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How To Buy An OSRS Firecape Safely

How To Buy An OSRS Firecape Safely

The fire cape for most people is a very frustrating item to obtain since it takes a long time to reach wave 63 to face a difficult challenge: Jad. Most players who lack experience will die multiple times on Jad, causing them to re-do the cave countless times. 

These players therefore have a big incentive to outsource this grind and purchase a fire cape service. In this guide, we will give you all the information you need to know before purchasing a fire cape from a service provider. This way you are sure that you are making all the right decisions, and you buy the fire cape from the safest provider possible. 

Is it against the rules to let somebody else do a fire cape?

In short, yes. Paying for someone else to log in and do the fire cape on your account is illegal and is bannable for a real-world trading offense. However, it is very hard for Jagex to determine if a payment was made for your fire cape when this payment was done outside the game. If you pay for your fire cape with real-world money, then Jagex has absolutely no way to determine if payment was made for any service. 

Furthermore, since most fire cape providers will ask their fire cape worker to log in via VPN during the service, there is no way for Jagex to detect that the fire cape was done by somebody else. Since it looks like you are playing on your account from another device, therefore they have no way to determine that a service took place on your account. 

Choosing a reliable OSRS fire cape service provider

This is by far the most important element to consider when shopping around for different providers. Always make sure to choose a website or service provider that has a lot of feedback. 

When purchasing from a website, it is advisable to check their reviews, such as their Trustpilot page. Have a Google for the name of the website + reviews to make sure that they are reliable, this way you can filter out the scam websites and make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable vendor. 

If you are buying from marketplaces such as Sythe, Eldorado, or Playerauctions make sure to check the feedback of the user that is providing the fire cape service. Make sure that the service provider has been operating for a longer period, and has at least a few hundred feedback/vouches. These types of forums attract scammers since they can offer their fire cape service to you for free, giving them the ability to access your account and possibly scam your items. 

reputation of a seller

No bank-pin should be required

You should make sure to ask if a bank pin is required before you pay for the service. If the website or service provider is asking for your bank-pin, then chances are that they are looking to steal your items. The website or service provider should be able to tell you their gear & inventory requirements so that you can set up your account and leave it at fight caves. This way your bank is protected, and you don’t risk any unnecessary wealth that is not required for the service. 

bank pin present on an account

VPN or remote control?

A lot of people are asking whether fire cape services are done via remote control software, and the answer is simply no. Remote control software is only done for infernal capes, since these capes are monitored by Jagex, and can cause your account to be banned. Fire capes are not monitored by Jagex this way, and therefore remote control software is not used by most fire cape service providers. 

You should, however, definitely ask if the service provider can use a VPN while completing your fire cape service. This makes the fire cape safer since it looks like you are playing your account from another device, making the service look more natural. 


Make sure that no bots are used

It might seem ridiculous to you at first, but there does indeed exist botting software that can complete the fire cape on your account. The only platform that has this software available is Osbot, therefore there is a simple way to make sure that your fire cape was not used with macroing software. 

Simply ask if the fire cape service provider can provide RuneLite screenshots during the service, so you are sure that no macroing software was used. RuneLite is one of the few 3rd party clients that is allowed by Jagex, therefore you are sure that the risk of a ban is mitigated. 

Make sure that no extra items are taken during the service

Some fire cape service asks for a huge number of supplies to complete your fire cape service. Such as 500-1000 purple sweets, a fully loaded blowpipe with the maximum number of dragon darts, and zulrah scales. 

They will complete your fire cape on your account, and then take all the extra supplies that they didn’t use on your account. For most fire capes (with overhead prayers), no purple sweets should be used, and a maximum of 2K darts and a blowpipe with 25% zulrah scales are required. Please keep in mind that when the service provider dies on your account, they might require more supplies than listed above. 

OSRS safest fire cape service provider

We at LuckyCharmGold are proud to be the safest fire cape provider on OSRS. We always play on a VPN while doing your fire cape service, and will provide screenshots from RuneLite to prove that our service was done manually. All our workers have a security deposit that matches the wealth on your account and have gone through a strict hiring process. Furthermore, we will never require a bank-pin for your fire cape service, and will only use the gear that is required for completing the service. 

Having all these security measures in place, we are proud to say we have completed hundreds of fire capes for our customers since providing our services from 2019 onwards, with zero bans. Make sure to do extensive research about us before ordering, take a look at our Trustpilot page as well as our Sythe vouches before ordering your fire cape. You can buy our OSRS fire cape service here.

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