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OSRS P2P Mining Training Guide: Leveling 1-99 Fastest XP

OSRS P2P Mining Training Guide: Leveling 1-99 Fastest XP

Mining is a skill that gives players the ability to mine ores and gems from different rocks; it is a very simple skill and a pickaxe is the only requirement to get started. Training mining is one of the slowest skills to train in OSRS. However, to get better experience rates, you should use the tick manipulation methods discussed below. 


When trying to get the best experience rates, it is important to use the best pickaxe for your level to reduce the time a rock takes to get depleted and as a result, get better experience rates. Here are all the pickaxes available in OSRS, in order of their effectiveness:

  1. Crystal pickaxeCrystal pickaxe: This requires 71 mining and 70 attack.
  2. Infernal pickaxeInfernal pickaxe: This requires 61 mining and 60 attack.
  3. Dragon pickaxeDragon pickaxe: This has the same requirements as the infernal pickaxe above.
  4. Rune pickaxeRune pickaxe: This requires 41 mining and 40 attack.
  5. Adamant pickaxeAdamant pickaxe: This requires 31 mining and 30 attack.
  6. Mithril pickaxeMithril pickaxe: This requires 21 mining and 20 attack.
  7. black pickaxeBlack pickaxe: This requires 11 mining and 70 attack.
  8. Steel pickaxeSteel pickaxe: This requires 6 mining and 5 attack.
  9. Iron pickaxeIron pickaxe: This has no requirement.
  10. Bronze pickaxeBronze pickaxe: This has no requirement.

Varrock Armour

Varrock armours

Players are awarded different tiers of Varrock armour for completing the different Varrock diaries. The Varrock armour gives players the ability to mine 2 ores at once from specific rocks. Varrock Armour 1 gives this effect from mining iron, Varrock Armour 2 for mining granite, and Varrock Armour 4 when mining Amethyst.

Mining gloves

Mining gloves

When the mining gloves are equipped, certain rocks like iron, silver, coal, and gold will not deplete when mined once, allowing the player to mine one rock for longer durations. The mining gloves are a pair of gloves that can be bought for 40 unidentified minerals from the Belona’s shop. Although 20 mining is required to wear them, 60 mining is required to enter the mining guild to purchase them.

Celestial ring

Celestial ring

When the celestial ring is worn, it gives players an invisible +4 boost to mining even when it is not charged. It can be purchased from Dusuri’s Star Shop for 2,000 stardust.

Quests that give mining experience

It’s recommended that players follow the training methods described below after they have completed quests with few requirements that also give mining experience. You should complete: 

Doric’s quest: It provides 1,300 mining experience and has no requirement

the dig site: It provides 15,300 mining experience and requires 10 agility, 10 herblore, and 25 thieving.

Plague City: It provides 1,300 mining experience and has no requirements

The Giant Dwarf: it provides 2,500 mining experience and requires 14 thieving, 12 crafting, 16 firemaking, and 33 magic

Another Slice of H.A.M: it provides 3,000 mining experience and requires 15 attack and 25 prayer

The Lost Tribe: it provides 3,000 mining experience and requires 13 agility and 13 thieving.

All these quests grant a total experience of 27,525 mining experience, which would take you from 1 to 37 mining.

Fastest Experience from Level 1–99 mining

Mining Copper/Tin ore: Level 1–15

Copper or TIn ore can be mined at level 1 mining from their corresponding rocks found in several locations, they both offer the same experience of 17.5 when mined. 

Locations to mine Copper ore

Locations to mine Copper ore

The East Lumbridge Swamp mining site is the best place for players with low defence level, since no monsters attack there.

Mining Iron ore: Level 15–45

Mining iron ore is the fastest way to train mining between level 15 to level 45. However, players will only be able to get the best experience rates if they are at the best location/spot. The best spots to mine iron ore are at locations where the iron rocks form a triangle, so the player will always have another iron rock to mine while the others are respawning.

Location to mine Iron ore

Location to mine Iron ore

The best spot to use is the mining guild due to its proximity to a bank as shown below.

Three-tick Mining Granite: Level 45–99

Three-tick mining granite at the Bandit Camp Quarry becomes the fastest method of training mining at level 45 until 99 mining. This method has a learning curve, and it is quite click-intensive. It is challenging for most players to get to 99 mining while following only this method. Easier alternative methods have been discussed below.

How to 3-tick mine Granite 

  1. First, you need suitable items for 3 tick mining like swamp paste and clean herb or a log and a knife.
  2. Use one of the items on the other to set up a 3-tick cycle, and then click the granite rock to mine it.
  3. While your character is running to mine the granite rock, click one of the items, and as soon as your character mines a granite, click the other item. When this is timed properly, you will be able to skip the delay from moving to the granite and will be able to receive a granite every 3 ticks.

The Bandit Camp Quarry

The Bandit Camp Quarry is a mine south of the Bandit Camp. It is the only place to find granite rocks, which makes it an excellent spot for training mining.

Location to mine granite

How to get to the Bandit Camp Quarry

  • The Camulet is the fastest method to get to the Bandit Camp Quarry.
  • The Pharoah’s sceptre can also teleport to the Ancient Pyramid which is close to Bandit Camp Quarry.
  • Players can use magic carpets close to Shantay to get to Bedabin camp and then run south to the Quarry.

Alternative methods to get to 99 mining

Mining Gem rocks: level 52–99

Mining gem rocks requires 40 mining and grants 65 mining experience per gem. It is a good alternative to the methods listed above because it offers good experience rates without tick manipulation. The experience rates when mining gems with tick manipulation are comparable with the methods listed above. Mining Gem rocks is also very profitable and beneficial for ironmen who need opals, red topazes, or jades. 

Locations for Mining Gems

There are three locations to mine gem rocks: 

Lunar Isle Mine

The surface of the Shilo village

Shilo Village Underground Mine. 

Location to mine gem

The best spot to mine gems is at Shilo Village Underground mine as it contains 48 gem rocks and a nearby bank chest; it requires completion of the hard Karamja diary

Profits from mining Gem rocks

Players can make up to 550,000 GP per hour from mining gemstones.

Requirements for Mining Gem Rocks

  • Completion of the medium Karamja diary to gain access to the underground portion of the Shilo village mine.
  • Completion of Shilo Village quest

Experience rates when Mining Gem Rocks

Here are the experience rates to expect when mining gem rocks

experience rates when mining gems

Mining at the Volcanic Mine

The Volcanic Mine is a large volcanic chamber underneath the Fossil Island Volcano. Mining at the Volcanic mine is another low-effort alternative to the methods above. This is a minigame that requires an organized effort from a team. It is not profitable but yields good experience rates without needing tick manipulation.

Official world for the Volcanic Mine

World 323 (United States West)

How to get to the Volcanic Mine

Location of Volcanic mine

The Fossil Island Volcano is shown above, you should go underneath through the Entrance guarded by Petrified Pete to get to the volcanic mine. The fastest method to get here is through:

1..Digsite pendant: this pendant is capable of teleporting you directly to Fossil Island

2. Digsite teleport: this can be bought from the grand exchange, it takes you to the dig site shown. You should board the ship north to get to Fossil Island

Players can search for a team using the clan chat in the grouping teleport. A team with about 3 to 5 members is optimal. The Volcanic mine can also be played solo but this is more difficult and requires practicing for some time which is not worth it since players can get better experience by playing in a team.

Experience rates when mining at the Volcanic Mine

Here are the experience rates players can expect when at the volcanic mine:

 experience of mining at volcanic mine

Mining Calcified rocks: level 41 - 99

Mining Calcified rocks is a low-effort alternative to the methods above, but they give relatively slow experience rates. These rocks deplete after about 70 seconds, and players who mine them will get blessed bone shards instead of bones and a small chance of receiving a calcified deposit. 

Location of the Calcified rocks

Location of the Calcified rocks

Calcified rocks are found in the Cam Torum Mine. The Cam Torum mine can be found southwest of Can Torum; the fastest ways to get there are:

A calcified moth

Quetzal transport system to the entrance of Cam Torum.

Requirement for Mining Calcified Rocks

The requirement for this method is to start the Perilous Moons quest.

Experience rates for Mining Calcified rocks

Here are the experience rates to expect from mining calcified rocks:

experience rates of calcified rocks

Profitable Methods of Training Mining

Motherload Mine

The Motherlode mine is a members-only mining area that is found in the Falador Dwarven mine. Mining at Motherload Mine is a low-intensity training method that is quite profitable, especially for ironmen, but it gives relatively slow mining experience rates. The only requirement for mining at the Motherload Mine is 30 mining.

How to Mine at the Motherload Mine

location of items in motherload mine

Mining at the Motherload mine is quite easy to do, from the entrance, players need to mine the rocks on the floor and find a good spot to mine pay-dirt, using a crystal and dragon is recommended. Clean the pay-dirt in the machine located in the centre of the mine as shown above by putting it in the hopper, cleaning turns the pay-dirt into random ores which can be obtained from the sack; depending on their mining level, players can expect to get coal, mithril ore, adamantite ore, and runite ore. There is a bank close by which players can use to bank the ores.

How to get to the Motherload Mine

Skills necklace to the mining guide: this is the fastest way to get to the Motherload mine, from the mining guide, players only need to run a short distance to get to the Motherload mine.

Experience rates at the Motherload Mine

At level 30, you should expect 13,000 experience per hour

At level 40, you should expect 15,500 experience per hour

At level 60, you should expect 29,000 experience per hour

At level 70, you should expect 30,000 experience per hour

At level 85, you should expect 43,000 experience per hour

At level 99, you should expect 54,000 experience per hour

Profit per hour at the Motherload Mine

At level 30, you should expect 26,000 GP per hour

At level 40, you should expect 37,000 GP per hour

At level 60, you should expect 53,000 GP per hour

At level 70, you should expect 96,000 GP per hour

At level 85, you should expect 230,000 GP per hour

At level 99, you should expect 290,000 GP per hour

Mining Amethyst

Amethyst is a mineral mined from Amethyst crystals in the Mining Guild. Mining Amethyst requires 92 mining and grants 240 mining experience. It is also a profitable low-effort method but yields very slow experience rates. Using the crystal or infernal pickaxe is recommended to maximize this method's profits. Varrock Armour 4 is also recommended to get a double ore effect when mining amethyst.

Where to Mine Amethyst

Location of Amesthyst crystals

It is located in the Mining guild; the fastest way to get there is through the skill’s necklace

Experience rates when mining Amethyst

Players can expect to mine 80 to 100 amethyst per hour, which gives approximately 20,000–25,000 experience per hour

Profit from mining Amethyst

Players should expect about 330,000 GP per hour from mining Amethyst

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