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OSRS Throne of Miscellania Managing Guide: Best Profit Setup

OSRS Throne of Miscellania Managing Guide: Best Profit Setup

Managing Miscellania is a rewarding daily activity players can do to obtain different resources. It involves assigning citizens of the island of Miscellania and Etceteria (after completing the royal Trouble quest) to collect various resources on the Islands, which can then be deposited directly into the player’s bank.

Requirements for managing Miscellania

The only requirement to manage the throne of Miscellania is to complete the throne of Miscellania quest. However, you must complete Royal Trouble to improve your subject’s productivity by 50% and unlock more labour/resources.

Although not required, 45 woodcutting is recommended to cut Maple trees in Miscellania and get approval rating faster.

How to get to Miscellania

Miscellania is an island kingdom located in the Lunar Sea. Etceteria is linked to Miscellania through a bridge.  

location of Miscellania

Ring of Wealth: Upon completing the Throne of Miscellania quest, you can teleport to Miscellania through the Ring of Wealth.

ship to Miscellania from Relleka

Boat from the second-most western dock found in northern Relleka are required to complete the Fremennik Trials.

Spirit tree grown in Eceteria; this requires 83 farming.

Fairy ring C.I.P: This teleports you to the northwest of Miscellania and requires completing the Fremennik trials.

How to manage the Throne of Miscellania

Players can speak to Advisor Ghrim to manage assignments given to citizens and deposit or withdraw money from the coffers; he is on the 2nd floor of the Miscellania castle, as shown below.

location of advisor Ghrim

Depositing in the Coffer

Players can deposit coins in the coffer through Advisor Ghrim. Payment for the assigning citizens will be deducted from the coffer each day, and players can collect resources at midnight UTC every day through Advisor Ghrim. 5,000,000 GP is the maximum coin players can store in the coffer, but after completing the royal trouble quest, the maximum coin that players can store goes up to 7,500,000.

To get more resources from managing Miscellania, you should always leave at least 500,000 or 750,000 coins (after completing the royal trouble) in the coffer because 50,000 or 75,000 coins (after completing royal trouble) is needed to get the maximum number of subjects and payment of only 10% of the coin in the coffer can be deducted per day.

Assigning Subjects

Only ten subjects will be available after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest, which goes up to 15 subjects after completing the Royal Trouble quest. Four types of labour can be distributed to your subject: collecting herbs, woodcutting, mining, and fishing. Another two types of labour located at Ecteria, namely hardwood woodcutting and farming, become available after players complete the royal trouble.

assigning subjects interface

In this interface, which can be opened by speaking to Advisor Ghrim, you can add or withdraw coins from the coffer. The up and down arrows beside each assignment allow you to increase or reduce the subjects you want to assign to that task. The idle bar shows you the subjects that you have not assigned. You can check any options under each task to select what kind of resources you want.

Approval rating

Approval rating is an essential aspect of managing Miscellania as it determines the productivity of your subjects; it ranges from 25% to 100% and can be found in the top left corner of the screen as shown below, reflecting the feelings of the subjects towards the player, for instance, if you have only 75% approval rating, 25% of the coin taken from the coffer will be wasted as the workers will only be 75% productive. The approval rating automatically falls by 2.5% or 1% every day after completion of the Royal trouble.

You can increase your approval rating by helping the subjects with several skilling tasks to a maximum of 100%; the subjects will prevent you from getting more approval when your approval rating gets to 100%. The subjects will reply with “thanks!” when you help them, and your approval rating will increase accordingly. You will lose an approval rating only if you kill the subjects or steal from the market stalls in Miscellania.

locations to get approval ratings

In Miscellania, the following actions can reduce or increase your approval rating.

  • Kill one of the subjects to reduce the approval rating by -6.
  • Steal from a stall in the marketplace to reduce approval rating by - 4.
  • Rake the weeds from the herb and flax plots to increase your approval by +1; this requires 10 farming.
  • Mining coal on the north shore of Miscellania will increase your rating by +1 and +2 by mining a gem; this requires 30 mining.
  • Chop maple trees in the grove in the center of Miscellania to get a 50% chance of getting +1 per maple log; this requires 45 woodcutting.
  • Buy flowers from the Flower girl for 15 coins.
  • Fish Tuna, Lobsters, or swordfish from the docks of Miscellania to get a 50% chance to earn +1 per fish.

In Etceteria, the following actions can increase your approval rating.

  • Cut Teak trees to increase your approval rating by +1; this requires 35 woodcutting.
  • Cut Mahogany trees to increase your approval rating by +1 mahogany log; this requires 50 woodcutting.
  • Weed a weedy patch to increase your approval rating by +1 per weed; this requires 10 farming.
  • Compost a barren patch to increase your approval rating by +1 per compost; this requires 10 farming.
  • Water a dry patch to increase your approval rating by +1 per water; this requires 10 farming.

Efficiently managing miscellania for Ironman

Since ironmen cannot use the grand exchange, they must manage miscellania differently from normal accounts for their efficiency. The most efficient way to manage Miscellania as an ironman is to ensure you complete the royal trouble quest and deposit the maximum amount of GP that you have available into the coffer. Then, assign 10 subjects to gather maple logs; the other 5 subjects should be assigned to herbs.

Do this until you get around ~6.5k maple logs, make sure to keep 300 maple logs for bird houses runs. You will get rewards such as bird nests, and different herbs each day. Around 6.2k of the maple logs should first be fletched into maple longbows(u), which should be high-alched to make a profit. You can high-alch your maple longbow (u) while doing agility rooftop for agility and marks of grace. After you have obtained around 6.5k maple logs, you can put 10 subjects on teak or mahogany for construction training (whichever method you prefer), while leaving 5 subjects on herbs. 

How to make money from Managing Miscellania

Since the prices of resources that subjects would obtain might be lower than the coins deducted from the coffer, normal accounts might lose money when the items are sold at the grand exchange. However, you should assign subjects to get the resources you may need if you are an Ironman.

For normal accounts, to ensure you always make a profit, here is the way to manage Miscellania:

Firstly, you should complete the Royal Trouble quest to unlock Etceteria and deposit 7,500,000 into the coffer; this allows you to go up to 90 days before depositing more coins.

Get a 100% approval rating by cutting maple trees (this requires 45 woodcutting), which is the fastest method to follow. Then, Speak to advisor Ghrim to always allocate your 10 subjects to hardwood cutting (mahogany) and 5 subjects to herbs, as these yield the highest profits. If you distribute your subjects to hardwood woodcutting and mining, you can expect 223 mahogany logs with a profit of 113,000 GP and different herbs with a profit of 41,000 GP after deducting the cost of assigning subjects.

Managing Miscellania with the method above is a great way to make money with minimal effort. It takes about 2 minutes to get your approval rating to 100% when cutting maple logs, and you can profit 154,000 gp from the resources each day.

Rewards from Managing Miscellania

Rewards or resources obtained from managing Miscellania can be deposited directly to your bank by speaking to Advisor Ghrim if there is sufficient space in the bank; here are the resources that players can obtain from managing Miscellania:

  • When you select Herbs, you will be provided with a maximum of 1,250 flax daily or a collection of grimy tarromin, harralander, ranarr weed, irit leaf, cadantine,avantoe, kwuarm, and dwarf weed at a maximum daily rate of 61.
  • When you select Woodcutting, you will get 892 maple logs with bird nests at a rate of 1 per 100 logs obtained.
  • When you select fishing, you will be provided a maximum daily rate of 440 cooked or raw tuna and 131 swordfish; you should expect some uncut gems, caskets, fremennik gloves and boots, key halves, and easy clue scrolls.
  • When you select farming, you will get different seeds at a maximum daily rate of 481.
  • When you select woodcutting hardwood, you will receive teak logs at a maximum daily rate of 301, mahogany logs at a maximum daily rate of 223, or both at a maximum daily rate of 121 each; you will also receive bird nests at a rate of 1 for every 350 logs received.
  • When you select mining, you will receive coal at a maximum daily rate. You will receive uncut gems for the first 100 coals; for every 200 coals after the first 100, you will receive more uncut gems.

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