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OSRS Tempoross Guide: XP rates & rewards

OSRS Tempoross Guide: XP rates & rewards

The Tempoross is a boss that can be fought with skills rather than combat; it can also be played alone or with other players and has a points system, making the gameplay similar to that of the Wintertodt.

The tempoross is quite simple and interesting to do. During the game, you are supposed to catch fish on an island and then use it as ammunition for a canon that would be shot at Tempoross to weaken it. Tempoross can use several attacks on you, but you do not have to worry about dying. Tempoross attacks do not affect your hitpoints, but you will lose your supplies if you get hit.

In this guide, I will show you how to do Tempoross efficiently to get the best rewards and experience rates.

Requirements to do Tempoross

To fight Tempoross, you only need 35+ fishing, and its location is easily accessible to all players.

Inventory and gear setup for tempoross

  • Rope: This is used to tether yourself to the totem pole or mast when there is an incoming colossal wave.
  • Buckets: They can be filled with water using the water pump, and then the bucket of water can be used to extinguish the fire in the clouds. You should bring about 5 buckets per round to be able to put out any fires that arise.
  • Harpoon: When doing tempoross, this is very important because it is used to capture the fish that would be shot at tempoross through the cannon.
  • Hammer: This is used to repair totems or masts when they get damaged.
  • Small fishing net: This is used for searching for rewards gotten from doing tempoross.
  • Anglers outfit: This outfit increases your experience rate when training at Tempoross by 2.5%
  • Crystal Harpoon: This is the best harpoon available in Oldschool Runescape; using this would significantly improve your experience rates when fighting Tempoross.

How to get to Tempoross

There are several ways to get to Tempoross; here is a list of the quickest:

  • The quickest way is to take Ferryman Sathwood, which can be found south of the Al Kharid bank; he will take you directly to the base of the Ruins of Unkah.

                  Ferryman Sathwood

  • You can also use the Camulet to teleport to Enakhra's temple, then head south to reach the Unkah ruins.

  • You can also use Pharaoh’s sceptre, which can be found in the golden chests and Sarcophagi, when playing the Pyramid Plunder minigame in Sophanem.

  • For newer accounts, the best way to get there is to take the magic carpet south of Al Kharid to Bedabin camp, then run south to the Ruins of Unkah.

Official worlds

United Kingdom (W341), United States West (W422), Germany (463)

How to Fight the Tempoross

To start a game, you need to head to the boat in the Ruins of Unkah, make sure you have the inventory setup as discussed above, and you can find those items at the edges of the boat as shown below 

Location of Hammer, Harpoon, rope and bucket in Tempoross

Board the boat and wait for the countdown announced by Captain Dudi on the boat, after which the boat will sail to the island where the Tempoross can be found, but if the boat reaches its maximum capacity before the countdown is completed, you'll be whisked away to the island right away.

Location of Captain Dudi in Tempoross

Tempoross, like Wintertodt, can be fought alone or in a group. Fighting the tempoross solo is not difficult once you've learned the game, but if you're a beginner, I recommend using the official worlds to get a basic understanding before going solo. 

When you are transported to The Island, also known as Pirate's Cove, you will be on one of two opposing boats; the one you spawn on makes no difference as they both lead to the island, as shown in the image below. 

Tempoross island

The Tempoross Energy

The Tempoross energy bar is on the top left of your screen, as shown below. The more cannons shoot the harpoon fish you and other players have used as ammunition at the boss, the weaker it becomes and the less energy it has.


Harpoonfish are used as ammunition for cannons found on the ship's deck. There are several fishing spots found around the island's edges, as shown below; you can load the Harpoon fish directly or cook it to deal more damage and gain more points, resulting in more rewards.

Harpoonfish spot

Double fishing spot

Double fishing spot

The double fishing spot appears occasionally; the first mate Peri there will say “More Fish“ when the fishing spot appears. Fish will jump out of the double fishing spot, and if you have runelite, the fishing spot will turn green, and other players will run to this spot. You should keep an eye out for it and fish from there anytime you see it. 

Phases of Tempoross

The tempoross has two phases, and the first phase requires you to fish for Harpoonfish and then use it as ammunition for the cannon to shoot the tempoross, which will drain his energy until it reaches zero.

When the tempoross energy reaches zero, the tempoross will return to the water, and the second phase begins. You must run to the harbor shown below to drain the essence of tempoross by fishing at the spirit pool shown below. The Tempoross essence bar is depicted above, starting at 100% and decreasing to zero as you and other players begin to drain it. 

essence pool in Tempoross

After the essence has been depleted, the tempoross's energy will return to 100%, it will emerge from the water, and you will need to return to fishing harpoon fish and then using them as ammunition for the cannon (phase 1). In most games, you must complete these two phases twice to be successful during that round. While performing these steps, keep an eye out for the random attacks that tempoross is known for.

Tempoross’ attack

Throughout each round, the Tempoross will launch various attacks to thwart your attempts to weaken him. All of these attacks do not reduce your hitpoints and are easily avoidable, but if you do not dodge the attacks, you will lose some of the following items: a Hammer, A bucket of water, as well as a bucket of both raw and cooked harpoonfish if they are in your inventory.

Lightning Cloud attacks

Lightning Cloud attacks

Occasionally, multiple clouds will hover around the island and the boats, striking the tile beneath them and causing it to burn. You should always avoid these fires because if you get caught in one, you will lose your items, as discussed above.

You can douse out the fires using a bucket of water, If you are in any of the fficial worlds and do not bring a bucket of water, you must wait for other players to douse the fires, which happens fairly frequently.

Colossal Wave

Colossal Wave

During the first phase of tempoross, a large wave would sweep across the island; there are three warning signs that this is about to happen.

  1. The weather changes (the colour of your screen will start to get blue)
  2. The NPC in the middle will say “Tempoross is drawing in water; prepare yourselves.”
  3. If you leave your chat box open, you will get the message that a colossal wave is drawing closer

Before the weather turns very blue, or as soon as you see any of these indicators, run to the totem if you're on the island, or to the mast if you're on the boat, and click it to tether yourself to it; this will only work if you have a rope in your inventory. As the wave grows stronger, you won't be able to see your character clearly because the screen will be mostly obscured.

After a while, the wave will pass, and you will be able to resume your normal activities. If you do not tether yourself to the totem in time, you will be knocked to the ground and lose some of your items.

Totem poles and Masts

Totem pole and Masts in Tempoross      

The Totem pole can be found near the fishing and cooking spots in Tempoross Cove. The totem pole has a 15% to 25% chance of breaking after a wave sweeps over it, so you must repair it with a hammer whenever it breaks to prepare for the colossal wave. You will gain construction experience equal to four times your current construction level.

Masts function similarly to totem poles in that they have a 15% to 25% chance of breaking when a wave sweeps over them and you receive four times your current construction level whenever you repair them.

Tempoross Attacks on Cannons

Tempoross Attacks on Cannons

You must exercise caution when attacking Tempoross with any of the cannons because he will randomly strike them with a swirling pillar of water, electrifying them and rendering them inoperable during this time. If you were using the cannon at the time he stroked it, you would be electrocuted, stunned, and lose some of your items. 

Gaining Reward points

When fighting tempoross, your points should increase whenever you perform different activities within the game; here is a list of the activities and the number of points each one provides:

Fishing : Fishing for Harpoon fish offers 5 reward points.

Cooking: Cooking the Harpoonfish offers 10 reward points.

Depositing Harpoonfish : Anytime you deposit a raw harpoon, you get 20 points, if you deposit a cooked harpoon, you get 65 points.

Dousing fires: Any time you douse the fires caused by the clouds, you get 40 points.

Surviving the Colossal wave: If you can tether to the totem pole or mast in time and survive the wave without getting knocked down then you will be given 10 points.

Harpooning spirit pool: During the second phase of Tempoross, you will be able to get the fastest points in the tempoross game by Harpooning the spirit pool, you will be given 55 points per scatter as you fish in the Spirit pool.

These points are used to calculate the number of permits you will receive to search the reward pool. When you get 2000 points, you get one permit; after that, for every 700 points, you get another permit, so 2700 is two permits, 3400 is three permits, 4100 is four permits, and so on. 

You must collect as many points and experience as possible during the round because none will be added at the end. After completing one round, you will need a small fishing net to fish near the dock to receive your rewards using the permits you obtained during the round.

Different methods to play Tempoross

There are 2 methods I’m going to describe, if you are looking to get more experience per hour or more points that will determine the method you should follow. 

How to get the most points while playing tempoross

  • When the game starts, run out of the boat to the closest fishing spot and start fishing.
  • Fish only about 5 - 7 fish then cook them to cook them
  • While cooking them, a double fishing spot would appear, go fish from that spot as soon as it shows.
  • Upon getting a full inventory, cook all of the fish and run to the boat, a wave usually comes after you fill your first inventory so you need to keep an eye out for it.
  • When on the ship, click the ammunition crates to shoot your cooked fish at Tempoross.
  • When the tempoross energy gets to zero, run to the harbor and fish from the spirit pool.
  • Tempoross energy will rise back to 100% as you and other players reduce the essence, and when this happens you have to repeat the whole process again
  • When Tempoross energy gets to zero again, you would need to drain the remaining essence left, after this, the round is over and you can right-click and leave the island through free mate Peri. When a round is over, you can check your chat box to see the number of permits you obtained from that round.

How to get the best experience per hour while playing tempoross

To get the highest experience rates, don’t cook at all during the rounds. You should use the double fishing spots and follow the abovementioned steps. Using this method, you would be able to get only 2–3 permits per game.

Experience rates when fighting Tempoross

 For regular harpoons:

Expected xp per hour when using regular harpoon at tempoross

When using a Dragon harpoon:

Expected xp per hour when using Dragon harpoon at tempoross

When using a crystal harpoon:

Expected xp per hour when using crystal harpoon at tempoross

Tempoross rewards

Spirit flakes

Spirit flakes

These are quite useful as they give a 50% chance of getting double catch at all fishing spots except tempoross and FIshing trawler at the expense of one flake per fish caught. They occur at rate 1/4 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.



It’s possible to find good d drops inside of this, they have an average worth of 12, 723.04. They occur at rate 1/20 when searching for rewards from the tempoross game.

Fish Barrell

Fish Barrel

They can be usd to store different kinds of fish. They occur at rate of 1/400 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

Tackle box

Tackle box

These can be used to store various fishing equipment, They occur at a rate of 1/4 when searching for rewards from tempoross game. They occur at a rate of 1/400 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

Tome of water (empty)

Tome of water (empty)

This requires 50 magic to wield, it offers +8 magic attack and magic defence bonuses. They occur at a rate of 1/600 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

Dragon Harpoon

Dragon Harpoon

Dragon Harpoon requires 61 fishing to use and it is 20% better than regular harpoon at catching fish. They occur at rate 1/ 8,000 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

Tiny tempor(pet)

Tiny tempor(pet)

They occur at a rate 1/ 8,000 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

Soaked page

Soaked page

This is used to fill the tome of water. They occur at a rate 1/ 53.69 when searching for rewards from tempoross game.

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