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OSRS Wintertodt Guide: XP Rates & Rewards

OSRS Wintertodt Guide: XP Rates & Rewards

All players, including ironmen, can train firemaking at Wintertodt, a well-known boss that can be defeated with skills rather than combat. Fighting this boss is well-known for giving high experience rates and is pretty relaxing to do.

There is a risk of dying when inside the Wintertodt as your hitpoint level will continually reduce due to attacks from the Wintertodt. If you die, you will lose your hardcore Ironman status as the Wintertodt is not classified as a safe place to die.

While training Wintertodt, it is possible to get experience in other skills like Herblore, construction, and woodcutting.

Requirements for Wintertodt

50 firemaking is the only requirement for Fighting the Wintertodt but to be able to do other activities, here is a list of the things you need to do: 

  • You need to complete the Druidic ritual quest to be able to pick Bruma herbs, which can be used to create a rejuvenation potion.
  • Owning a player house will enable you to get construction experience anytime you fix the braziers when they break.

Items required for Wintertodt

  • Axe: This is used to cut Bruma root from the Bruma roots
  • Knife: This is used to cut Bruma roots into kindlings which gives better points.
  • Hammer: Hammers are used to fix braziers; you will get construction experience when you do this only if you have a house.
  • Rejuvenation potion: This is needed if you are looking to get additional points
  • Warm clothing: Warm clothing is extremely important when doing the Wintertodt, it significantly reduces how much damage you take from the boss
  • Some food: The type of food you need for Wintertodt depends on your hitpoints because the percentage of health you lose any time Wintertodt hits depends on your hitpoints.

How to get to Wintertodt

Wintertodt camp

  • Games necklace: The fastest way to get to the Wintertodt is through the games necklace. When you right-click the games necklace, you will get the option to teleport directly to the Wintertodt camp.

  • Fairy code CIS : This requires you to unlock the fairy rings when you get here, you can easily run to the Wintertodt camp.

  • You can also select the Northern Tundra teleport in the Lovankenj minecart network, which would bring you directly to the southeast of Wintertodt.

If none of the aforementioned options are available to you, you can reach the Wintertodt camp by running from Port Piscarrilius after boarding the ship in Port Sarim.

Official worlds for Wintertodt

Here are the official worlds for fighting the Wintertodt where you can fight the boss with other players: 


W307 - United States

W309 - United Kingdom

W311 - Germany

W389 - Australia

How to fight the Wintertodt Boss

Essentially, your primary goal when battling the Wintertodt is to chop off Bruma roots, burn them in braziers, and earn 500 points to gain the final firemaking experience and a supply crate at the end of the round, and—above all—keep your character alive.

You can join a Wintertodt round when you enter Dinh's doors in the Wintertodt camp. Since there is a bank directly outside, you should make sure you have everything you need before entering. You can also use this bank to deposit crates and get food at the end of each round.

Wintertodt bank

You can choose to play alone or with other players, but if you're new to the game, it's best to use official worlds first to get a complete understanding of how it functions before going solo.

Icons and their meanings during Wintertodt

Winntertot icons

The Wintertodt’s energy

The Wintertodt's energy is located at the top left corner of the screen when you enter the Doors of Dinh as shown above. It starts at 100% and decreases as you and other players burn the bruma roots; when it reaches 0%, the round ends and you are awarded more firemaking experience.

Lighting the Brazier

Lighting the brazier in Wintertodt

To light the brazier, you'll need a Bruma torch or a tinderbox in your inventory. Lighting the brazier should be your first move when beginning a round. During the round, it's important to keep it lit at all times, as it will provide firemaking experience and points.

Getting Bruma logs

Brazier and bruma root location in Wintertodt

When facing the Wintertodt boss, your woodcutting level affects how quickly you can cut the bruma roots during a round. Having a high woodcutting level could help you get better firemaking experience rates as you would be able to cut the bruma roots faster. You must have a complete inventory of bruma roots before you start to burn them to be able to get the most experience rates or points.

Burning Bruma logs using the braziers

You can start burning the Bruma roots by clicking on the brazier next to it after you've cut the roots. The rate at which you can burn the logs increases as your firemaking and woodcutting skill levels rise, so you can anticipate getting better experience rates in both areas as your firemaking and woodcutting skills rise.

Fixing the Braziers

The braziers break occasionally. You need to have a hammer in your inventory to fix this brazier. If you do, you'll receive 25 points and some firemaking experience. You will also obtain construction experience if you own a home.

Healing of the Pyromancer

Since only one person can heal the pyromancer in official worlds, you must act quickly to heal him to have a chance to earn points. To do this, you will need the rejuvenation potion.

With these items, a rejuvenation potion can be created:

Unfinished rejuvenation: The concoction crates in the picture below allow you to pick up an unfinished rejuvenation potion.  

concoction crates in Wintertodt

Bruma herb: you will require a Bruma herb, which is obtained from the roots that are sprouting in the location below. By applying the incomplete Rejuvenation potion to the Buma herb, you will obtain a Rejuvenation potion. Every one of the four doses in a full potion allows you to heal pyromancer.

Sprouting roots in Wintertodt

The Wintertoodt attacks

Cold from the Wintertodt: As previously mentioned, this occurs frequently, so you need warm clothing to complete the Wintertodt boss. You would only take 10% damage from this attack whenever you are hit; if you have 10 hitpoints, you will lose 1 HP every time you are hit. For this reason, it is best to begin Wintertodt at a lower HP so that the expense of food during training would be minimal.

Wearing warm clothing may make the damage from the cold seem insignificant, but it happens frequently. If you are unaware of your hitpoints, your character will probably die during a round. You won't be interrupted by wintertodt's cold attacks when cutting bruma roots, but you may be when fletching or burning them.

Brazier breaking: This occurs less frequently than the wintertodt cold, and it won't harm you unless you're near a brazier. However, when it breaks, it tends to inflict more damage to your character, and if you're near a brazier, it will interrupt or stop the burning of Bruma roots or fletching.

Snowfalls: In the Wintertodt camp, there is a 3 x 3 snowfall area where only one player can be hit at a time. It is easy to avoid this area because you can see where snow will fall on the ground around it. However, if you get hit by it, the damage will be comparable to that of Wintertodt's cold. 

Wintertodt Rounds

You can check the doors to see how far the round has gone before trying to enter the wintertodt and determine whether it is worthwhile to do so. In most cases, if you arrive late, you should try to fletch as much as you can to earn enough points—up to 500—to be eligible for both the firemaking experience and a crate.

A Wintertodt round takes about 5 minutes and 20 seconds, and there is a break of about 60 seconds after each round.

Wintertodt point system

Wintertdt points

You can find the number of points you have on this side of the screen shown below anytime you enter the Doors of Dinh

  • You will receive 10 points for each bruma root you burn, but if you fletch it to make kindling first, you will get 25 points per bruma root. 

  • You will receive 25 points for lighting the brazier, if you own a house, you will get construction and firemaking experience up to 100 times your current firemaking level. 

  • Obtaining 500 points will earn you a supply crate and if you earn more than 500 points, this will increase your chances of receiving another roll on the drop table from opening that supply crate.

How to get the best experience rates when doing the Wintertodt

When doing the Wintertodt, experience rates can vary depending on how much you fletch before burning the logs. To get the best experience rates, you should only fletch when necessary. Burning kindling gives 30% more firemaking experience than burning Bruma root but the process of cutting those bruma roots into kindlings takes a lot longer than burning them directly, making this method significantly slower, especially at higher levels.

Avoiding healing the pyromancer will also help you gain better experience rates because it will take the time you could have used to burn bruma roots and earn more firemaking experience instead of points. 

When attempting to obtain the highest experience rates, It may be necessary to slightly fletch on a few rounds to be certain that you will receive up to 500 points and earn a supply crate to be able to gain the additional firemaking experience. It is advisable to fletch the first batch of bruma roots into kindling at lower firemaking experience levels to ensure that you always receive 500 points to get the additional firemaking experience. This will help you get the best firemaking experience rates.

How to get the most points when doing the Wintertodt

While obtaining the highest points yields lesser experience rates, you'll receive the most rewards and have fairly decent experience rates. You'll need to heal the Pyromaniaxer as frequently as possible and keep an eye on the brazier, fixing it every time it breaks.

If you follow all these steps above, you should get the highest points during each round.

Experience Rates When doing the Wintertodt

If you follow the fastest experience method and only fletch when you need to you should expect the experience rates listed below:

experience rates when fighting Wintertodt

And if you decide to fletch most of the bruma roots to 99, here are the experience rates you should expect;

experience rates when fighting Wintertodt when fletching

Rewards When doing Wintertodt

Rewards are obtained by opening the supply crates you receive after each Wintertodt round, provided you receive 500 points or more. Rewards are not given directly at the end of a Wintertodt round.

Also note that: If you get an item that you have gotten before or don't want, you can switch it for a crate by taking it to Ignisia found around the wintertodt camp shown below

Pyromancer outfit: This outfit is one of the best warm clothing you can use when doing the wintertodt, and it also grants an extra 2.5% additional firemaking experience when the complete set is worn.

Pyromancer full outfit

Warm gloves

Warm gloves

These gloves may look like they are part of the pyromancer outfit but they do not add to the bonus that the pyromancer outfit gives as shown above, they only help provide warmth and as a result, reduce the damage done by the wintertodt.

Tome of Fire(uncharged)

Tome of Fire

This is one of the rarest and most useful items that can be gotten from the crates from Wintertodt, it requires 50 magic to wield and can charged using the burnt pages, it can hold up to 1000 burnt pages, it provides an infinite number of fire runes when equipped and gives 50% more damage when used to cast magic fire spells. It can be gotten at a rate of 1/1,000 supply crates.

Phoenix pet

Phoenix pet

The Phoenix pet can only be gotten from supply crates gotten from playing the wintertodt. It occurs at a rate of 1 in 5,000 searched supply crates.

Dragon axe

Dragon axe

This is the second fastest axe in Old school Runescape and it can be gotten at a rate of 1 in 10,000 supply crate searched.

Bruma torch

Bruma torch

This also acts as additional warm clothing during the Wintertodt fight and can be used as a light source and as a replacement for the tinderbox to light the brazier any time it goes off, it can be gotten at a rate of 1/150 when opening crates from Wintertodt.

Aside from the rewards listed above you should expect to get various types of items listed below:

Fish: Raw anchovies, Raw trout, raw salmon, raw lobster, raw tuna, raw swordfish, raw shark

Seeds: Tarromin seeds, Harralander seeds, Toadflax seed, ranarr seeds, Irit seeds, Snapdragon seeds, 

Avantoe seeds

Herbs: Grimy guam leaf, grimy marrentil, grimy toadflax, grimy dwarf leaf, etc

Ores: Iron ores, limestone, silver ore, gold ore, adamantine ore, runite ore, coal, copper ore.

Logs: oak logs, maple logs, willow logs, teak logs, mahogany logs, magic logs yew logs

Gems: uncut sapphire, uncut emerald, uncut ruby and uncut diamonds

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