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OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide: Outfit, Rewards, & XP per Hour

OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide: Outfit, Rewards, & XP per Hour

The Fishing Trawler is a fishing-based minigame situated in Port Khazard. To play, you must first board Murphy's trawling boat in Port Khazard and then use the strategies in this guide to keep it from sinking for five minutes. It can be played in a group or solo, but it is recommended that you play it with other players until you are comfortable with the mechanics.

Exclusive to only members, this minigame is widely played to obtain the complete angler's outfit. You get a chance to get any of the pieces of the angler’s outfit after completing a round of the minigame and then searching the trawler net west of Murphy's boat. Playing in a group with other players on the official fishing trawler worlds makes the Trawler outfit easier to obtain, as you can be afk for several minutes during a round. Starting the fishing trawler is also an easy Ardougne diary task.

Requirements for the Fishing Trawler

The fishing trawler minigame can be played at any fishing level, but at least 15 fishing is required to collect rewards from the Trawler net.

Items required include:

An axeAn axe

swamp pasteSwamp paste

Bailing bucketBailing bucket

Elite Ardougne diary: completing the elite Ardougne diary yields 50% more fish, making playing this minigame even more profitable.

How to get to the Fishing Trawler

Fishing trawler location

  • The grouping teleport is the fastest way to the fishing trawler. However, 15 fishing is required before it can be used.
  • Charter ship to Port Khazard: Charter ships can be found in different locations in OSRS. You would need a different amount of coin depending on where you board the charter ship.
  • Ardougne teleport: This teleports you close to Port Khazard, as shown above. Then, you need to run southeast to get to the fishing trawler.
  • Ardougne cloak: This teleports you to the Ardougne monastery; you can make your way to the fishing trawler, as shown above
  • Fairy ring DJP: This teleport is shown above. From here, you need to run south to reach the fishing trawler.
  • The Khazard teleport: This is found in the lunar spellbook. It teleports you to Khazard, where you should run west to get to the fishing trawler.

Official words for the fishing trawler

Only two worlds are assigned to the fishing trawler minigame: W315 (United States West) and W370 (United States East).

How to Play the Fishing Trawler Minigame

This minigame is one of the easiest in OSRS. All you have to do is board Murphy’s ship and prevent it from sinking for 5 minutes. Murphy can be found in the boat; he will tell you how long before the boat sails.


Here are specific actions that should be done to prevent the ship from sinking:

Preventing water from filling the Boat

There are two ways you can prevent water from filling the boat; firstly, by using Swamp paste on holes that appear on the ship to fix them,

Holes in fishing trawler boat

If this is not done quickly enough, the ship will be filled with water, and a bailing bucket will be needed to remove it. If it is also not done quickly enough, the ship will sink.


Fighting the Kraken

Boat filled with water

Now and then, the Kraken will emerge from the ocean and start to inflict damage on the boat. To reduce the damage, you should use a hammer to fix the ship railings that the Kraken has destroyed and chop off its tentacles. Your woodcutting level and the kind of axe you're using will determine how likely you are to succeed when chopping at the Kraken.

The minigame will successfully end if all these are done quickly enough for five minutes. You only need 50 points per game to get a chance at a piece of the Angler’s outfit. Earning more points will increase your chance of obtaining a pet, but not a piece of the angler’s outfit. 

Escaping a sunken ship

In the unfortunate event that the ship sinks, you will find your character in the water around the boat's wreckage and a few barrels. You must climb a barrel to return to the shore north of Port Khazard.



As shown above, a contribution meter will appear on the screen when the ship sails. It can reach a maximum of 255 points and will increase if any of the previously mentioned actions are done. Only 50 points are needed to obtain any piece of the fishing trawler outfit; however, filling the contribution meter to the maximum of 255 points will give you 50% more fish and greatly enhance your chance of earning the Heron pet.

Here are the points awarded for the actions mentioned:

Filling the holes with swamp paste offers 5 points; this also provides 5 construction experience.

Using the bailing water offers 2 points, but no skilling experience.

Fixing the net with a rope offers 7 points and 5 crafting experience.

Attacking the Kraken offers 10 points per successful chop, providing 5 woodcutting experience.

Fixing a broken railing damaged the Kraken offers 10 points, providing 5 construction experience.

How to quickly get the Full Angler’s outfit

Step 1: join any of the official worlds for the fishing trawler and also bring an axe and 500 swamp paste

Step 2: Board Murphy’s ship and wait for it to leave. This usually takes up to 5 minutes.

Step 3: When the ship leaves, the minigame begins. You will see holes in the ship where water comes into the boat; click these holes to fill them until you reach 50 points. You should disable the camera motion using the option in the top right corner of your screen so you don’t miss the holes when clicking.

Step 4: After you reach 50 points, simply wait for the round to conclude and repeat the process for the following round. Other players will assist you in preventing the ship from sinking, which is why it is best to use the official worlds when attempting to obtain the full trawler outfit.

Rewards from the Fishing Trawler

Upon returning to Port Khazard docks from the fishing trawler minigame, rewards can be obtained from the trawler net. The rewards include fishing experience, saltwater fish, and any piece of the angler’s outfit. These rewards will be lost if you start another round without collecting the rewards from the previous round.

The total catch from each round divided by the number of players in the minigame is the total amount of fish given to each player who participated in the minigame. The type of fish rewarded depends on the fishing level. Here are the fish that can be awarded from the fishing trawler minigame:

Raw shrimp, raw sardine, anchovies, Oyster, raw tune, raw lobster, raw swordfish, raw shark, raw sea turtle, raw manta ray.

Note that these fish are given in varying amounts, and the amount will differ after each game.

Some junk items can also be found. These include broken arrows, broken glass, broken staff, buttons, damaged armour, an old boot, a pot, and a rusty sword.

Note that the chances and amount of these junk items that can be obtained will vary and will differ after each game.

The valuable items that can be found include:

The full angler’s outfit

The full angler’s outfit is an experience-boosting clothing set that gives a total of 2.5% additional fishing experience from any fishing method when worn; a fishing level of 34 is required to wear the full angler’s outfit, and each piece can be obtained at a chance of 1/12 when searching the trawler net, the whole outfit takes about 5 hours to be obtained. Here are the several pieces of the fishing trawler and the bonus that can be given:

Angler hat

Angler's hat

This hat grants a 0.4% bonus fishing experience.

Angler top

Anglers top

This top grants a 0.8% bonus fishing experience when worn.

Angler waders

Anglers wader

This grants a 0.6% fishing experience bonus when worn.

Angler boots

Anglers boot

This grants a 0.2% fishing experience bonus when worn.



This skilling pet can be obtained while training fishing; it is received at a chance of 1/5,000.

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