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OSRS Ammonite Crabs Guide: XP Rates & Aggroing

OSRS Ammonite Crabs Guide: XP Rates & Aggroing

Ammonite crabs are combat-level 25 monsters that are commonly used for combat training in Old School RuneScape. They lack combat stats and would be unable to inflict damage on you if you have a medium defence level. 

Fossil Island is home to the majority of ammonite crabs. Although ammonite crabs' spots on Fossil Island are frequently occupied, they are not as crowded as sand crabs due to the requirements to unlock the fossil island and the fewer available training spots.

Killing ammonite crabs also provides slightly higher experience rates than sand crabs due to their hitpoints of 100, resulting in 400 XP for each kill. 

Fossil Island

Fossil Island

Because ammonite crabs can only be found on Fossil Island's shores and in the Wyvern cave, you must complete the Bone Voyage quest to gain access to this island. Fossil Island is an old, uncharted island that is being explored by the Varrock Museum.

Requirements for Ammonite crabs

  • Bone Voyage Quest

The Bone Voyage quest is about building a barge for the Varrock museum and is popular because it unlocks Fossil Island. It only takes a few minutes to complete and requires 100 kudos, the completion of the dig site, and no skill requirements. You will also need some materials, which can be easily obtained if you are an ironman or obtained from Grand Exchange if not.

  • The Dig Site Quest

As stated above, this is a prerequisite for the Bone Voyage quest, This quest is also quite simple; it requires you to pass the archaeology exam for the Varrock Museum. It takes a little longer to complete than the Bone Voyage quest, and it has some requirements, including 10 agility, 10 herblore, and 25 thieving. This quest grants 2 quest points, 15,300 mining experience, 2,000 Herblore experience, and 2 gold bars upon completion.

How to get to the Ammonite crabs

                                      How to get to the Ammonite crabs

  • The quickest way to get to Fossil Island is to use the digsite teleport, digsite pendant,, or the mounted digsite in your house, which will teleport you to the barge at the digsite, where you can fast travel to Fossil Island by speaking to the barge guard. When you get to Fossil Island, you can easily find the ammonite in the locations shown below.

  • You can also get to Fossil Island by using the Gilder transportation system in the Gnome Stronghold. When in the Gnome Stronghold, climb up the tree and set the Glider to 'Lemanto Andra,' and you will be automatically transported to a point near the boat at the dig site, from where you can easily travel to Fossil Island.

Digsite Pendant

   Digsite Pendant

This digsite pendant is very helpful in getting to Ammonite crabs, It teleports to the digsite where you can easily find the barge to take you to Fossil Island. It can be made by enchanting a ruby necklace with a level-3 enchant; all that is required to make or use it is the completion of the Dig Site quest and the spell learned from one of the archaeologists.

The disadvantage of using this necklace is that it cannot be recharged and crumbles to dust once all of its charges have been depleted. The primary function of this necklace is to transport you to the digsite.

Instead of purchasing multiple necklaces, if you have 82 construction, a curator's medallion can be mounted in a house portal nexus to create a mounted digsite pendant, which grants you unlimited teleports to the digsite.

Locations of Ammonite crabs

Locations of Ammonite crabs<

Here are the locations on Fossil Island where you can kill ammonite crabs: 

Mushroom Forest: This is the largest and most noticeable part of the island, and it is filled with level 109 Ancient Zygomiters in mushroom form. It is also well-known for its hardwood tree farming and herblore. This is the best location for killing Ammonite crabs, but it is frequently crowded. This location contains up to 28 spawns of level 25 ammonite crabs. Running northwest from the museum camp (where you are dropped off from the ship) from the digsite is the quickest way to get here.

Fossil Island Volcano: This volcano can be found on the eastern side of the fossil island, and it occasionally erupts and spews lava, which can cause minor damage to your character. There are approximately four Ammonite crab spawns in this area.

Wyvern cave

         Wyvern cave

This cave is popular amongst players who train slayer because it is filled with Wyverns, but it also contains ammonite crabs. To get to this cave, travel to Fossil Island via the Barge, then run east, then southeast into the cave, which contains only 7 spawns of level 25 ammonite crabs. 

Training method


Ammonite crabs, like other crabs, are aggressive, so if you get too close to them, they will attack you. First, you must hop worlds until you find a good spot with two or three Ammonite crab spawns close to a tile. Once you've found a good spot, stand in that tile so that both of them can attack you at the same time, then enable auto-retaliate. When your combat level increases, and you can kill the two Ammonite crabs faster, you should switch to the three Ammonite crabs' spots.

If the crabs stop attacking you, you would need to re-aggro them by following the section below.

How to aggro Ammonite crabs

Ammonite crabs will become tolerant of your presence after 10 minutes and will no longer attack you. To reset their aggression, run away from them for up to 5 seconds and then return.

Experience rates when training at Ammonite crabs

Ammonite crabs are known to provide the highest experience rates of any crab in OSRS. When training with Ammonite crabs, here are the different experience rates that you should expect depending on your combat method.

Experience rates when training melee combat

Experience rates when training melee combat

You can get about 5,000 average XP per hour from levels 1 to 20.

From levels 20 to 40, you can expect to gain about 12,000 XP per hour on average.

From levels 40 to 60, you can gain up to 30,000 XP per hour by using a dragon scimitar.

If you decide to kill ammonite crabs until you reach 99 melee combat, you should start gaining 60,000 experience per hour if you use the best combat gear you can find.  

Experience rates when training ranged with Ammonite crabs.

Experience rates when training ranged with Ammonite crabs

Beginning levels are quite quick when training at ammonite crabs, and when you get to 70 ranged, you can expect to gain 50,000 experience per hour, and as you get closer to 99 ranged, you can gain up to 80,000 experience per hour.

Experience rates when training magic with Ammonite crabs

Experience rates when training magic with Ammonite crabs

When training magic at ammonite crabs, you should expect up to 70,000 experience rates per hour from level 60 to 99 magic. The recommended spell to use is the fire wave, but this method is expensive, and it may be worth considering options that are similar in cost but have faster experience rates, such as ice bursting/barrage maniacal monkeys.

Differences between Sand crabs and Ammonite crabs

Differences between Sand crabs and Ammonite crabs

Sand crabs can be found west of the woodcutting guild, as well as on Crabclaw Isle, which is less crowded. Sand crabs, like Ammonite crabs, lack combat stats, which means they cannot inflict damage on your character at a certain defence level. The following are the distinctions between sand crabs and Ammonite crabs:

Hitpoints: The main distinction between these two crabs is their hitpoints; sand crabs have 60 hitpoints and give 240 XP per kill, whereas ammonite crabs have 100 hitpoints.

Spacing: Ammonite crabs are apart from one another, as opposed to sand crabs, which are closely packed in twos and threes, but Ammonite crabs compensate for this with their greater range of aggression.

Availability of spots: Sand crabs have significantly more training spots than Ammonite crabs, Although there are more players at the sand crabs due to their low requirements, the ammonite crabs can sometimes appear more crowded due to their low availability of spots.

Location requirement: To kill sand crabs. You only need to speak to Veos to gain access to the Hosidius or Crabslaw Isles just west of it. If you are unable to do quests to access Fossil Island, you can opt for Sand Crabs, and the experience rates are not that different.

Differences between Ammonite crabs and Rock crabs

Differences between Ammonite crabs and Rock crabs

Rock crabs are one of the three types of crabs found in Old School RuneScape, Although they might look similar in terms of appearance and combat stats, they are found in completely different locations. Rock crabs are found mainly on Waterbirth Island and are also smaller. Some other differences between rock crabs and Ammonite crabs include:

Hitpoints: Rock crabs have 50 hitpoints and a single kill gives 200 hitpoints, whereas Ammonite crabs have twice as many hitpoints. 

Availability of Spots: Ammonite crabs have fewer spots than rock crabs, which can be found in large numbers in up to four locations.

The requirement to access location: To kill rock crabs, you only need to visit Relleka. There are about 34 spawns available in this region, and it is no requirement to visit. The easiest way to get there would be to use the Camelot teleport, then run north to Relleka.

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