is recommended that you begin Slayer at level 80 or higher to improve your overall efficiency and experience rates.

Best in slot gear and weapons

In this section, we will discuss the best gear and weapons to wield available and the different levels required to use them

Best Head slot items in OSRS

Torva Head helm is a piece from the Torva armor set, requiring only 80 defense to wear. This helm gives the highest strength bonus compared to any other helm in OSRS. To create this helm, you need to obtain the damaged Torva helm from Nex and then combine it with one Bandosian component using a hammer, This process requires 90 smithing and is not reversible 

Neitiznot faceguard: This helm gives the second-highest strength bonus; It is only 3 levels below the Torva helm. It requires the completion of Freminik trials and 70 defense to wear. The helm of Neitiznot can be upgraded to Neitiznot faceguard by adding it to Basillick jaw, a unique drop from Basilick Knights, and can be reversed at any time.

Serpentine Helm: This helm requires 75 defense to wear and degrades with time. It can be easily made by using a chisel on a Serpentine Visage, which is a rare drop from Zulrah.

Helm of Neitiznot: This helm is given to players after the completion of the Freminik Isles quest, requiring only 55 defense to wear.

Best Neck slot items in OSRS

Amulet of Torture

This offers the highest neck slot melee attack and strength bonuses in Old School Runescape, but it offers no defense bonuses. It requires only 75 hitpoints to wear and 93 magic to make, using the level 7 enchant, which requires 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes, and 1 blood rune. 

Amulet of fury

Unlike the Amulet of Torture, this necklace gives defense bonuses along with strength, attack, and prayer bonuses, making it one of the best necklaces for all attack styles. It can be made by using a level 7 enchant on an Onyx amulet.

Best Cape slot items in OSRS

Capes generally provide attack and defense bonuses, but not significantly lower bonuses when compared to other slot items; for example, the infernal cape, one of the strongest capes in OSRS, provides only a +8 defense bonus against all attack styles, including magic and range.

Best Body slot items in OSRS

When you reach combat level 40, you should finish the Dragon Slayer I quest to unlock the rune platebody, which you should then wear when training. You should also complete the quests required to unlock other platebodies as you reach the required combat level. These benefits become even more crucial while killing bosses during Nmz around levels 70 to 99; always utilize the greatest platebody you can afford to ensure you obtain stronger bonuses, allowing you to be more afk and gain more experience.

Best legs slot item in OSRS

Because the stats required to wear them are the same, you can wear most of the platelegs once you've unlocked the corresponding platebody. Platelegs provide a good defense bonus. Most platelegs can be made using the right materials through the smithing skill or purchased directly from Grand Exchange. Higher-level platelegs are rare drops from a boss; for example, the Bandos Tassets are dropped by General Guaardor and his bodyguards in the God's War Dungeon.

Best hand slot items in OSRS

The hand/glove slot can provide you with a lot of bonuses, so don't leave it empty if you want to get to 99 melee as soon as possible. Even though the competition is fierce and most gloves have similar bonuses, it is still a good idea to switch gloves as soon as you have the necessary combat stats. Although Ferocious gloves are considered the best gloves for melee training, barrows gloves are the best for magic training.

Best feet slot items in OSRS

Due to the low bonus provided by low-level boots, players frequently overlook the boot slot, but it is worthwhile to invest in high-quality boots as you level up your melee, as they provide really good bonuses when training, such as the Primordial boot, which provides a +22 strength bonus when equipped. All of the boots listed above can be purchased from the Grand Exchange, but this takes away the fun of it as most of them can be obtained from their respective bosses. For example, Primordial boots can be obtained as a drop from Cerbelus and purchased on Grand Exchange for up to 25m gp.

Best ring slot items in OSRS

There are many rings with great bonuses in Oldschool Runescape, and most of them have no combat or skill requirements. However, most high-level rings, such as the ones listed above, require you to kill a boss a couple of times to get them as a drop, so unless you are willing to spend a lot of money at the grand exchange at low to medium combat level, you won't be able to get high-level rings until you have high combat stats.

Best melee weapons in OSRS

Afkable methods to train combat in P2P

Unlike other skills in Old School Runescape, the fastest way to 99 melee which has been discussed previously, is also the most AFK approach to follow. Here are some alternative AFK methods to train combat in P2P:

Killing Rock Crabs

If the sand crab and ammonite crab locations are too crowded, killing rock crabs is a good alternative. They are level 13 monsters with 50 hitpoints who typically disguise themselves as rocks and become aggressive when approached. It is feasible to stay afk for up to 10-15 minutes before running a distance and then back to them to make them aggressive again.

AFK Killing Rock Crabs

Killing Bandits

Bandits in the Kharadian desert become very aggressive when you wear a Zamarok item, and if you also wear the full set of Guthan the infested’s equipment, you can be afk when training combat for up to 20 minutes. You can easily get 30,000 to 70,000 experience per hour with minimal effort using this method.

AFK killing bandits

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