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OSRS Mithril Gloves Guide: Fast & Efficient

OSRS Mithril Gloves Guide: Fast & Efficient

Mithril gloves are the best gloves for pures in Oldschool Runescape. It gives a +6 bonus in slash, stab, and crush in both attack and defence.

Given that both the combat bracelet and the mithril glove have the same strength and magic benefits, there is significant debate over which glove slot is superior.

It should be noted that mithril gloves are less expensive and may be bought for 2,000 GP while combat bracelets cost around 12,000 GP. This is a significant benefit since, particularly if you are inexperienced, you may die a few times on your pure account and it would be easier to replace the mithril gloves. Mithril gloves also have slightly better defence bonuses than a combat bracelet.

Also, since Mithril gloves boost your maximum hit and only require a few hours to finish the quest requirements, they are the superior gloves for pures.

The fastest way to get the Mithril Gloves

Ideally, you should complete the following quests to obtain Mithril gloves on your account as quickly as possible:

Step 1: Gertrude’s cat

Gertrude's cat Quest

This quest should be completed first so you can start growing your kitten into a cat while doing the other quests on this list. This would make the freeing evil Dave quest easier, it is also very short and can be completed in a few minutes.

Items required for Gertrude's cat quest

  • 100 coins
  • Bucket of milk
  • Seasoned salmon

Rewards for Gertrude’s cat

  • 1 quest point
  • 1,525 cooking experience, this would take you from Level 1 to 11 cooking.
  • A kitten 

Step 2: Goblin Diplomacy

Goblin Diplomacy Quest

This quest is quite short and has no skill requirement; it can be completed within a few minutes and offers up to 5 quest points. 

Items Required for Goblin Diplomacy

  • 3 goblin mails
  • 1 blue dye to dye the goblin mail
  • 1 orange dye: You can buy this directly from Grand Exchange or mix a red and yellow dye to get it.

Reward from the Goblin Diplomacy

  • 5 quest points
  • 200 crafting experience

Step 3: Cook’s assistant

Cook’s assistant Quest

This quest requires a minute or two to do since you only need to take certain items to the cook in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen.

Items required for the Cook’s assistant

  • Pot
  • Bucket
  • Egg
  • Bucket of milk
  • Pot of flour


Rewards from the Cook’s assistant

This quest will get you 300 cooking experience, which will take from 11 to 12 cooking.

Step 4: Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook’s Quest

Another Cook’s Quest

This is a quick quest that just takes a few minutes to do and unlocks the other quests in the recipe for the disaster series. To finish it, just bring the things listed below to the cook at Lumbrige..

Skill/quest Requirement for Another cook's quest

  • 10 cooking: If you have been following this guide, you should have 12 cooking so you don’t need to do any training to get this.
  • Cook’s assistant

Items required for Another Cook's Quest

  • Eye of Newt
  • Greenman’s ale
  • Rotten tomato
  • Fruit blast
  • Ashes

All these items can be purchased from the grand exchange and the quest is completed when you take them to the cook in Lumbridge

Rewards from Another cook’s quest

  • 1 quest point
  • Unlocks the other parts of the Recipe for Disaster quest.

Step 5: Free Goblin General Quest

Free Goblin General Quest

This quest is also really short; that’s why you should do it if you are planning to get the Mithril gloves as fast as possible. It requires no combat stats, as you won’t fight any monsters

Requirements for Free Goblin General Quest

  • Another cook’s quest
  • Goblin diplomacy.

Items required for Free Goblin General Quest

  • Bread
  • Orange slices: you can use a knife on an orange to get this
  • Blue, green, or purple dye
  • Fishing bait
  • Charcoal
  • Bucket of water

Rewards from freeing the goblin generals

  • 1 quest point
  • 1,000 cooking experience: This would increase your fishing level to level 16, assuming you started these quests with level 1 cooking.
  • 1,000 crafting experience: This would increase your crafting level to level 10.

Step 6: Train till 30 Crafting

Train till 30 Crafting

It will just take about 20 minutes to get your crafting level to 30 by following this method below

From level 10, craft leather cowl

At 11, craft leather vambraces

At 14, craft leather body till 20

At 20, cut uncut sapphire till 30

Step 7: Train till 25 thieving

Train till 25 thieving

Doing this would take only a few minutes as well;

At level 1 thieving, pickpocket men/women at Lumbridge till level 5

At level 5 thieving, stealing from Bakery stalls till 25 thieving.

Alternatively, you can complete the fight arena quest to get 2,135 experience which will take you to 14 thieving then you can complete 14-25 thieving at bakery stalls

Step 8: The Golem

The Golem Quest

When you get to 20 crafting and 25 thieving, you should start doing the golem quest. it is also a requirement for the Freeing Evil Dave quest and there are no bosses to be defeated

Requirements For the Golem Quest

  • 20 crafting
  • 25 thieving

Items required from the Golem Quest

  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Vial
  • Papyrus
  • Phoenix feather
  • 4 soft clay

The items listed below are not required but I highly recommend that you take them with you:

Waterskins: to withstand the desert heat

Stamina potion: there is some running involved when doing this quest so bringing at least 4 doses of a stamina potion, would be very helpful.

You should have a means to teleport to these locations:

Uzer: You can use a necklace passage to get here through the Eagles’ Eyrie.

Varrock Museum: The Varrock teleport would be the fastest way to get to this location.

Digsite: you can use Digsite teleport or the Digsite pendant to teleport here.

Rewards from the golem quest

  • 1 quest point
  • 1,000 thieving experience
  • 1,000 crafting experience

Step 9: The Demon Slayer quest

The Demon Slayer quest

You must kill Level 27 Delrith for this quest; he is easily defeated even at a low combat level. Although You will need some food. This quest has no quest requirements.

Requirements For The Demon Slayer quest

Enough combat stats to kill a level 27 demon

Items required For the Demon Slayer quest

  • Bucket of water
  • 25 bones
  • And just one coin.

You will also need the following teleport::

  • Varrock teleport
  • Teleport to Wizard’s tower(necklace of passage)

Rewards from Demon Slayer Quest

  • 3 quest point
  • Silverlight
  • 5 kudos

Step 10: Shadow of the storm

Shadow of the storm Quest

This quest is probably the hardest on this list, the boss is not too hard to fight but would be a lot harder with low combat, if you have low combat stats, you should do the waterfall quest to get 30 attack and strength and use the safespot shown below to kill the final boss (Agrith-naar).

Agrith Naar safespot

Requirements for Shadow of the Storm

  • The Golem
  • Demon slayer
  • 30 crafting
  • Good combat level to defeat a level 100 monster. you would need to deliver the last blow using Silverlight which is obtainable at the start of the quest, so it is a good idea to have good melee combat stats

Items required for Shadow of the Storm

  • Silverlight; as explained above
  • Strange implement; Obtainable during the quest
  • Minimum of 3 pieces of black clothing: you can purchase a black cape, shade robe top, and shade robe directly from Grand Exchange.
  • Black dye
  • Silver bar

Rewards from Shadow of the Storm

  • 1 quest point
  • 10,000 experience in combat skill except prayer: You should use this experience on ranged to get 27 ranged which is closer to the 30 ranged required for the Big Chompy bird hunting quest.

Step 11: Train Cooking from 16 to 25 with Poison Karambwan

Train Cooking from 16 to 25 with Poison Karambwan

This would take a couple of minutes to complete.

Step 12: Freeing the evil Dave

Freeing the evil Dave

Whether you are an experienced player or a total novice, this quest is rather simple. To make this quest much simpler, you should wait until your cat is fully grown. Finally, all you have to do is use your cat to catch some rats and prepare a spicy stew with varying amounts of spices—random spices that are needed for each player

Requirements for Freeing the Evil Dave

  • 25 cooking
  • Gertrude's cat
  • Another cook’s quest
  • Shadow of the storm

Items required for Freeing the Evil Dave

  • A cat: this would used to catch rats for stew at the Edgeville basement; this cannot be done with an overgrown cat and would take so much longer with a kitten
  • Lumbridge teleport
  • Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville.

Reward from Freeing the Evil Dave

  • 1 quest point
  • 7,000 cooking experience, this gets to level 31 cooking.

Step 13: Freeing Pirate Pete

Freeing Pirate Pete Quest

Requirements for Freeing Pirate Pete

  • 31 cooking
  • Completion of the Another’s Cook quest
  • Combat stats to defeat 5 level 30/31 Mudskippers and 1 crab.

Item requirement for Freeing Pirate Pete

  • A raw cod
  • A pestle and mortar
  • Bread
  • A knife
  • 3 bronze wire
  • A needle
  • An empty fishbowl.

Rewards from Freeing Pirate Pete

  • 1 quest point
  • 1,000 cooking experience
  • 1,000 crafting experience
  • 1,000 fishing experience: this would get to 9 fishing which is useful for the next step
  • 1,000 smithing experience

Step 14: Train from 9 till 10 fishing with a small fishing net at any shrimp fishing spot

Train from 9 till 10 fishing with a small fishing net at any shrimp fishing spot

Step 15: Fishing contest quest

Fishing contest quest

This quest requires 10 fishing, it is also very short.

Skill/quest Requirements For Fishing contest quest

  • 10 fishing

Item requirements For Fishing contest quest

  • 5 coins
  • Garlic
  • Fishing rod
  • Spade
  • Red vine worm

Rewards From Fishing Contest quest

  • 1 quest point
  • 2,437 fishing experience

Step 16: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest

This quest requires 30 cooking and the completion of the fishing contest, which you should have already completed.

Skill/quest requirements For Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest

  • Another cook’s quest
  • Fishing contest

Items required For Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest

  • 320 coins
  • Gloves
  • Pot of flour
  • Buckets of milk
  • Egg
  •  bowl of water
  • 4 Asgardian ale

Reward From Freeing the Mountain Dwarf quest

  • 1 quest point
  • 1,000 slayer experience
  • 1,000 cooking experience

Step 17: Train till 5 Fletching

Train till 5 Fletching

This would require only 78 logs to complete.


Step 18: Train from 27 to 30 ranged at sand crabs

Train from 27 -30 ranged at sand crabs

Step 19: Big Chompy Bird hunting quest

Big Chompy Bird hunting quest

To complete the task, you would have to kill the Chompy bird to obtain raw Chompy. In addition, you would need food as wolves and ogres would be attacking you in this area.

Skill/item requirements For Big Chompy Bird Hunting

  • 5 fletching
  • 30 cooking
  • 30 ranged
  • Decent defence stats against level 64 wolves and 53 ogres.

Item Requirements for Big Chompy Bird Hunting

  • Any axe
  • Feathers
  • Knife
  • Chisel
  • 4 wolf bones

You will need 3 out of these 5 items

  • Cabbage
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Equa leaves
  • Doogle leaves

These can be found around the southeast of Gu’Tanoth, not too far from Rantz.

Rewards From Big Chompy Bird Hunting

  • 2 quest point
  • 262 fletching
  • 1,470 cooking experience
  • 735 ranged experience
  • An ogre bow
  • It also gives the ability to fletch ogre arrows and cook Chompy birds and it is required for completing the recipe for disaster(Lumbridge guide and Skrach Uglogwee).

Step 20: Freeing Skrach the Ogre

Freeing Skrach the Ogre Quest

Freeing Skrach the Ogre, which is the last one on the list, is somewhat similar to the Big Chompy Bird quest but a little more difficult. It would allow you to purchase the mithril gloves from the Culinaromancer.

Skill/quest requirements For Freeing Skrach the Ogre

  • 41 cooking
  • 20 firemaking
  • Completion of Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Another cook’s quest.

Items required For Freeing Skrach the Ogre

  • Any axe
  • Raw chompy
  • Iron spit
  • Logs
  • Tinderbox
  • Pickaxe
  • Ogre Bellows
  • Ball of wool
  • Comp ogre bow or ogre bow
  • Ogre arrows

Here are the teleports that you will need For Freeing Skrach the Ogre Quest:

  • Lumbridge teleport
  • Feldip hills teleport
  • Tai Bwo wannai teleport.

Congratulations! You've finished the quest requirements and have unlocked the Mithril gloves. Now you may go down the Lumbridge basement and purchase the mithril gloves from the culinaromancer's chest, which is displayed below.

culinaromancer's chest

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