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OSRS PKing Guide

OSRS PKing Guide
Nov 11 2021

OSRS PKing Guide

OSRS Main PVP world PKing guide

OSRS Pking is some of the hardest and most rewarding content in the game. The true endgame, PKing involves not only being skilled at the game, but being able to outplay and counter your opponent in order to send them back to Lumbridge and claim their loot. Nostalgic to many but completely fresh to a lot of players, Edge Ville style honour PKing on mains is some of the easiest and most profitable PKing to get started on, as it does not require a fresh account and is relatively mechanically simple, compared to pure PKing and NH deep wild PKing

The basics

The most common location for this kind of PvP is the grand exchange on the current PVP world. Every Wednesday, the world switches between w539 (US West) and w560 (UK). It is best that you only PK when the world is on your ping, especially if you are new to PvP and trying to learn. A cheese, but viable, strategy is to play on these worlds during times when people on the other side of the world are online – if you are UK, PvP at around 2 a.m., as most players online will be American and you will have a big advantage due to ping.
When logged into these worlds, make sure you have protect item prayer on at all times, even when banking, to bring your chance of losing your +1 to an absolute minimum
Something to look out for in PVP worlds is rushers and PJers. An easy way to limit your chance of being rushed or Teleblocked is to stay inside the safezone, located on the stone tiles of the GE, and ask other players inside to fight, only stepping outside to fight your opponent. If you are skilled enough to get a Kill, run straight to the bank and take out a full invent of food – I recommend 3 brews, 3 restores, 3 karams and the rest anglers, as well as a looting bag – and then loot, so you can’t be killed by any mager hoping to take advantage of your low food count in your inventory.


The easiest and most basic setup to learn edge-style PKing is the rune setup

If you do not own an Infernal cape or Fighter torso, replace it with a fire cape and a rune platebody

Any inventory layout will work, whatever you feel most comfortable with - as long as you bring the key items

Triple Eats[/b]
Any high healing food will work – anglers, manta rays, sea turtles, dark crabs or tuna potatoes. Whatever is cheapest on the GE. The eats always go in the same order
Food – Potion – Karambwan
Make sure you don’t get eat stuck – it is better to Food/Brew than Food/Karam, as you are still able to eat the extra karambwan without delay
[sh]Small eats

Small eats are a great way to stay at a safe HP without safeing. Most people will hover around 75-80hp when their opponent has spec left, as this HP cannot be 1 hit by special attacks. Pineapple Pizzas heal 11hp and guthix rests heal 5hp eat sip. Guthix rests can also be used mid attack without losing momentum, so are a great way to slightly nudge up your health without your opponent noticing.
Before stepping out, make sure you eat an Angler to be at 121hp

Spec weapons

The best special attack weapon to use in these fights is an AGS. Whilst claws are fantastic for holding momentum in deep wild fights and big hits on pures, they are much easier to survive and far less accurate than an AGS spec on mains.
Once you are more confident, you can bring a granite maul as well. Although inaccurate off armour, its special can be devastating and finish off your opponent when the AGS doesn’t hit quite high enough

The fight

Once you have chosen your opponent, its time to fight! A lot of the main part of the fight comes down to practice and instinct – the more you PK the better you get.
Whilst starting, focus on the main two points – not dying, and getting kills. Try and read when your opponent specs, and make sure you eat up above hittable HP without safeing, and if possible, pop your venge on their spec to set yourself up for a devastating combo. In your first few fights, focus more on not dying than getting kills – risking it for a KO will often backfire if you’re not fully capable
Try and stack your special attacks with a vengeance combo to increase your chances of stacking your opponent out
In this clip, I time my AGS spec to land at the exact same time my vengeance is proc’d by my opponent’s whip hit. Even if my opponent knew I was venged, he would not have been able to survive the attack.
In this clip, I react to my opponent hitting my venge with a quick AGS Gmaul. I also eat to minimise my risk of dying, although my opponent also venged and pulled out his ags – I would have died if I did not kill him. This is the risk vs reward of “risking” to kill your opponent
Ultimately, The best way to learn pking is through practice
The only way to get good and get kills is to practice, and the only way to practice is to go and PK, so gear yourself up and good luck sending noobs back to Lumbridge!
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