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OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide Early/Mid Game F2P & P2P

OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide Early/Mid Game F2P & P2P

There is no doubt how vital gold is in OSRS. Gold makes several activities easier for players, such as quests, PVM, or PVP. Since Ironman accounts cannot receive gold from other accounts and cannot trade in items at the grand exchange for gold, starting can be challenging since fewer money-making methods are available.

Early P2P ironman money making methods

Selling rune arrows from Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a PVP minigame played by speaking to Lisa in Ferox Enclave. In the competitive mode, you will receive points after each game, which can be used to purchase reward items from Justine’s reward shop. You need to be moderately good at PVP to do this method efficiently. To maximize your profits, buy rune arrows from the Justine reward shop with the points earned and sell them at different shops in Old School RuneScape.

buy rune arrows from last man standing shop

Requirements for selling rune arrows from Last Man Standing: minimum total level of 750 and 30 quest points.

Hourly profit for selling rune arrows from Last Man Standing: you should expect around 300,000 to 1 million coins per hour, depending on how good you are at PVP.

Cutting gems and reselling them at a gem shop

Players can buy uncut gems from a gem shop; when cut, they can be sold back to the shop to make a decent profit. This method is an excellent way to make money in OSRS as it is not click-intensive and does not require you to go to the Wilderness. 

crafting gems and reselling

Requirements: 20 crafting, 27 crafting is recommended to cut emeralds to make more profit

Hourly profit: it’s possible to make up to 90,000 coins per hour when using this method with sapphires and emeralds; however, your profit will reduce if shops run out of stock on time due to other players using them at the same time you are.

Agility Pyramid

The agility pyramid is an agility training area in the Kharadian desert. Players need to start the course from the bottom to reach the top to collect the pyramid top, which can be handed to Simon Templeton to get 10,000 coins. Although only 30 agility is required to climb this course, you will fail it too often to make good GP per hour. It is recommended that you have at least 50 agility to do this course.

Ensure you talk to Simon Templeton in front of the pyramid before starting the course. It’s highly recommended to use the Runelite plugin when doing this course; it will highlight the places you need to click to maneuver obstacles. As shown above, you can get to the top by following a clockwise direction.

Requirement for the agility pyramid: 30 agility is required for this course, but 50 agility is recommended

Hourly profit from the agility pyramid: you should get about 200K GP/hour at 50 agility.


Blackjacking involves knocking out certain NPCs using a Blackjack and then pickpocketing them while they are conscious. This method is used in Pollnivneach, where Bandits and Menaphite thugs are found. 

At level 45, you can blackjack level 41 bearded Pollnivnian bandits.

At level 55, you can blackjack level 56 Pollnivian bandits.

At level 65, you can blackjack Menaphute thugs.


Ensure you equip the best blackjack you have the requirement for and lure the NPC you want to blackjack into an empty house where no other NPC can see them. First, knock out the NPC and then pickpocket him twice while he is unconscious; this should be timed correctly to get thieving experience and coins every two ticks.

Requirements for Blackjacking: 45 thieving, completion of the Feud quest. Getting the full rogue’s equipment is recommended to get double loot.

Hourly profit from Blackjacking: 127,000 GP at level 45 thieving and up to 220,000 GP as you get closer to 99 thieving.


The Wintertodt is a minigame for the firemaking skill. Hardcore ironmen should be careful with this method, as death here will lead to loss of account status and items. Wintertodt is found in the Northern Tundras. The best world to fight the Wintertodt is World 309; each round lasts approximately 12 minutes on this world.


You will need food as you will continuously take damage during the fight. You must cut Bruma logs from the root and then burn them at the brazier to get points. Supply crates are awarded if you get at least 500 points during a round. When these supply crates are opened, there is a chance of getting coins and several other supplies.

Requirements for Wintertodt: 50 firemaking

Hourly profit from Wintertodt: 30,000 coins

Selling runes from Guardian of the Rift to Ali Morrisane

Using this method, you can get a decent runecrafting experience while getting runes and other unique items. The Guardian of the Rift is a non-combat minigame that takes in the temple of the eye. You can find an extensive guide on this here. Runes obtained in this minigame can be sold to Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid for a decent GP per hour.

Requirements for Guardian of the Rift: Completion of the Temple of the Eye quest, which requires 10 runecrafting.

Hourly profit from Guardian of the Rift: at 27 runecrafting, you should expect 45,000 GP per hour, which will go up to 200,000 GP per hour when you get to 99 runecrafting.

Stealing from H.A.M Store Rooms

To access the H.A.M store rooms, complete part of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. If you pickpocket the H.A.M guards found in the H.A.M storerooms, you will regularly get keys to chests that provide good jewelry. You should pickpocket them to get only the keys and drop all the junk. The silver key is for the Northwest room, the Iron key is for the Northeast room, the bronze key is for the Southwest room, and the steel key is for the Southeast room.

Location of ham store room keys

You must picklock the doors or enter the cracks to access any room to get to the chest. Ensure the guards don’t see you when doing this, or you will be kicked out. You should high alch most of the loot from the chests and bank the useful ones such as the emerald rings and sapphire necklaces. Wearing the full rogue outfit is highly recommended to get double the regular loot. Unlike the H.A.M. hideout, you don’t need to wear the full H.A.M. robes in the storerooms because you will not likely get kicked out.

Requirements: Completion of half of the death to the Dorgeshuun quest

Hourly profit from Stealing from the H.A.M store rooms: 50,000 GP

Mid P2P ironman money making methods

Smithing at the Giant’s Foundry

This is a smithing minigame in which you will be tasked with creating weapons for Kovac. You need metal bars to do this method, and if done correctly, the bars will be converted to a giant sword, which can be shown to Kovac to get coins and foundry reputations. Foundry reputations can be used to buy several unique items from Kovac. This method might only be feasible on some Ironman accounts because you require a complete inventory of metals each time.

Requirements for Smithing at the Giant Foundry: Completion of the Sleeping Giant quest

Hourly profit from Smithing at the Giant Foundry: 100,000 to 300,000, depending on the method.

Killing Green Dragons

Green Dragons are a profitable money making method for ironman while getting 70 prayer for Piety. 

Location of green dragons

The location above shows the safest spot to find Green dragons, as there is a better chance of survival against PK’ers. If you get teleblocked at this location, you might want to consider taking a chaos talisman to escape that way to the chaos altar farther south-west of the map. The dragon bones are useful for prayer and the green d’hide can be crafted into d’hide bodies and then high alched to make a profit.

Requirements to kill Green Dragons: 63+ crafting with 60+ melee combat stats or 50+ ranged

Hourly profits from killing Green Dragons: depending on your combat stats and gear, you can make anywhere between 250,000 to 500,000 gold coins per hour.

Killing the Corrupted Gauntlets

The Corrupted Gauntlet is a solo minigame in Prifddinas where the player has to collect various resources and supplies by skilling and defeating crystalline monsters in a randomly generated dungeon layout within a limited time and then finally defeat the Crystalline Hunllef. You can’t take items into gauntlets, so there won’t be any way to lose when killing the Gauntlet. However, hardcore ironmen should be cautious, as dying here leads to losing account status.

make money on ironman with corrupted gauntlets

Completing the gauntlet rewards players with various loot, including crystal armor seeds, enhanced crystal weapon seeds, crystal shards, alchables, and runes. These are highly profitable, which is why this is a very popular way to make OSRS gold.

Requirements to kill the Corrupted gauntlets: Song of the Elves, the minimum recommended combat stats are around 80+ combat stats. 

Hourly profit from killing the Corrupted gauntlets: 1M GP per hour

Crafting blood runes

Blood runes are crafted at the blood altar, which you can enter through the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis or via fairy ring code D.I.S. You need to use a pickaxe to mine dense essence, venerate the essence, and then go to the blood altar to craft them into blood runes. If this method is done optimally, you will get up to 212 blood runes per trip. These runes can then be sold to Ali Morrisane for 200 coins each.

location of blood altar

Requirements for crafting blood runes: 77 runecrafting and 73 agility

Hourly profit for crafting blood runes: you should expect around 300,000 coins per hour.

F2P Ironman Money Making Methods

Collecting Steel bodies and alching them

A steel platebody spawn can be found at the Lava maze. You should hop worlds to find a new spawn each time, high alch these to get coins. Players can camp here for long periods but should be wary of Pkers. It's better to bank often so you don’t risk too much; the closest bank is at Edgeville. You can easily walk there after getting enough coins; it should take approximately 5 minutes.

steel platebodies spawn

Requirements for collecting steel bodies and alching: 55 magic for high-level alchemy.

Hourly profit from collecting steel bodies and alching: 100,000 - 200,000 coins per hour. This number depends on how often you get pked while in the wilderness.

Killing Ogress warriors/shamans

Ogress shamans and warriors are found in the Corsair Cove dungeon. When killed, they drop high-value rune equipment, runes, and uncut gems. To be more profitable, use melee to kill the two shamans found southeast of the room, where there is a fire and raw tuna spawn. After the Shamans have stopped being aggressive, you should cook the Tuna with the fire to heal your health when needed. If you don’t have the required melee stats, you can safespot the Shamans using the ranged.

location of best ogress shaman melee spot

Requirements for killing Ogress warriors/Shamans: The Corsair Curse, Dragon Slayer I, and at least 80 defence, attack, and strength. 40 ranged if safespotting

Hourly profit from killing Ogress warriors/shamans: Approximately 100,000 coins per hour.

Collecting Staff of earth

Players can find Staff of Earth at the Lava Maze, as shown below; players can get here by running north after using the minigames teleport to get to the Ferox enclave. Bring a knife to slash the web at the maze entrance and some food to heal when running past the monsters around the maze. Hop worlds to find new spawns, and when you have a full inventory of staffs, you can bank at the Ferox enclave and then run back to the spot. These can be sold to Zaff’s superior staffs in Varrock

staff of earth spawn

Requirements for collecting staff of Earth: None

Hourly profit: 70,000 GP

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