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OSRS Optimal Quest Guide For F2P Players: Fast & Efficient

OSRS Optimal Quest Guide For F2P Players: Fast & Efficient

There are a total of 22 free-to-play quests in OSRS, offering a total of 44 quest points. Completing F2P quests is a great way for new players to get into questing as they are easier and shorter than the P2P quests. If you want to complete all F2P quests as fast as possible, you should do them simultaneously, since most of the quests can be done in the same region.

In this guide, we have grouped the quests based on region and other factors to improve speed and efficiency for players aiming to complete all quests in F2P.



This has no requirement and can be used by F2P players, making it one of the best ways to get to Varrock when starting; it can be used to teleport just outside the Champion's Guild. It can be purchased from Diango’s Toy store located in Draynor Village for 300 coins, The Chronicle has a maximum of 1000 charges, and it must be charged with teleport cards before it can be used. Teleport cards can also be purchased from Diango’s toy store for each

Quest Helper Plugin

Quest helper plugin

The Quest Helper plugin is available on RuneLite, It allows you to effortlessly navigate through quests and make them even more enjoyable, it highlights every location, character, and object, and how to interact with them for every quest in OSRS. It is undeniably the best plugin offered by RuneLite and I highly recommend you use it when following this guide

Optimal Quest guide for F2P: Fast & Efficient

This guide is broken down into several steps to make it easier to understand, you can complete two quests concurrently or get the items required for a quest while doing another quest, so I highly recommend you follow this guide accordingly to quickly and efficiently finish all quests in F2P.

Step 1: Start Cook’s Assistant

Start the Cook’s Assistant quest by talking to the chef in Lumbridge then when he asks you to get ingredients, start Sheep Shearer, Rune Mysteries, The Restless Ghost, and Prince Ali Rescue quests.

Step 2: Complete the Sheep Shearer quest

Shear and spin three extra balls of wool, which are required for the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

Step 3: Complete X marks the spot and Cook’s Assistant quest 

When in Lumbridge, during X marks the Spot Quest, grab the ingredients needed for Cook’s assistant and complete it. When in Draynor Village, buy a chronicle, start the Vampyre Slayer quest, run to the Wizard’s tower south, and talk to Wizard Sedridor, a part of Rune Mysteries.

free to play quests

Step 4: Complete the Pirate Treasure

Start the Pirate Treasure quest and stop at the point that you would need to go to Varrock. Resume the Rune Mysteries quest till you get to Varrock to talk to Aubury. After talking to Aubury, resume the Pirate Treasure Quest and then complete it. 

Step 5: Start the Demon Slayer quest and Complete Romeo and Juliet

While in Varrock, do the parts of Demon Slayer Quest that can be completed in Varrock. After that, Complete the Romeo and Juliet quest. Complete the Stronghold of security if you don’t have enough gold and then buy these items from the grand exchange: Cooked meat, bread, 2 iron bars, redberry pie, 2 iron ores, blue dye, 4 Onions, and four (black, red, white and yellow) beads.

Step 6: Complete part of the Vampire Slayer Quest

While in Varrock, Grab 5 redberries, buy a pink skirt from Thessalia’s Fine Clothes, and visit the Blue Moon Inn to complete part of the Vampire Slayer. Also, mine 6 clay for Doric’s quest and create a soft clay using a bucket of water.

Step 7: Complete parts of Restless Ghost and Prince Ali Rescue

Go to Father Urhney in Draynor Village for Restless Ghost and on your way there, talk to Lady Kelli to get the key imprint needed for Prince Ali Rescue. After that, go to Osman to get the bronze key made for Prince Ali rescue Quest, and talk to the restless ghost on your way there for Restless Ghost Quest.

Step 8: Complete the Misthalin Mystery

Talk to Abigale in the Lumbridge swamp and complete the Misthalin Mystery quest.

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Step 9: Get Items required for Goblin Diplomacy and Prince Ali Rescue

Go to Aggie in Draynor village and buy 2 yellow dye and red dye. Use the red dye on one yellow dye to create an orange dye, which will be needed for Goblin Diplomacy. Mine 5 copper, 1 tin, and smelt a bronze bar for Price Ali rescue in Al Kharid. Bank the ore left for Doric’s quest and bank a bucket of water to create skin paste.

Step 10: Complete Imp Catcher and Rune Mysteries Quest

Bring all four beads you bought earlier and 23 bones to the Wizard Tower. First, hand in the beads to Wizard Mizgog to complete the Imp catcher quest. Kill two chickens in the basement for their bones to get 25 bones. Also, complete Rune mysteries while in the tower and complete part of the Restless Ghost quest. Lastly, deliver the 25 bones to Wizard Traiborn and collect the Silverlight key for the Demon Slayer Quest.

Step 11: Complete the Ernest the Chicken quest

After completion of Ernest the Chicken, grab a bronze med helm when leaving the Draynor Manor, which would be used during Black Knight’s Fortress.

Step 12: Complete the Vampyre Slayer quest

Ensure to first train melee stats to kill Count Draynor (level 34) or safespot him

Step 13: Complete the Doric’s Quest and Pirate’s Treasure

While in Falador doing the Doric’s Quest, pick a cabbage at the Falador farm (Cabbage from Draynor village cannot be used) and buy an iron chainbody from Wayne’s Chains. Complete the Pirate’s Treasure and buy wood leaves from Wyson the gardener for the Goblin Diplomacy quest if you don’t have a blue dye.

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Step 14: Complete the Black Knight’s Fortress

Start the Black Knight’s Fortress and the Knight’s Sword quests in the White Knight’s Castle in Falador and then, Complete Black Knight’s Fortress and start the Below Ice Mountain quest on the way to the fortress. 

Step 15: Complete the Shield of Arrav

Shield of Arrav grouping

You need a partner to complete this, you can find one by opening the shield of Arrav in grouping teleport and clicking join; send a message in the channel to find a partner

During the quest, recruit Checkal for Below the Ice Mountain, talk to Marley in Edgeville, and talk to Reldo to progress on Knight’s sword as well. While in Varrock, grab a knife upstairs in Varrock general store on the way south, ask Charlie the Tramp about Marley and the Blue Moon Inn cook about Marley

Step 16: Complete the Demon Slayer

You should have all the Silverlight keys from the previous steps above.

Step 17: Complete the Below Ice Mountain, The Restless Ghost, and Prince Ali Rescue

After Completing Below Ice Mountain, go to Lumbridge, finish The Restless Ghost, and run to Al Kharid to finish Prince Ali Rescue as well. Collect all the required items for the Knight’s Sword Quest from the bank at Shantay Pass. To travel to Port Sarim quickly, talk to Shantay, ask “What is this place?”, click space to continue till you need to reply, then reply ”I am definitely an outlaw, prepare to die” You will be locked in a small cell at the Shantay pass and if you refuse to pay 5 coins two times, you will be transported to the Port Sarim jail which you can escape by picking the lock.

Step 18: Complete the Witch’s Potion and Corsair Curse

 Kill the giant rat outside of Port Sarim Jail for its meat, buy an eye of newt from Betty’s Magic Emporium in Port Sarim, and talk to Captain Tock to start the Corsair Curse Quest, Start the Knight’s Sword quest till you visit Thurgo for the first time. After visiting Thurgo, complete the Witch’s potion then train combat stats till you are confident to kill Ithoi the Navigator (level 35) then complete the Corsair Curse quest.

Step 19: Complete the Goblin Diplomacy quest and The Knight’s Sword 

Both of these quests can be completed when going through Falador.

Train Prayer from level 11 to level 37, the fastest method to do this is by burying vile ashes

Train Magic from level 10 to level 33, 

Train combat till you can kill Elvarg (level 83)

Step 20: Complete the Dragon Slayer I quest

Ensure to bring plenty of food to fight Elvarg as it is not an easy fight. Prayer against magic is highly recommended. Ensure to wield the anti-dragon shield, use Stab attack style and strength potions, also run under her to eat to reduce damage.

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If you have followed all the steps up until this point, Congratulations! You have completed all F2P quests in OSRS.

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