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OSRS P2P Runecrafting Training Guide 1-99: Lavas, Blood, ZMI

OSRS P2P Runecrafting Training Guide 1-99: Lavas, Blood, ZMI

Runecrafting, or runecraft, allows players to craft different runes in OSRS. Most players dislike runecrafting because of the need for constant running and banking, making it quite click-intensive. However, newer and easier methods of training runecrafting have reduced how much players avoid this skill; the best ways to do these methods have been discussed in this guide.

How Does the Runecrafting Skill Work

The runecrafting skill enables players to put magic energy from various runic altars into an essence, turning them into runes. New runecrafting levels unlock the ability for players to craft new types of runes with a compatible essence. There are four types of essence: rune essence, pure essence, daeyalt essence, dark essence fragments, and blood essence. However, pure essence is commonly used because it is cheaper than rune essence and can be used to craft all types of runes. 

Useful Unlocks

The Raiment of the eye set

The Raiment of the eye set

The full Raiment of the Eye outfit gives players 60% more runes when worn. It can be obtained from the Guardian of the Rift minigame for 1350 pearls. This outfit is highly recommended for players to maximize profits when training runecrafting.

Ring of Endurance

The ring of endurance

The ring of endurance doubles the time of the effect of stamina potions when worn. It is a reward that can be gotten from the Grand Hallowed Coffin on the final floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre, it requires 70 agility to equip. Stamina potions are required to charge the ring of endurance to a maximum of 1000 charges; a stamina dose represents one charge.

Essence pouches

Essence pouches

Essence pouches are essential for players to be more efficient when training runecrafting. They can be filled with essence and emptied when needed, which allows players to carry more essence per trip. There are different sizes of pouches; the bigger the pouch, the more experience rate a player can earn.

Small, medium, large, giant, and colossal pouches are the types of pouches available. They get degraded after use and won’t be able to carry the same amount of essence however, they can quickly be repaired using the dark mage; the fastest way to talk to him is via the NPC contact spell on the Lunar spellbook

Rune Pouch

Rune pouch

Since players would need runes to frequently cast NPC contact to talk to the Dark mage and fix their pouch, a rune pouch becomes useful to carry the runes required to cast the spell and save inventory space. The rune pouch can store as many as 16,000 of only three types of runes.

Fastest methods of Training Runecrafting

These methods are properly detailed to show players the fastest and most efficient ways to get to 99 runecrafting.

Quests that give runecrafting experience

Some quests have few requirements that can help players get those early runecrafting levels quickly; these quests include The Slug Menace, Ascent of Arceuus, The Eyes of Glouphrie, Temple of Eye, and the Enter the Abyss mini-quest. These give a total of 20,210 experience, which will get the player to level 33 from level 1.

Crafting Lava runes: Fastest Runecrafting XP 

Lava runes are combination runes that serve as a fire rune and an earth rune. Crafting lava runes is the fastest method to train runecrafting. A lava rune can be crafted in two ways:

Use an earth rune on a Fire altar with a pure essence and earth talisman in your inventory.

Use a Fire rune on an Earth altar with a pure essence and fire talisman in your inventory.

Location of fire altar

The best spot to craft lava runes is at the fire altar, north of the Al Kharid PvP arena. The fastest way to get here is through the ring of dueling to the Al Kharid PvP arena.

Requirements for crafting Lava Runes

23 runecrafting

Recommendations for Crafting Lava Runes

npc contactCompleted lunar diplomacy to unlock lunar spellbook for magic imbue and NPC contact

magic imbue82 magic for magic imbue

Weight-reducing clothing

weight reducing clothing

Since plenty of running is required, this clothing is highly recommended to help players save energy when training runecrafting.

Binding necklace

binding necklace

The binding necklace would give you a 100% success rate when crafting combination runes.

Mist staff

Mist staff

Mist staff provides players with unlimited air and water runes. There won’t be any need to take runes for casting magic imbue or NPC contact



The corresponding tiara for the altar you wish to train at is also recommended to save inventory space, a tiara can be used to get access to an altar without needing a talisman, it can be made by using a tiara on a particular altar with the corresponding talisman in your inventory for instance, if you wish to create an earth tiara, you should enter the Earth altar and use the tiara on the altar with an earth talisman in your inventory. Note: the talisman will be lost in the process.

Tome of fire

tome of fire

with a tome of fire, players won’t need to carry fire runes to the altar during each trip.

Essence pouches: The biggest essence pouch that a player has should be used to carry more essence to the altars and get better experience rates as a result.

Rune pouch: this is described above; it allows the players to use NPC contact and fix their essence pouches when they break. Put in astral runes, and cosmic runes to cast NPC contact and magic imbue while wielding the mist staff

How to craft Lava Runes at the Fire Altar

Inventory setup

1. Take as many of the required items listed above then fill your essence pouches and inventory with essence, and set up your inventory as shown above.

2. Teleport to the PvP arena in Al Kharid using the ring of dueling, from there, you should run north to the fire altar. Cast magic imbue on your way to the fire altar. Magic imbue will remove the need for an earth talisman to create a Lava rune.

fire altar

3. Enter the fire altar either directly if you wearing a fire tiara or by using the fire tiara on the fire altar entrance

4. Click to pray at the altar to craft lava runes, also empty your pouches right after, and craft them into lava runes as well.

5. Teleport to the castle wars using the ring of dueling and then repeat the process.

Experience rates when crafting Lava Runes at the Fire altar

These rates are estimated with the use of Magic Imbue, you should expect a 5% reduction in these rates without it

At level 23, you should expect 38,000 experience per hour.

At level 50, you should expect 59,000 experience per hour

At level 75, you should expect 65,000 experience per hour

At level 85, you should expect 109,000 experience per hour.

Cost of crafting Lava runes

Using the method described above:

At level 23, you should expect 2.36 GP/XP.

At level 50, you should expect 1.88 GP/XP and 1.22 GP/XP with magic imbue

At level 75, you should expect 1.64 GP/XP and 1.22 GP/XP with magic imbue

At level 85, you should expect 0.91 GP/XP and 0.51 GP/XP with magic imbue.

Alternative methods for training Runecrafting

Crafting Blood runes

Crafting blood runes requires level 38 mining and 38 crafting. It is a profitable alternative to the Lava runes and provides mining and crafting experience. Crafting blood runes is also a low-effort method and players can be AFK during some parts of it.. Both blood and soul runes can be crafted at the blood altar. 

Requirements for Crafting Blood and Soul Runes

90 runecrafting to craft soul runes and 77 runecrafting to craft blood runes

Recommended Unlocks for crafting blood runes

An agility level above 73 is recommended for using the Western Rock shortcut

The medium Kourend & Kebos diary: This offers the player a 5% chance to mine two dense essence blocks at once.

Best gear for crafting Blood runes

Graceful outfitWeight-reducing outfit: similarly to the lava runes, a weight-reducing outfit will help to save energy as a lot of running is required to do this method effectively 

ChiselChisel: A chisel is used to crush the 

PickaxePickaxe: any pickaxe can used as all pickaxes give the same result

Essence or rune pouches are not required for this method

How to Craft Blood Runes at Blood Altar

Dense runestone

1. Mine dense essence blocks from the dense runestone in the mining area until your inventory is filled with them, then leave the area using the highlighted point in the minimap below 

2. Venerate the dense essence blocks on the dark altar which location is also shown below.

dark altar location

3. Chisel the dark essence blocks formed into dark essence fragments while running back to the mining area

4. Mine another inventory of essence blocks, and use them on the Dark altar.

5. Run to the blood altar shown below and click it to craft blood runes with the dark essence fragments.

Blood altar location

5. After crafting the dark essence fragments, chisel the dark essence block in your inventory to form more dark essence fragments

6. Craft more blood runes with the fragments then run back to the mining area using the route you followed and repeat the process.

Experience rates when crafting Blood Runes at the Fire altar

At level 77 runecrafting, you should expect 36,000 runecrafting, 5,700 crafting, and 4,200 mining experience per hour.

At level 90 runecrafting, you should expect 44,000 runecrafting, 5,600 crafting, and 4,146 mining experience per hour.

Profit per hour when crafting blood runes

The profits shown here assume that you have completed the medium Kourend & Kebos Diary and also wear the raiments of the eye outfit. If you don’t have these, you should expect a 50% reduction in these rates.

At Level 77 runecrafting, you should expect 506,137 GP per hour.

At Level 90 runecrafting, you should expect 420,000 GP per hour.

Ourania Altar (ZMI)

The Ourania altar is also a relaxing place to train runecrafting and is quite profitable. The Ourania altar is located south of West Ardougne and west of Ourania Cave. This altar can convert pure essence and daeyalt essence into different types of runes, A unique feature of this altar is that no runecrafting level is required to use it 

Official worlds for Ourania Altar

W327 (Germany)

W480 (United States)

How to get to the Ourania Altar

Ourania teleport

The Ourania teleport on lunar spellbook: this requires 71 magic and completion of lunar diplomacy; it teleports you to the position above

Ourania teleport tab: teleports you to the position above

Requirements of the Ourania altar

Payment of 20 noncombination runes of any type: Advisable to use cheap runes as payment

Recommendations For Crafting Runes at the Ourania Altar

70 runecrafting.

75+ agility

Stamina potions or summer pies: If you have low defence, you should use summer pies since they also heal hitpoints

Weight-reducing clothes or Raiments of the eye: If you have the Raiment of the eye, you should wear that to get more runes if not, wear weight-reducing clothes to save energy

71 magic for Ourania teleport: This requires 6 earth runes, 1 law rune, and 1 astra rune

NPC contact: this requires 67 magic and also 2 air runes, 1 cosmic rune, and 1 astra rune; this is used to contact the dark mage to fix your pouch

Dust battlestaff: This gives unlimited earth and air runes

Rune pouch: fill this with law, astral, and mind runes

RuneLite: Download the RuneLite utilities from the plugin hub, check empty pouches near the altar, and fill pouches from the bank. Secondly, turn on the GPU plugin on RuneLite and set it to 90

Colossal pouch: this is the largest of all essence pouches, and it holds up to 40 rune, pure, daeyalt, or guardian essence.

How to Craft Runes at the Ourania Altar

 Eniola location in Zmi

1. First off, ensure you have recommended items then, go to Eniola inside the altar, set up a cheap rune as your payment by talking to him, and also fill your bank with bank fillers when your essence pouch and rune pouch are not in your bank so that they can’t be deposited in your bank.

2. Fill your inventory and essence pouch with essence from the bank.

Zmi altar and Eniola

3. Click the altar from the bank to craft runes in your inventory; this is possible because the GPU is set to 90. Also, empty your essence pouches and craft the essence into runes.

Ourania teleport

4. Teleport out using Ourania teleport, you can click to climb down the ladder to get back into the altar from where you are teleported to

5. Click the “deposit all” in the bank to bank all the runes crafted and repeat the process.

The profit you can make every hour crafting runes at the Ourania altar mainly depends on your runecrafting level, lower levels mean that you are more likely to craft cheaper runes like air runes, mind runes, water runes, and fire runes.

At above 70 runecrafting, you can expect to make about 240,000 experience per hour after initial costs have been deducted.

Experience rates from the Ourania altar

Experience rates from the Ourania altar

Profits per hour from Ourania altar

If you use the recommended items/unlocks described and follow all the instructions above, you should expect about 240,000 GP per hour.

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