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OSRS Kalphite Queen guide: strategies, gear setup & drops

OSRS Kalphite Queen guide: strategies, gear setup & drops

Located in the Kalphite lair southwest of Shantay Pass, the Kalphite queen is a comparatively simple boss that is well-known for dropping the Dragon chainbody.

This boss uses three different attack types: magic, range, and melee, and she can hit very hard with any of those attacks.

She is commonly killed as a requirement to unlock the Hard Desert diary and talking to the queen’s mounted head in POH is also a requirement for the Elite Desert diary.

How to get to the Kalphite Queen

The only place to locate the Kalphite queen is in the Kalphite’s lair, which is situated southwest of the Shantay Pass. To access the lair and the lower level, where the queen is situated, you will need two ropes.

Each time you go to the Kalphire Lair, you will need a new rope. However, if you finish the Hard Desert Diary, the ropes you use at the entrance and lower level will become permanent, so you won't need them each time you visit.

Here are the fastest ways to get to the Kalphite Lair:

Location of the Kalphite Lair

  • Fairy ring B.I.Q: This requires the unlocking of the fairy rings. The quickest route to Kalphite's lair is via this route.

  • Amulet of glory: The Kalphite lair could be reached by running southeast through the Shantay Pass after using the amulet of glory to teleport to Alharid. You would have to buy a Shantay Pass to get through.

  • Dorgesh-Kaan South tunnel: The Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon has a tunnel that goes straight to the vicinity of the Kalphite workers inside the Kalphite Lair.

Reaching the Kalphite lair is just half the journey; you still need to run through the maze to reach the entrance, where the Kalphite queen resides. However, if you have finished the Elite Desert Diary, you can expedite your journey even further by using the shortcut displayed below. Prior to facing the boss, you should right-click the hole to see if any other players are present.

Kalphite's lair

Requirements to kill Kalphite queen

Although there are no requirements to kill the Kalphite, here are the suggested stats to kill the Kalphite Queen efficiently:

  • 80+ attack
  • 80+ strength
  • 80+ defence
  • 80+ ranged
  • 77+ prayer
  • 85+ hitpoints

However, it is possible to kill the Kalphite Queen with weaker combat stats; the minimum stats to kill the Kalphite queen would be at least 70+ in attack, defence, ranged, hitpoints, and prayer

If you intend to camp or make multiple kills at the Kalphite queen, I strongly advise you to finish the Elite Desert Diary so you can access the shortcut in the Kalphite Lair and reach the queen much faster.

The best gear setups for fighting the Kalphite Queen

Head slot:

Slayer helm (I)

Slayer helm (i)

This is only useful if you are on a slayer task. This can be created by players with level 55 crafting and who have unlocked the “Malevolent Masquerade” ability for 400 slayer reward points. It provides 16.67% against monsters assigned to a slayer task.

Inquisitor’s helm

Inquisitor’s helm

This is a drop from the Nightmare; it requires 70 strength and 30 defence to equip. It boosts damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style.

Neitiznot face guard

Neitiznot face guard

this requires 70 defence and completion of the Fremennik exiles to wear.

Cape slot:

Infernal cape

Infernal cape

Earned by defeating the TzKal-Zul in the inferno, this is the strongest melee cape in terms of its overall bonus.

Mythical cape

Mythical cape

This is purchased from the Myth’s guild for 10,000 coins and can be only worn after the completion of Dragon Slayer II

Fire cape

fire cape

this is a melee cape that is obtained as a reward for completing the Tzhaar fight cave.

If you don’t have any of this, then bring any of Ava's devices.


Amulet of Torture

Amulet of Torture:

Amulet of Blood fury

Amulet of Blood fury 

this has similar stats to the amulet of Fury but it can heal you. I advise only using this if you are starting out, if you are not struggling with the Kalphite queen then you can opt to use the amulet of Fury instead because this requires you to charge it.

Amulet of Glory

Amulet of Glory

Ammo slot:

Rada’s blessing 4

Rada’s blessing 4

the item you should use in this slot ultimately depends on whether the ranged weapon you’d be using requires ammo or not; however, if you are using the blowpipe or any other ranged weapon that does not require ammo, then this is a good choice.

Melee weapon choices:

Keris Partisan of Breaching

Keris Partisan of Breaching

This requires 80 attack to wield and is made by attaching the breach of the Scarab to the Keris Partisan, The breach of the Scarab can be gotten as a reward from the Tombs of Amascut. When combined with the Keris partisan, this creates the Keris partisan of breaching, which adds an extra 33% accuracy when used against Kalphites and Scabarites. Unlike the regular Keris partisan, this partisan does not have a special attack.

Keris Partisan without any gem

Keris Partisan

this is a one-handed melee weapon that requires 65 attack, you should use this if you are unable to use the Keris Partisan of Breaching. It deals 33% bonus damage against Kalphites and Scaberites and has a 1/51 chance of piercing a hole in their exoskeleton, which can deal up to triple damage.

Inquisitor’s mace

Inquisitor’s mace

The inquisitor mace is a one-handed crush weapon that requires 80 attacks to wield. It is taken as a drop from the nightmare.

Body slot:

Inquisitor’s Hauberk

Inquisitor’s Hauberk

It is a drop from the Nightmare; it requires 70 strength and 30 defence to wield and is part of the inquisitor’s armour set.

Bandos chestplate

Bandos chestplate

This is a piece of the Bandos armour set that is dropped by General Graardor and his bodyguards in the Gods Wars Dungeon, It requires 65 defenses to wear.

Fighter torso

Fighter torso

This is an armour that requires 40 defenses to equip; it is a reward from the Barbarina assault minigame; it requires 375 points in all four roles and one Penance Queen kill.

Legs slot:

Inquisitor’s Plateskirt

Inquisitor’s Plateskirt

This is a drop from the Nightmare; it requires 70 strength and defence to equip.

Bandos Tassets

Bandos Tassets

This is also dropped by General Graardor and his bodyguards in the Gods Wars Dungeon; it requires 65 defenses to wear.

Blessed d’hide chaps

Blessed d’hide chaps

this can only be purchased from other players or through the hard Treasure Trails; it requires 70 ranged and 40 defence to wear.

Gloves slot:

Ferocious gloves:

Ferocious gloves

This is a melee glove that requires 80 attack and defence to equip. it is obtained as a rare drop from the alchemical hydra.

Barrows gloves

Barrows gloves

Dragon gloves: these can purchased from Culinaromancer’s chest in the Lumbridge basement for 130,000 coins, It requires the completion of the entire recipe for Disaster series

Boot slot:

Primordial boots

Primordial boots

the primordial boots require 75 strength and defence to wear and can be created by using a primordial crystal with a pair of dragon boots.

Dragon boots

Dragon boots

these boots require a defence of 60 to wear.

Spiked manacles

Spiked manacles

these are a rare reward that can be obtained from the medium treasure trails and have no requirement to equip.

Ring slot:

Berserker ring (i)

Berserker ring (i)

this is dropped by the Dagannoth Rex in the Waterbirth Island dungeon and can be imbued for 650,000 nightmare zone reward points, 260 soul war tokens, or a scroll of imbuing purchased for 200 PvP Arena reward points.

Ring of suffering (I)

Ring of suffering (I)

it is the upgraded version of the ring of suffering. After being imbued with 725,000 nightmare zone reward points, 300 zeal tokens form soul wars or by using a scroll of imbuing purchased from the Emir’s arena.

Tyrannical ring(I)

Tyrannical ring(I)

this is an upgraded version of the regular Tyrannical Ring; it can be imbued using 650,000 reward points, 260 zeal tokens at Soul wars, or by using a scroll of imbuing purchased from the Emir’s arena

Inventory setup

If you have two ropes, make sure to bring them. Make sure you have your switches with you so you can take on the boss in each of its phases. While magic is an option for the second phase, I suggest using ranged attacks instead because they are more cost-effective and effective. Here are a few ranged switches you ought to use in the battle.

Hand slot

Toxic blowpipe charged with the Dragon darts or Amethyst darts: this requires 75 ranges to wield

Toxic blowpipe

However, if you don’t have any of the options above, you can opt for a crossbow like a rune crossbow or a dragon crossbow; however, this would take up some space as you would need to bring some ammunition.

Also, ensure to bring an Ava's device to save some ammunition; the best obviously would be the Ava’s assembler, Ava's accumulator, and Ava’s attractor. You can use the pool in your house to restore the special attack

Body slot:

Masori body

Masori body

This is obtained as a rare drop from the Tombs of Amascut; it requires 80 ranged and 30 defence to wear.

Blessed d’hide body: This requires 70 ranged and 40 defence to wear.


Masori chaps

Masori chaps

This is obtained as a rare drop from the Tombs of Amascut; it requires 80 ranged and 30 defence to wear.

Blessed d’hide chaps

Blessed d’hide chaps

Special attack (spec) weapon

Dragon Warhammer

Dragon warhammer

this requires 60 strength and is the strongest Warhammer in Old School Runescape



this requires 75 attacks to wield.

You should also bring a ranging potion and a super combat potion, as well as a prayer potion and a stamina potion if you don’t have access to the shortcut. Superantipoison can also be very helpful during the fight, as there is a chance of you getting poisoned

How to fight the Kalphite Queen

The Kalphite Queen has two forms and has 100% accuracy with her ranged and magic attacks. She also uses a melee attack, which, although not as accurate as her other attacks, is fairly consistent and can deal some damage. Both forms have a hitpoint of 255 and the Kalphite queen has a total level of 333.

Forms of the Kalphite Queen

The Kalphire queen would switch to another form only when the first form had been defeated; the transition takes only about 12 seconds. Make sure to kill the Kalphite queen as soon as possible, especially in the second phase, as it will revert to the first phase with the same hitpoint if it survives for an extended time. After this, if the first phase is killed again, the second phase will begin with full hitpoints (255).

Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetle form of Kalphite queen

When the Kalphite Queen is a beetle, she is very resistant to magic and ranged hits If you tried to hit her with any of those attack methods, you would hardly ever succeed., and you would be able to tell by her overhead prayers. during this phase, you should use only melee to attack her.

Giant Wasp

Giant Wasp form of Kalphite queen

The second phase of the Kalphite queen is when she transforms into a wasp. During this phase, she becomes resistant to melee attacks, so you should switch up your weaponry and use either a mage or a ranged attack on her.

Attacks from the Kalphite Queen

All of the attacks from the Kalphite queen can hit as high as 31

Ranged attack

It is quite noticeable when the Kalphite Queen starts to use this attack; it consists of barbed spines shot at you from her abdomen, Her ranged attack also drains prayer points by 1 but this effect can be neutralised using the spectral spirit shield, This attack is also capable of hitting multiple players at once

Mage attack

the mage attack can also be easily identified; it is quite similar to the ranged attack as it can hit up 31 and bounce from one player to another

The fight

fighting the Kalphite queen

During the first phase of the fight, you should melee her and pray against magic or ranged, as the Kalphite queen uses all three attack styles but you should be worried about her ranged and magic attacks as the melee attack is not accurate. during the first phase, she would use more magic attacks than ranged. You should walk under her when you want her to temporarily stop attacking and take advantage of this to eat.

You could also attack her once, then walk under her, then continue this process if you want to take less damage during the fight; however, this fight is generally known to use up a lot of food so you should not be worried if you use up your whole inventory of food after each fight.

During the second phase, the Kalphite queen will use ranged and magic attacks equally so you can continue to pray against magic throughout the whole fight. Switch to your ranged gear during this phase.

In order to carry out multiple kills, the most effective way to bank is to use a POH. From there, you can use the rejuvenation pool, teleport to Castle Wars to bank and get some food, and then use the fairy ring in your home to teleport back to the Kalphite lair. If this option isn't available to you, you can use the Ring of Dueling to get to Ferox Enclave, use the rejuvenation pool there, and then use the fastest available method to return to the Kalphite lair.

Drops from the Kalphite Queen

Killing the Kalphite queen can also be a good money-maker, as a single kill is worth an average of 46,000 gp

The Kalphite queen will most likely drop any of these after each kill:

Food and potions

monkfish 3 Monkish at a rate of 1/9

shark  2 Sharks at a rate 1/ 9

Dark crab 2 Dark crabs at a rate 1/9

Saradomin brew(4)  Saradomin is brewed at a rate of

Prayer potion(4) 2 Prayer potions (4), rate of 1/9

super restore potion (4)A Super restore(4) 1./9

super combation potion(2)  A Super combat potion (2/9)

ranging potion(2) A Ranging Potion (2/9)

superpoison(2) A superantipoison (2) 1/9

Some weapons and armour

Battlestaff10 Battlestaffs, quantity at a rate of 1/25.2

rune chainbodyA Rune chainbody at a rate of 1/31.5

Red d'hide bodyA Red d’hide body at a rate of 1/31.5

rune knife25 A Rune knife (p++) at a rate of 1/31.5

Lava battlestaffA Lava battlestaff at a rate of 1/63 

Some valuable drops include:

dragon med helmDragon med helm at a rate of 1/16,128 

shield left half Shield left half at a rate of 1/3951.

Dragon spearDragon spear at a rate of 1/45,402

Dragon chainbodyDragon chainbody at a rate of 1/128, which sell for around 167,766

dragon 2h swordDragon 2h sword, at a rate of 1/256, which sell for around 131,239

Dragon pickaxeDragon pickaxe, at a rate of 1/400, which sell for around 957,307

You should also expect to get runes ammunition, herbs and seeds.

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