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The ultimate OSRS RWT guide - Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned

The ultimate OSRS RWT guide - Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned
Nov 16 2021

The ultimate OSRS RWT guide - Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned

Buy OSRS Gold without getting banned

Here at LuckyCharm Gold, buying and selling gold is our bread and butter. We have been servicing the community for years, with combined decades of experience in the black market of OSRS from our management team. Our highest priority is making sure you as a customer are happy with our services and can buy and sell gold on our website without getting a ban on your account. Therefore, we wrote this extensive RWT guide that helps you absolutely minimizing the risk of a RWT ban in OSRS.
A majority of RWT bans are focused on sellers, not buyers. Even after Jagex’s recent announcement of rule changes, this has changed very little. A vast majority of RWT activities go unbanned, for instance: we have never had a single ban on our trading accounts since starting up gold services over 4 years ago. We take every precaution possible to avoid this. As a buyer or seller, rest assured that we take the security of our customers extremely seriously and do everything in our power to keep you and your account safe, but to stay as safe as you possibly can be following these instructions when purchasing or selling GP.

How to RWT safely in OSRS

Contrary to popular belief, a VPN or proxy will NOT make the chances of catching a RWT ban lower. In fact, using a VPN will make you more likely to be banned. Firstly, a VPN or proxy can be used before by somebody else for RWT and can be flagged by Jagex. Doing another gold trade on the same IP address will cause your account to be instantly banned for Real-World-Trading. Secondly, your account changing IP addresses and instantly trading large amounts of wealth is very suspicious and will cause Jagex’s system to raise suspicion. Recently, a lot of RWT bans are coming from the change of an IP address. The safest thing to do is to trade on the IP address and device that you normally play the game on, as this will not flag your account within Jagex’s systems and thus will keep you safer.

Using alt accounts to RWT

Some customers may be inclined to use an alternative account such as a pure or a fresh level 3 account to use as a mule for their transaction. This is also a very big misconception made in the RWT business, unless one of these accounts is also played on frequently alongside your main account. A fresh account is monitored heavily, as well as alternate accounts that do not play the game but are logging in just to trade large sums of wealth. This will actually increase the likelihood of your main being banned, as Jagex is far more likely to flag an alternate account used solely for RWT and trace the wealth transfer back to your main.

Another reason why trading on alternate accounts is a bad idea is the fact that two trades are done on your IP address instead of just one. Having more trades done between accounts always increases the risk of a RWT ban.
Furthermore, low-level accounts with low playtime that are trading on free-to-play worlds will also increase the likelihood of being flagged, as these are the accounts that are closely monitored by Jagex. Therefore, At LuckyCharm Gold we only use high-level accounts with good playtime and membership to absolutely minimize the risk of our trading accounts being flagged and caught, and we suggest that, if possible, you do the same - A level 3 fresh off tutorial island trading large amounts of wealth is far more suspicious than a high level main with hundreds of hours of playtime.

Different methods to RWT

There are various methods that people use for Real-World-Trading such as regular trading, staking, Player-Killing (PKing), using tip-jar and drop trading. We at LuckyCharm Gold advise you just to use the regular trading method when buying and selling gold. Jagex has no way to monitor if the trade was a loan or a PVM split that was obtained, for instance. Staking was another great way to transfer large amounts of gold, however since the duel arena removal, this is no longer viable. Using other methods mentioned such as PKing, tip-jar and drop trading raises suspicion from our point of view. It is highly irregular to do trades with large sums of money for these methods, which from the point of view of Jagex looks like RWT. When something looks like an obvious RWT, the chances of catching a ban are more likely.

Buying Bonds in OSRS as safe way to RWT

Bonds are a way of directly buying gold of Jagex, with absolutely 0 risks of a RWT ban. Though some overly-cautious players choose to purchase their gold this way, it is highly recommended to avoid buying bonds. They are extremely expensive for the amount of gold you get, costing around 4x as much as black market gold, whilst the actual risk of purchasing gold is extremely low, if you choose the right website that cares about your safety.

What are the chances of a RWT ban?

Although Jagex has been increasingly threatening to crack down on RWT, the sheer volume of gold traded means it is exceptionally unlikely you will be caught. We have never had any customers banned from buying or selling gold through our services. There are always players that do catch a Real-World-Trading ban, mostly people that are very careless and trade too much in a short amount of time. Make sure that before and after the trade you are not changing IP addresses and use the account you normally play on, and you should be completely fine.

Different types of RWT bans

If you followed all the practices listed above, the chances of a RWT ban would be very slim. There are two types of bans that you are able to catch, a RWT major permanent ban and a RWT minor 3-day ban.

RWT Warning (minor 3-day ban)

Most buyers of OSRS gold get a RWT warning from Jagex in the form of a minor 3-day ban. This happens mostly when a OSRS gold sellers is caught, all the accounts that have traded the permanently banned sellers account, will get a RWT minor 3-day ban. We get plenty of questions of people that got a ban like this when buying from other websites (usually trading with level 3’s), and if it is safe doing any more RWT on the account. Our answer to that

RWT Major (permanent ban)

If you are caught with a permanent ban, there is nothing else that you can do to recover your account. Unfortunately, your account has been lost and there is no way to appeal the ban. The only option left is to create a new account, and start over again.

Where to buy or sell OSRS Gold without getting banned

We at LuckyCharm Gold have stress tested the best RWT methods so that you can buy OSRS gold safely without getting banned. We use high combat level accounts with static residential proxies, and we prefer to trade on member worlds if you buy gold from us.

Whether you want to buy OSRS gold or sell OSRS gold, our website is super simple and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, entering the amount of gold you wish to buy or sell, your in-game username and email address, and your desired payment method.
We accept a wide range of payment methods such as credit cards, cryptocurrency & many more. One of our dedicated site managers will assist you as soon as they can and help you through the process. The manager will give you a world and a location, we prefer trading in a member's world at the grand exchange since this is where most of the gold trades are done by regular players. Simply trade the account and verify that it is you through the live chat and accept the gold. We always strive to serve our customers as soon as possible.
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