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OSRS Vorkath guide: strategies & gear setup for Melee & Ranged

OSRS Vorkath guide: strategies & gear setup for Melee & Ranged

Vorkath is a draconic boss that can only be faced after completing the Dragon Slayer II quest. Vorkath can also be categorized as a blue dragon and can be defeated to complete a blue dragon slayer task.

Due to its consistently high gp/hr, Vorkath is a very popular and enjoyable boss to kill. It is a solo-only boss that is first encountered during the Dragon Slayer II quest but it is stronger after the completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Location of Vorkath

Location of Torfinn

Location of Vorkath

Vorkath is located in Ungael. To get there, speak with Torfinn on the Relleka docks. This is the only way to get to Ungael; the following are the quickest ways to get to Torfinn:


  • The quickest method would be to use your POH to teleport to Lunar Isle without the seal of passage, then bank with the easternmost banker. This banker will not kick you off the island, even if you don't have the seal of passage. Later on, speak with any other bankers to be expelled from the island and brought to Relleka, where Torfinn is located; this will only occur if you haven't finished the Fremennik Elite diary.

Lunar Isle bank

  • If you have finished the Fremennik Elite diary, teleport to Relleka with the Fremennik Sea Boots 4 and board the boat to Ungael.

  • If you have finished the Dream Mentor Quest, you can use the lunar isle teleport. Once there, talk to a banker to be kicked off and talk to Torfinn to get to Vorkath.

Requirements to fight Vorkath

The completion of Dragon Slayer II is the sole requirement for facing Vorkath. As mentioned, the variant of Vorkath during the Dragon Slayer II quest is weaker, even though it has the same attack bonus. So after the quest, here are the stats that I recommend having if you want to kill Vorkath more quickly and be able to regularly make good gp/hr:

Recommended stats when using ranged:

  • 85+ ranged
  • 70+ defence
  • 77+ prayer (use rigour)

Recommended stats when using melee:

  • 85+ attack
  • 85+ strength
  • 85+ defence
  • 70+ prayer (use piety)

At lower levels, it is still feasible to regularly kill Vorkath and earn good gp/hr; however, this ultimately depends on your level of experience. Using melee is likely the most difficult as it calls for more combat training, as shown above.

Best ranged gear setup for Vorkath

Be aware that the majority of the items on this list are the best to use against Vorkath in order to get the most kills, and that most of them are pricey. If you are unable to afford any of the items on this list, you can still buy the less expensive versions.

Weapon slot: Dragon Hunter crossbow

Dragon hunter crossbow

The Dragon Hunter crossbow: this can be gotten as a reward from the chambers of Xerics, you would need 65 ranged to equip this weapon and it increases your damage by 30% when fighting dragons, making it very effective against Vorkath

Neckslot: Salve amulet(ei)

Salve amulet(ei)

This is an upgraded version of the Salve amulet; it can imbued into Salve (ei) with 650,000 nightmare zone reward points, and it increases ranged attack by 20% when attacking undead monsters like Vorkath.

Full Void

This includes the void rangers helm, void rangers top, void rangers robe, and void rangers glove. The void armour is useful against monsters with low defence level like Vorkath, using this along with the salve amulet(ei) and dragon hunter crossbow will greatly increase your hit, making it possible to hit up to 70s on Vorkath. Each piece can be gotten from the pest control minigame: the helmet costs 200 commendation points, the top costs 250 commendation points, the bottom costs 250 commendation points and the gloves cost 150 commendation points.

full void

You should upgrade your void top and bottom to elite void top and bottom using 200 commendation points each. The upgrade gives a prayer bonus of +3 per piece as well as additional damage of 2.5% for ranged and mage attacks.

Shield slot: Dragon fire ward

Dragon fire ward

This is a ranged shield that requires a ranged level of 70 and 75 defence to equip and you must have started the Dragon Slayer quest.

Book slot: Twisted buckler

Twisted buckler

This can be obtained as a reward from the chambers of Xeric; it requires 75 ranged and defence to equip and offers the best-ranged attack bonus, making it ideal for Vorkath when using ranged.

Ammo slot: Ruby dragon Bolts (e)

These are enchanted ruby dragon bolts and can only be used with a dragon crossbow or better.

Ruby dragon bolts(e)

Boot slot: Pegasian boots

Pegasian boots

This boot requires 75 ranged and defence to wear, it offers the highest ranged bonus from a boot in Oldschool Runescape

Ring slot: Archers ring (i)

Archers ring(i)

This can be gotten by imbuing the Archers ring with 650,000 Nightmare Zone reward points. 

Cape slot: Ava’s assembler

Ava’s assembler

This requires 70 ranged to wear, it provides the best-ranged strength bonus than any other cape slot item; it has an 80% chance of saving ammunition, which would help reduce costs, especially when using expensive ammunition

The best melee gear setup for Vorkath

Head slot: Serpentine helm

Serpentine helm

This requires 75 defence to wear.

Neck slot: Amulet of torture

Amulet of torture

This requires 75 hitpoints to wear.

Cape slot: Infernal cape

Infernal cape

This is a better variant of the fire cape; it has double the offensive bonus of the regular fire cape.

Body slot: Bandos chestplate

Bandos chestplate

This is dropped by General Graardor and requires 65 defence to wear.

Leg slot: Bandos tassets:

Bandos tassets

This is also dropped by General Graardor and requires 65 defence to wear

Weapon slot: Ghrazi Rapier:

Ghrazi rapier

This is a rare drop from the theatre of blood, it requires 80 attack to wield.

Shield slot: Avernic defender

Avernic defender

This requires 70 attack and 70 defence, it is gotten by combining a dragon defender with an Avernic defender hilt.

Ammo slot: Any god blessing:

Holy blessing

This can be found as a reward from all levels of treasure trails.

Gloves slot: Barrows gloves:

Barrows gloves

this can be bought from the Culinaromancer chest for 130,000 after the completion of the recipe for disaster series.

Boot slot: Primordial boot:

Primordial boot

They require 75 strength and defence to wear.

Ring slot: Berserker ring (i): 

Berserker ring (i)

The original Berserker ring can be imbued with 650,000 nightmare zone reward points.

How to fight Vorkath

Fighting Vorkath

Vorkath can hit up to 32 with his normal attacks with high accuracy. Even though Vorkath can hit through prayer, you should always use protection prayers when fighting him to minimize damage. 

Depending on the combat gear you use, you should use a different protection prayer. When using melee and the toxic blowpipe, you should protect from magic but if you want to use a dragonfire ward or anti-dragon fire shield, you should protect from missiles throughout the fight.

Vorkath Attacks

Vorkath can execute two special attacks and six random normal attacks in total. Vorkath launches six normal attacks at first, followed by a special attack, six more random attacks, a different special attack, and so forth.

Here are the Vorkath attacks:

Vorkath’s Normal attacks

Ranged attack:

Vorkath's Ranged attack

This attack looks like a gray spiked ball, as shown above, that can be hit up to 32. Using the protect from missiles will reduce the damage.

Mage attack: 

Vorkath Mage attack

Vorkath can shoot this blue fireball that hits up to 30.

Melee attack: Naturally, Vorkath can only use this attack against you if you are within Vorkath’s melee range; he can hit up to 32 with it. Prayer protection against melee lessens this attack's damage.

Normal dragon fire attack: 

Vorkath's normal dragon fire attack

This is similar to the attack done by the king black Dragon; by using anti-fire potion and shield, the maximum hit of this attack can be reduced to 10

Venom dragonfire attack:

Vorkath's venom dragonfire attack

This attack gives Vorkath the ability to poison you with venom; therefore, whenever you fight Vorkath, you should always take an anti-venom potion.

A pink dragon fire attack

 Vorkath's pink dragon fire attack

This attack can disable your prayer when it occurs. You should set up quick prayers so that you can quickly activate your protection prayer after this attack. 

Vertical dragon fire lob

Vorkath vertical dragon fire lob

This is an orange dragonfire attack that will fly into the air and land on you. It is a larger and slower attack but more dangerous, so you must move two tiles away from the impact to avoid taking 60 damage if you are only one tile away and 120 damage if it falls on you.

Vorkath's special attacks

These attacks are predictable, so you should always be ready and anticipate them. If you don't know how to avoid them, they can be dangerous.

Poison Pool

Vorkath's poison Pool

Vorkath may launch this special attack after executing six standard attacks. This attack consists of Vorkath spitting poison pools into the air, which will land on the ground. To avoid this attack, you must move back and forth continuously on the ground where the poison has not spilled. Every 0.6 seconds, Vorkath will launch fireballs at you while using this attack. This can cause up to 40 damage if you don’t move.

When using this method, you should turn off your run energy. If you step on the acid, you will take damage, and Vorkath will heal you for the HP you lose.

A more difficult tactic would be to attack Vorkath during this attack, As soon as your melee or ranged weapon hits Vorkaath, quickly move 2 spaces back and then attack Vorkath again, then continue to repeat this until the special attack is over

When you first start out, it's best to learn how this attack operates and attempt to avoid the attacks; however, as you gain experience, you can try hitting it while moving simultaneously, as previously mentioned.

Zombified white Dragonfire

Vorkath's Zombified white Dragonfire

You should also prepare for this attack. Firstly, Vorkath will freeze you with white dragonfire. Secondly, Vorkath will shoot a zombified spawn, which will land a few spaces away from you and start to crawl towards you, giving you a few seconds to react.

Vorkath will become impervious to attacks during this attack until you destroy the spawn or it explodes. Your character will unfreeze after it explodes. When facing Vorkath in the Dragon Slayer II quest, this spawn can deal up to 30 damage if it explodes near you; however, it can deal up to 60 damage after the quest.

Using the crumble undead is the best way to kill the spawn because it will kill it instantly. Using the staff of the dead, which can automatically cast the crumble undead spell, is the quickest way to kill this spawn. 

Gameplay of the fight against Vorkath

  • First, ensure your quick prayer is set depending on your combat gear as explained above, and if you are using the staff of dead, additionally, make sure it is configured to auto-cast the crumble undead.

  • You should drink your combat-boosting and extended super anti-fire potions and turn on protection prayer just before you start the fight. Only after completing Dragon Slayer II can you poke Vorkath to start the battle. If you are completing Dragon Slayer II, the fight will start as soon as you enter the arena.

  • Start attacking Vorkath with the weapon of your choice; if you have any weapon with special attacks, you should use the special attacks at the start of the fight. If you study the normal and special attacks mentioned above, you will be able to memorize these attacks as you begin to kill this boss more.

  • As previously stated, move away when you see the large dragon-fire lob, drink your antivenom if you are poisoned, turn your prayer quickly if his attacks turn it off, and make sure to use the area where there is no acid to walk while he uses his green poison that spills on the ground. Additionally, as soon as he shoots the zombie spawn, use the staff of the dead to swiftly attack it. If you are unable to do so, open your spell book as soon as he freezes you and cast the spell on the spawn.

  • Eat only when necessary and make sure to attack Vorkath as much as you can. However, I suggest eating more frequently when you are learning because Vorkath can use any of his attacks to damage as much as your current hp. As you gain experience, you should concentrate more on dealing damage and only eat when he launches one of his special attacks because, by that point, he will be immune to your attacks.

Rewards from Vorkath

A helpful hint: you can use this guide to complete multiple kill trips. If you plan to do so, don't pick up any loot to save time and inventory space; it can remain on the ground for up to half an hour. You should only leave loot on the ground after you've gained experience killing Vorkath because you will lose it if your character dies.

The single kill is worth over 130k gp

Superior dragon bones

 Superior dragon bones

Each time you kill Vorkath, you get two of these, which can be sold for about 25,000 gp.

Blue dragonhide

Blue dragonhide

Every time you kill Vorkath, you also get two of these, which sell for roughly 3,272 gp.

Weapons and armour: these are not found very often but build up the average price of a Vorkath kill as some weapons like the battlestaff can sell above 100k gp, The weapons and items that can be gotten include: Rune longsword, rune kiteshield, battle staff, dragon battleaxe, dragon longsword, dragon platelegs, dragon plateskirt.


Runes gotten from killing Vorkath

Runes like chaos runes, death runes, and wrath runes occur quite often as well.

Dragonhide: Blue dragonhide green dragonhide, red dragonhide and black dragonhide occur at a rate of 2 x 1 / 21.43

Some rare and valuable drops include:

Draconic visage

Draconic visage

This costs up to 3m gp, it occurs at a rate of 1 / 5,000 kills.

Skeletal visage:

Skeletal visage

This costs up to 9m gp, it occurs at a rate of 1 / 5,000 kills



This is the Vorkath pet and it is gotten at a rate of 1/3,000 kills.

Some of the fletching materials are gotten quite often; they include:

  • an Onyx bolt tip: which can be gotten at a rate of 2 x 1/37.5 and cost up to 80,000 gp as 5–10 can be picked up from a single loot.
  • Rune dart tips, dragon arrow tips, and dragon dart tips also cost above 20,000 and are found in loot frequently when killing Vorkath.

Seeds can also be gotten; some good ones include:

  • Dragonfruit tree seed, which costs above 190k and occurs at a rate of 2 x 1/ 2,083,
  • Celastrus seed, which costs 80k occur at 2 x 1/3,125.
  • Some other seeds include Snapdragon seed, torsol seed, ranaar seed, watermelon seed, and willow seed.

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