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OSRS Tithe Farm Guide: Points & XP Rates Per Hour

OSRS Tithe Farm Guide: Points & XP Rates Per Hour

The Tithe Farm is a farming-based minigame that is found in Hosidius. Most players dislike this method of training farming since it requires a lot of clicks; you have to plant seeds, water them frequently, and then harvest them within a short period to prevent them from withering. However, it can be a good alternative if you don’t want to do farm runs.

Since farm runs give better experience rates with fewer clicks, most players don't play the Tithe farm for farming experience. Instead, they play it for the points that can be earned and used to unlock valuable items like auto weed, herb sacks, farmer's hats, and herb boxes.

How to get to the Tithe Farm

Tithe farm location

The Tithe farm is situated southwest of Hosidius, as shown above, and there are a few different methods to reach there:

  • Grouping teleport: The quickest and most direct way to reach the tithe farm is through the grouping teleport, which leads to the farm's entrance.
  • Fairy ring AKR: This teleports you directly to the Hosidius Vinery, a greenhouse where grapes are grown. When you get here, run south to the tithe farm entrance.
  • Hosidius or POH teleport: if you set your house to Hosidius, it can also be used to reach the Tithe farm. After using this teleport, you should run east to get to the Tithe farm.
  • Using a skill’s necklace: You can run east to the Tithe farm after using the skill necklace to teleport to the woodcutting guild.

Requirements Of the Tithe Farm minigame

Players must have at least 34 farming to participate in the tithe farm. There are three types of seeds found on the table in the tithe farm, and at least one type is needed to participate; the Golovanova seed has the lowest farming requirement of 34. 

The three types of seeds in the Tithe farm are:

Tithe farm seeds

  • Golovano seeds: this requires 34 farming.
  • Bologano seeds: this requires 54 farming
  • Logavo seeds: this requires 74 farming

The following items are also required:

  • A spade
  • A seed dibber
  • Watering cans: To reduce the frequency of watering can refill, it is advised to have up to eight.

  • Full graceful: While not necessary, weight-reducing clothing such as the full graceful is highly recommended since it would enable you to participate in the tithe farm minigame without consuming any energy-boosting potions.
  • Humidify spell: This requires 68 magic on the lunar spellbook. When cast, it fills any empty water-carrying vessel, like the watering can. You can use this to fill your watering cans instantly and save time from filling them using the water barrels found in Tithe Farm.
  • Gricoller’s can: This can be used to grow 333 tithe farm fruits before needing to be refilled; it can help you save inventory space and reduce your weight by several units

How to play the Tithe Farm minigame

How to play the tithe farm

Firstly, ensure you have all the items required above, then follow the various parts described below.

Grab seeds from the table

Select a seed from the table at the entrance to access the Tithe farm. It is advised that you select the seed with the highest farming level requirement that you can use. You may select up to 10,000 seeds at a time.

Plant the seeds in the Farming Patches

Once you have entered the farm, you would need to plant the seeds in the farm patches found on the farm by clicking on the seed and then on the farm patch. The farm has multiple rows of farming patches; up to 4 seeds can be planted on each patch. If you are good enough, you can plant up to 20 seeds on five farming patches and water them fast enough frequently before they wither. Each plant requires 3 minutes to grow fully, and this growth rate can be doubled by using Gricoller’s fertilizer, which is given upon entry into the farm

Water the plants

Each plant must be watered once per minute; otherwise, it will wither. A plant in the Tithe farm will only survive for one minute without water. If you water it immediately after you plant it, the water will dry off after 1 minute, and it will need water within the next minute, or it will wither. You should use the RuneLite plugin; it will show you how long you have until each plant withers.

Harvest the Fruits

When the plants have fully grown, you need to harvest them before 1 minute, or they will wither. After they are harvested, the fruit should be deposited into any sacks around the farm.

For every three plants a player deposits, they will earn 1 point, and every 100 plants deposited will earn them an additional 2 points. If you run out, refill your watering can using one of the water barrels around the farm.

The Fastest Method to play the Tithe farm

  • You should take 10,000 of the best seeds available for your level to ensure you can stay on the farm as long as you like. When you enter the farm, you should drop the Gricoller’s fertilizer that would be given to you as it is not needed for this method.
  • Fill all eight watering cans using the water barrels or cast a humidifying spell.
  • You should plant a seed in a farming patch and water it immediately. The procedure should follow this pattern in the image below. Take note that every time you plant a seed or water a plant, there is a short animation; you don’t have to wait for this animation to end before proceeding to the next seed or plant. If you don’t wait for the animation, your experience rates will be double what you get from waiting for the animation to finish.
  • After the first run above, water the plants again on time while following the same pattern below till they fully grow, and finally harvest them also while following the pattern below. You should use the RuneLte plugin; it will show you how long you have until each plant withers.

Fastest tithe farm playing pattern

Also, you should only leave the farm if you have deposited up to 100 fruits into the sack to earn the bonus points offered when you deposit 100 fruits. If you leave the farm or log out, the number of fruits deposited resets, and you won’t get the bonus points.

The Gricoller’s Fertilizer Method

The Gricoller’s fertilizers, if used on any seed, will reduce the time required for it to grow by half; the Gricoller’s fertilizer method implies that the fertilizer will be used on each seed that you plant in the Tithe farm; when using this method, you can efficiently grow only eight seeds at a time. This method is slower than the one described above but has advantages. Firstly, it allows for a relatively more straightforward playing method of the Tithe Farm as only less than 2 minutes of playing is needed to harvest the fruits after planting.

This method is also suitable for people without the full graceful as not much running is required, and 4 watering cans would be needed, but you should expect a 20-30% drop in experience rates. This method is relatively easy to do. It consists of a few runs. You must plant 8 seeds in the pattern below in the first run. In the second run, you should water and fertilize each plant in the same pattern.

Gricoller tithe farm playing pattern

Finally, you just need to take runs of watering each plant to keep them alive and then a final run to harvest them while following the same pattern shown above. When doing the harvest run, you can also plant the next round to make this method even faster. Although this part is very click intensive, which beats the whole point of this method if done correctly, it can give the same experience rates as the fast method shown above.

XP Rates per hour when Playing the Tithe Farm Minigame

The experience rates below assume you are wearing the full farmer's outfit. If you wear the full outfit, you should expect an additional 2.5% experience to the experience rates below

When using the fastest method described above:

  • At level 34 farming, when using Golovanova seeds, you should expect to get 28,000 XP per hour.
  • At level 54 farming, when using Bologano seeds, you should expect 65,000 XP per hour.
  • At level 74 farming, when using Logavano seeds, you should expect 100,000 XP per hour.

Points Per Hour at the Tithe Farm

Depositing 100 fruit takes roughly 19 minutes, resulting in an hourly gain of 110 Tithe points. This remains the same at all farming levels.

Rewards from Tithe Farm

All rewards from the Tithe farm can be obtained from Farmer Gricoller’s Rewards, a reward shop accessed by talking to Farmer Gricoller at the entrance of the Tithe farm. At the reward shop, you can use the points you have obtained from the minigame to purchase several helpful items to improve farming, as listed below. 

Also, note that you can have only a maximum of 1,000 points at any time. You can still deposit fruits at 1000 points, but you won’t be awarded any additional points for them.

Compost and Supercompost:


While both compost and supercompost reduce the chance of crops becoming diseased while growing, the supercompost is superior and reduces the chance of a farm patch becoming diseased per growth stage per 4/5.

Points required for Compost: 1 

Points required for Supercompost: 5

Grape seed

Grape seed

This can be planted in a vine patch to grow a grapevine that will produce more grapes; it requires one grape seed per patch.

Points required for Grape seed: 2

Bologa’s blessing

Bologa’s blessing

This allows you to pick Zamorak’s grapes instead of regular grapes from the Vinery, it requires 1 blessing per grape picked.

Points required for Bologa’s blessing: 2

Herb box

Herb box

A Herb box contains ten random grimy herbs

Points required for Herb box: 30

Full farmers outfit

This full farmer’s outfit can be obtained from the Tithe farm, this is a farming experience–boosting set. It requires level 34 farming to wear any of the pieces. The full piece costs 400 points and offers a 2.5% farming experience if worn while training farming. This might not seem like a lot but if it is obtained at lower levels, it can save you up to 326,000 farming experience throughout getting to 99 farming. It takes approximately five and a half hours to obtain the full outfit. Each piece of the farmer’s outfit and the bonus it offers are shown below:

Farmer’s strawhat

Farmer’s strawhat

It offers a 0.4% farming experience if worn while training farming.

Points required for Farmer’s strawhat: 75

Farmer’s shirt/jacket

Farmer’s shirt

If worn while training farming, it offers a 0.8% farming experience. The farmer’s jacket is only given to male characters. It will change into a farmer’s shirt if you attempt to wear it after changing your character's gender.

Points required for Farmer’s shirt: 150

Farmer’s Boro trousers

Farmer’s Boro trousers

it grants a 0.6% farming experience bonus if worn while training farming.

Points required for Farmer’s Boro trousers: 125

Farmer’s boots

Farmer’s boots

These offer a 0.2% farming experience bonus if worn while training farming.

Points required for Farmer’s boots: 50

Gricoller’s can:

Gricoller’s can

Points required for Gricoller’s can: 200

Seed box

Seed box

This can store any amount of any six types of seeds.

Points required for Seed box: 250

Herb sack

Herb sack

This requires you to have 58 herblore before you can buy and use it. This is quite useful, especially for ironmen; it allows you to store 30 of each type of grimy herb.

Points required for Herb sack: 250

Auto-weed: This is also quite beneficial, It can be turned on or off after it has been purchased. When it is enabled, weeds will not be able to grow in any of your farming patches.

Points required for Auto-weed: 50

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