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OSRS P2P Ranged Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99

OSRS P2P Ranged Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99

Ranged is one of the fastest skills to train in Old School Runescape; it offers the highest experience rates in the game, up to 1 million xp per hour, just like other combat skills, most of the ways to train ranged are AFK, but the main difference is how insanely expensive and fast it can be to train to 99 ranged. 

There are so many in-game activities that a high ranged level makes so much easier, such as:

Questing: There are also a slew of quests that require a specific ranged level to complete, and some quests would be extremely difficult to complete without ranged because the bosses that need to be defeated are weaker to ranged than other attacks, such as Galvek in Dragon Slayer II.

Money making methods: Some money-making methods are based on the ranged skill; without it, you would likely make less profit because melee requires more food and magic is too expensive.

PVP: If you intend to participate in PVP battles, getting a high ranged level is essential. 

One of the best things about ranged, like magic, is that you can kill enemies without being close to them. It enables you to safespot monsters or bosses that may be difficult to face when you are close to them.

In this guide, I will show you the quickest way to 99 ranged in P2P, which is the most expensive, as well as the cheapest and most AFK ways to train your ranged level to 99. We will also show you the best ranged gear, as well as the best places to train range.

Quests that gain ranged experience

Quests that gain ranged experience

Completing quests once you have the required stats is the cheapest way to get started, and they can also unlock training spots and gear. Here is a list of quests that give ranged experience rewards after completion:

Big Chompy bird Quest: This quest requires 30 ranged, 30 cooking, and 5 fletching and it offers 735 ranged experience and other experience rewards in fletching, cooking.

Death to the Dorgeshuun: This quest requires the 23 agility, 23 thieving, and completion of Lost Tribe, It rewards 2,000 ranged experience, and other experience reward in thieving experience and also unlocks the Dorgeshuun crossbow special attacks.

Horror from the deep: This quest requires the completion of Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl and 35 agility, You would need to defeat the Dagannoth(level 100) and the Dagannoth mother (llevel 200), it is advisable to safespot these bosses, so good magic and prayer level is required. It rewards 4,662 ranged experience and the same experience rewards in strength and magic

Temple of Ikov: This requires 42 thieving and 40 ranged, you need to survive attacks from level 61 and kill the level 84 Fire warrior of Lesarkus with ranged only, if you decide to Lucian, you will need to kill the Guardian of Armadyl (level 43). Completion of this quest rewards 10,500 renegade experience and 8,000 Fletching experience.

Skrach Uglogwee for recipe for disaster: This quest requires 41 cooking and 20 firemaking. the completion of Big Chompy bird hunting, another cook’s quest and cook’s assistant. Completion of this quest rewards 1500 ranged experience and the same experience reward in woodcuttting, cooking, and crafting.

Heroes’s Quest: This quest requires 55 quest pont, 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 25 herblore, 50 mining, and the completion of Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, Dragon slayer I. Completion of this quest gives 2,075 ranged experience.

Zogre Flesh Eaters: This quest requires 4 smithing, 8 herblore, 30 ranged and completion of Big Chompy Bird and Jungle potion. You need decent combat stats to kill Slash Bash (level 111) and Zombie (level 39). Completion rewards 2,000 Ranged and experience rewards in fletching and herblore.

Dwarf Cannon

The Dwarf Cannon does not require any ranged level to use but it requires completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest, which also has no skill requirements and can be completed in a few minutes. After completing this quest, you will be able to purchase the full dwarf cannon set from Nuludion for 750,000 gp.

Dwarf Cannon

The Dwarf Cannon, unlike other ranged weapons, cannot be equipped; instead, it must be assembled on the ground away from your character, it then rotates and shoots cannonballs simultaneously at enemies within its range only in multi-combat zones. The Dwarf Cannon has a maximum hit of 30 regardless of ranged level, making it ideal for gaining a lot of experience even at low ranged levels.

Fastest Ranged experience

This section will list and explain the most efficient and fastest way to get to 99. This method is not recommended unless you have the money to spend because it is more than ten times more expensive than the other methods that will be discussed.

Using Dwarf cannon: Level 1 - 45

Using Dwarf cannon from Level 1 - 45 ranged

Using dwarf cannon offers the fastest experience from level 1 till level 45 when Chinning becomes available, However, the dwarf cannon fires 8 cannonballs in 4.8 seconds (full revolution), so this can be quite expensive. Your experience per hour ranges between 60,000 to 120,000 per hour depending on your gear and location and it would require about 500k gp to get to level 45, this section would take roughly 1 hour to complete.

Places use dwarf cannon

  1. Green dragons or revenanats in the wilderness: This method requires good defense stats but also involves the risk of player-killers (Pkers). However, due to the drops these monsters provide, this method can be quite profitable.

  1. Combat Training Camp: To gain access to this camp, you must complete the Biohazard quest. This camp is located east of Ardougne and contains 63 caged levels. It is a multi combat zone, making it ideal for setting up a cannon. 

  1. Hill giants in Edgeville Dungeon: Although the drops are not great, you have a chance of getting the giant key which can be used to access the Obor’s lair, they are a combat level 28 combat and have a hitpoint of 35.

  1. Ice trolls at Freminik Isles: to cannon ice trolls efficiently and even make some profit, you need to complete the Freminik isles. There is safespot in the Freminik isles and the type of ice trolls you can find here are ice troll runt, female troll female, ice troll grunt, and the male ice troll, it is necessary to have good combat stats before attempting to cannon at this spot because Ice trolls can hit up to 21.

Chinning maniacal monkeys: Level 45 - 99

Chinning maniacal monkeys: Level 45 - 99 ranged

Maniacal monkeys can be found at Kruk's Dungeon in Ape Toll. Chinning of these maniacal monkeys requires the completion of Chapter II of Monkey Madness II. To do this method, you must have 43 prayer and good defense stats. Although this method is unusually fast, it is also very expensive and is probably the most expensive way to train any skill in Oldschool Runescape. 

Wear your best ranged gear for your level, and bring some prayer potions, ranged-boosting potions, food, and as many chinchompas as you need before you run out of supplies. To get the best experience rates, stack the maniacal monkeys together; the best place to do this is in the northwestern area. You should right-click and inspect the dungeon before entering so you don't have to compete with other players. 

You can use black chinchompas at level 65, which significantly increases experience rates, reaching up to 1 million experience per hour as you get closer to 99 ranged. Using this method all the way to 99 would cost between 130M and 150M depending on your equipment. And it would only take 20-25 hours .

Best in slot items for ranged in P2P

Best head slot item

Masori Mask(f)

Masori  Mask(f)

The fortified Masori Mask is without a doubt the strongest head slot item for ranged. It is an upgraded version of the Mason Mask,It can be created only if you have 90 crafting by joining the Masori Mask with Armadylean plate, it requires 80 ranged and defence to wear. It gives +12 ranged attack bonus and +9 ranged defence bonus

Masori Mask

Masori Mask

The Masori Mask requires 80 ranged and only 30 defence to wear, it can be gotten from the Tombs of Amascut, it also gives the +12 ranged attack bonus but only +4 ranged defence bonus.

Armadyl Helmet

Armadyl Helmet

I could not leave this great-looking helmet out of this list, the Armadyl helmet can be obtained from Kree’arra and his bodyguards in the Gods Wars Dungeon. This helmet requires 70 defense and ranged to wear. It gives +10 ranged attack bonus and +8 ranged defence bonus when it is worn

Best Cape slot item

Ava’s assembler

Ava’s assembler

This is an upgraded version of the Ava’s accumulator and it requires 70 ranged to wear. To upgrade the Ava’s accumulator to this, you need to bring Vorkath’s head, 75 mithril arrows and the Ava’s accumulator(or 4,999 coins). It has an 82% chance of saving your ammunition.

Ava’s accumulator


This item can be easily obtained after completing the Animal magnetism when you have 50 ranged, It has 72% chance to retrieve your ammunition and also offers +4 ranged attack bonus.

Best Neck slot item

Necklace of anguish

Necklace of anguish

This necklace requires 75 hitpoints to equip and can be obtained by enchanting a zenyte necklace with a level 7 enchant spell, it offers +15 ranged attack bonus when worn.

Amulet of fury

Amulet of fury

The Amulet of fury can be made by using the level 6 enchant spell on the Onyz amulet. This is the strongest neck slot item in Old school runescape, It gives +10 ranged attack bonus and +15 ranged defence bonus.

Best body slot items

Masori Body (f)

Masori Body (f)

Just like the other fortified Masori parts, it is an upgraded version of the Masori variant. It is can be upgraded using joining the Armadylean plates to the Masori body. It requires 80 ranged and Defence to equip. It offers +43 ranged attack bonus and +60 ranged defence bonus.

Armadyl chestplate

Armadyl chestplate

the Armadyl chestplate can be obtained from Kree’arra and his bodyguards in the Gods Wars Dungeon. This helmet requires 70 defense and ranged to wear. It gives +33 ranged attack bonus and +37 ranged defence bonus

Best leg slot items

Masori chaps(f)

Masori chaps(f)

The fortified Masori chaps are the only chaps better than the Masori chaps, they can gotten by joining three Armadylean plates to the Masori chaps. They require 80 ranged and defence to equip; they give +27 ranged attack bonus and +37 ranged defence bonus.

Armadyl chainskirt

Armadyl chainskirt

The Armadyl chainskirt can be obtained from Kree’arra and his bodyguards in the Gods Wars Dungeon, it requires 70 defense and ranged to wear, they give +20 ranged attack bonus and +33 ranged defence bonus.

Best Hands slot items

Zarytes Vambraces

Zarytes Vambraces

These gloves give the best ranged attack bonus, ti can be obtained as a drop from Nex. It requires 80 ranged and 45 defence to wear and it gives +18 ranged attack bonus and +8 ranged defence bonus.

Barrows gloves

Barrows gloves

These gloves can be purchased from the culinaromancer’s chest after the completion of whole recipe for disaster quest series. They give +12 ranged attack bonus and +12 ranged defence bonus.

Best Feet-slot items

Pegasian boots

Pegasian boots

These boots give the highest ranged attack bonus of all boots in Old school Runescape, It requires 75 ranged and defence to wear. It can created by using Pegasian crystals on ranger boots. It gives +12 ranged attack bonus and +5 ranged defence bonus.

Rangers boots

Rangers boots

This can be gotten as a rare reward from the completion of the medium treasure trails. It requires 40 ranged to wear and gives +8 ranged attack bonus with no defence bonuses

Best Ring-slot items

Venator ring

Venator ring

The Venator ring offers the highest ranged attack bonus of any other ring in Oldschool runescape, it gives +10 ranged attack bonus but no ranged defence bonus. You must have killed Leviathan atleast once to be able to wear this ring

Archers ring(i)

Archers ring(i)

This is an upgraded Variant of the Archers ring, it costs 650,000 reward points to imbue the Archers ring at Nightmare Zone and 260 Zeal tokens at soul wars. It gives +8 ranged attack bonus and +8 ranged defence bonus.

Afkable methods to get 99 ranged in P2P

In this section, I will discuss the afk methods to 99 ranged, which are not as expensive as the methods discussed above but yield moderate experience rates that are significantly lower than the ones discussed above.

These methods are for those that are in a rush and prefer to be afk for longer times but still want to get to 99 ranged in a good time

Killing Sand Crabs/Ammonite Crabs: Level 1 - 70

Killing Sand Crabs from Level 1 - 70 ranged

This method allows you to be afk for up to 10 minutes. Sand crabs is one of the most popular places to train combat stats, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of other players here. When you first start out here, the ranged weapons you choose will determine how quickly the first levels progress. 

You can also do Ammonite crabs at this level if you have 30 defense. Ammonite crabs are similar to Sand crabs in mechanics and give slightly better rates at these levels. You can get up to 30k - 70k experience per hour training at the sand or ammonite crabs depending on your gear and level

Nightmare zone: Level 70 - 99

You can kill bosses from completed quests in the Nightmare Zone. This method is always a good way to train combat stats, and because it is afk, you can go about your daily activities while this run is running in the background. When you have good combat stats and choose the normal custom and the lowest 5, trapped soul, sand snake, count draynor, kendall, tree spirit, you can be AFK for up to 20 minutes. 

Nightmare zone from level 70 - 99 ranged

At level 75, you can equip a blowpipe and adamant darts, with high level gear , to get up to 120,000 experience and it would cost up to 33M to get to 99 from 75 and it is possible to breakeven and make up to 15m in profit in a few months if you do the herb boxes from nmz points obtained.

Cheap ways to get 99 Ranged

Like most skills in Old School Runescape, the cheapest method is usually the slowest. Ranged can be a very expensive skill to train, but it can also be very cheap if you don't mind spending a couple of extra days training to 99 ranged.

Killing Sand Crabs/Ammonite crabs with darts: Level 1 - 99

This method is not only afk but also inexpensive; you can begin with the one-spawn sand crabs at or kill chickens or zombies, then progress to the two-spawn sand crabs spot, and finally the three-spawn spot as your level increases. 

As your ranged level rises, you should begin to experiment with different darts depending on how much you are willing to spend. If you use mithril darts all the way to 99, you should expect 50k - 70k experience per hour and it would take roughly 190 hours to get to 99 ranged; total cost would be about 1m - 1.3m gp.

Darts and level required

Ranged training for Pures in P2P

When using a pure, your choices are slimmer because of the low defense and prayer levels, especially if you are looking to not gain any hp experience.

Cannoning Caged Ogres in Combat training Camp (level 1 - 99)

Cannoning Caged Ogres in Combat training Camp for pures

This is the best and fastest way to get to 99 ranged for pures. If you don’t want to get hp levels, you can just sit there and let the canon do its thing. At level 60 ranged, which you can get in a few hours cannoning caged Ogres, you can get up 40,000 experience per hour if you are afk and don’t do any additional attack on the Caged Ogres , if you want to get up to 60,000 experience per hour at that level, you should bring along some ranged gear and weapons to attack the Caged Ogres as your Cannons shoots.

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