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OSRS P2P Smithing Training Guide: Leveling 1-99 Fastest XP

OSRS P2P Smithing Training Guide: Leveling 1-99 Fastest XP

Smithing is a skill that allows players to convert ores and metal bars into metal items like weapons, armour, and utility items. These items can be used for training skills like crafting and fletching, which is why they usually sell for decent prices at the grand exchange. As a result, There are several methods of training smithing that are quite profitable. However, methods of training smithing that yield high experience rates result in a loss and are quite expensive.

How to get Smithing Experience

There are two ways to get smithing experience: 

Smelting metal ores: Smelting metal ore is done by the use of a furnace to extract metal bars from a metal ore. This is quite simple; the player only needs to use the metal ore on a furnace. Several furnaces in OSRS are represented by the icon below on the map. XP is awarded based on the type of metal bar the player smelts.

furnace logo

Smithing metal items: Smithing involves the use of an anvil while wielding a hammer to craft metal items from metal bars. The player has to click on the anvil with metal bars in their inventory to then select the metal item they wish to smith to start smithing them. XP is awarded based on the type of metal item the player smiths.

When a player’s smithing level increases, it allows the player to make higher tiers of bars and items, improving experience rates and profitability.

Useful Unlocks For Smithing Training

Coal bag

coal baf

The Coal bag is capable of holding 27 pieces of coal. It can be filled easily with a single click and is usually used at the Blast Furnace. A Coal bag is very useful when training smithing as it doubles the amount of coal a player can carry each trip, therefore, improving experience rates and the number of metal bars that can be smith each hour. The Coal bag can be bought from Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop for 100 golden nuggets.

Smiths’ Uniform

Smith's uniform

The Smith’s Uniform is a skillng outfit that offers benefits when training the smithing skill. The full outfit costs 15,000 Foundry Reputation at the Giants’ Foundry Reward Shop. It comprises Tunic, Trousers, Gloves, and boots, each giving the player a 20% chance to increase progress on preforms in the Giants’ Foundry for a total of 100% chance.

On average, Players will get 20% additional experience when wearing the full Smith’s uniform.

Fastest Methods of Training Smithing

Questing: Level 1–39

There are several quests with little to no requirements that give smithing experience. Completing these quests offers players the fastest experience between level 1 to level 39 allowing them to skip those early smithing levels.

Quests that give smithing experience

The Forsaken Tower: This has no requirement and offers 500 smithing experience.

Knight’s Sword: This requires 10 mining, and offers 12,725 smithing experience.

Freeing Pirate Pete: This requires 30 cooking and offers 1,000 smithing experience.

The Giant Dwarf: This requires 12 crafting, 16 firemaking, 33 magic, and 14 thieving, and offers 2,500 smithing experience

Sleeping Giant: This has no requirements and offers 6,000 smithing experience

Elemental Workshop I: This requires 20 smithing, and offers 5,000 smithing experience

Elemental Workshop II: This requires 30 smithing, and offers 7,500 smithing experience

Completion of these quests gives a total of 36,982 experience. Other quests have more requirements that give smithing experience, these include Heroes’ Quest, Between a Rock, Devious Minds, Cabin Fever, Defender of Varrock, Song of the Elves, and Dragon Slayer II.

Smithing Iron platebodies: Level 39 - 40

Smithing iron platebodies

At 39 smithing, the fastest way to get to 40 smithing is by smithing iron platebodies. The best anvil is the one found south of the Varrock west bank, shown below, due to its proximity to a bank. Only 10 metal bars are required to craft 2 iron platebodies.

Making gold bars at the Blast Furnace: Level 40 - 99

making gold bars

At 40 smithing, Smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace is the fastest method of training smithing. Although this method gives very high experience rates, especially when using the goldsmith gauntlet, it is quite expensive. You should check the costs below to ensure you have enough gold for it, if not, you should use the alternative methods discussed below as they are cheaper.

Using the blast furnace is quite easy to do, you can find an extensive guide on it here

Recommendations for making gold bars at the blast furnace

Ice glovesIce gloves: this is dropped by the Ice Queen under the White Wolf Mountain

Goldmith GauntletsGoldsmith gauntlets: the Goldsmith gauntlets are one of the three possible glove rewards to players after the completion of the Family crest. They are obtained by bringing the magical steel gauntlets to Avan, which can be the Al Kharid mine, shown below.

The decrease in both costs accompanied by an increase in experience rates after getting the goldsmith gauntlets shows why it is important to get it before making gold bars at the blast furnace.

Experience rates when making gold bars at the Blast Furnace

When using the Goldsmith gauntlets, you should expect 380,000 experience per hour.

Without the Goldsmith gauntlets, you should expect 164,000 experience per hour.

Costs Of making gold bars at the Blast furnace

With Goldsmith gauntlets, it costs 1.36 GP/XP

Without Goldsmith gauntlets, it costs 3.33 GP/XP

Alternative methods of training Smithing 

Anvil Smithing (1–40)

Anvil smithing is AFK, but a more expensive method of training smithing. For players who do not want to complete quests, this is the fastest route to follow to 40 smithing. For more high-level amour, more bars are required, making it even more expensive to get better experience rates.

Using this method of 40 smithing is not advisable as it would cost up to 300K GP. It is also hard to buy or sell the items required for this method because they are not commonly traded in the grand exchange, leading to frequent price fluctuations.

The armours and weapons that give the best smithing experience to reach level 40 are shown below.

Best items to smith at level 1 to 40 smithing

Anvil smithing till level 40–99

Anvil smithing till level 99 is only recommended for players with account builds who cannot obtain the goldsmith gauntlet to make gold bars at the blast furnace. This method requires a substantial amount of gold, and it is mostly done by wealthy players. As mentioned, players should smith only the highest-tier platebody available for their level to get the best possible experience to 99

Experience rates when anvil smithing

At 40 to 48, smith Iron platebody, you should get 104,000 experience per hour.

At 48 to 68, smith Steel platebody, you should get 144,000 experience per hour.

At 66 to 68, smith Mithril platelegs, you should get 140,000 experience per hour.

At 68 to 88, smith Mithril platebody, you should get 200,000 experience per hour.

At 88 to 99, smith Adamant platebody, you should get 240,000 experience per hour.

At 88 to 99, smith Adamant platebody, you expect 300,000 experience per hour.

Cost of anvil smithing

At 48 to 68, smithing Steel platebody will cost 1,167,126.40 GP per hour.

At 66 to 68, smithing Mithril platelegs will cost 544,660.00 GP per hour.

At 66 to 68, smithing Mithril plateskirt will cost 526,344.00 GP per hour.

At 68 to 88, smithing Mithril platebody will cost 120,814.00 GP per hour.

At 88 to 99, smithing Adamant platebody is profitable and players can earn 147,808.00 GP per hour.

AFK methods of training smithing

Getting to 99 smithing only takes a few weeks with the methods described above but if you are willing to trade that speed for some AFK time, the methods described below are for you, using these methods, you should be able to train smithing in the background while engaging in other activities, as you only need to pay little attention when using them.

Smithing Cannonballs

Smithing cannonballs offers one of the lowest experience rates when training smithing, but it also allows you to be AFK for the longest duration as it requires very little attention.

smithing cannonballs

Recommendations for Smithing Cannonballs

Double Ammo Mould: These are twice as fast as the regular ammo mould, capable of making 8 cannonballs every 4.8 seconds. It can be purchased from the Giant’s Foundry reward shop for a 2,000 foundry reputation. They are highly recommended as they double the profits and experience rates when training smithing with this method.

Requirements for smithing cannonball

35 smithing

Experience rates from Smithing Cannonballs

Players should expect 13,500 experience per hour with regular Ammo Mould

Players should expect 27,500 smithing experience per hour with Double Ammo mould

Profits from smithing CannonBalls

One other advantage of this method is that players can make large profits of up to 550,000 GP per hour using the double ammo mould.

Without the double ammo mould, players can only get 294,000 GP per hour.

Smithing Dart tips

Similar to smithing Cannonballs, smithing dart tips are very AFK to train, and it is even possible to make some profit when smithing dart tips, except the Steel and Rune dart tips. This method also offers relatively low experience rates, especially at lower smithing levels.

Requirements for smithing dart tips

Tourist Trap: Completion of the Tourist Trap quest unlocks the ability for players to craft dart tips; this requires 20 smithing. Therefore, players are unable to make dart tips until they get to that level.

Profit per Hour when smithing dart tips

Profit per Hour when smithing dart tips

Experience rates when smithing dart tips

Experience rates when smithing dart tips

Profitable Methods of Training Smithing

Smithing at the Giants’ Foundry

The Giant Foundry is a profitable smithing minigame that requires the Completion of the Giant Foundry Quest. Although smithing at the giant foundry does require as many clicks as the methods above, it requires full attention to get optimal experience rates. In this minigame, players are required to forge a sword for Kovac according to the commission he has given them, which is different each time. Players are required to refine the sword at the right temperature until the sword’s completion bar shown at the top of the screen during the minigame goes to 100%. Giving a properly refined to Kovac gives Smithing experience, coin, and foundry reputation. The Foundry's reputation can be used to purchase different unique items from the reward Shop.

How to get to the Giant’s Foundry

Location of the Giant Foundry

Here are the fastest methods to get to the Giant foundry:

The Grouping teleport to the Giants' Foundry

A ring of dueling teleport to the PvP Arena

The gnome glider flight to Kar-Hewo

An amulet of glory teleport to the Al Kharid Palace

A ring of dueling teleport to the PvP Arena

The gnome glider flight to Kar-Hewo

The toll gate from Lumbridge

Experience rates from smithing at the Giant’s Foundry

With Bronze/Iron, you can get 98,000 experience per hour.

With Iron/Steel, you can get 133,000 experience per hour.

With Steel/Mithril, you can get 164,000 experience per hour.

With Mithril/Adamantite, you can get 198,000 experience per hour.

With Adamantite/Runite, you can get 253,000 experience per hour (this requires 85 smithing)

Profits from Smithing at the Giant’s Foundry

It is recommended to use items instead of bars when playing the Giant Foundry, as they are more profitable. The results below are from using items instead of bars.

With Bronze/Iron, you can get 192,896 GP per hour.

With Iron/Steel, you can get 253,056 GP per hour.

With Steel/Mithril, you can get 239,708 GP per hour.

With Mithril/Adamantite, you can get 134,760 GP per hour.

With Adamantite/Runite, Something at the Giant foundry will result in a loss, you will lose up to 1,155,132 GP per hour. (this requires 85 smithing)

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