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OSRS Fastest Skills To Train To 99 - Top 10 Fastest Skills

OSRS Fastest Skills To Train To 99 - Top 10 Fastest Skills

Oldschool Runescape is known for its long, endless grinds in several skills, especially when trying to get to 99. While some skills in OSRS can be trained to level 99 in less than a day, it should be noted that most skills that don’t take a long time to level 99 are typically costly to train.. 

In this guide, I'll outline the quickest skills to train to 99, along with the most effective ways to get there and a summary of the associated costs.

1. Fletching

Fletching is a skill in Oldschool Runescape that can be trained to 99 faster than any other skill. It lets you make various kinds of ranged weapons and their ammo. Fletching can be profitable, but not if you're trying to reach 99 as quickly as possible.

Using feathers and dart tips, you can fletch darts as quickly as possible to reach 99 fletching. This method is also relaxing because it only requires two clicks to complete an inventory. Once you reach 95 fletching, you can begin fletching dragon darts, which can earn you about 1.3 million experience per hour.

You should do quests at the start to get to 30+ fletching, after that, below are the fastest methods to get to various levels, the experience rate you should expect, and the total cost of 99.

cost for training fletching using darts

Getting to 99 using this method will take you roughly 8 hours and about 150M.

2. Prayer

It is well known that prayer training is expensive, even for the slowest approach. It should come as no surprise that the fastest technique requires so much GP; in contrast to fletching, you can utilize the extremely quick approach starting at level 1.

Using Superior bones is the fastest way to train prayer, but this is the only bone that needs to be used at a specific prayer level—70 prayer is needed. The fastest way to train up to 70 prayer is to use Ourg bones, but these are incredibly expensive—they can cost up to five times as much as Daganoth bones—and they only provide 52.5 more experience than Dagannoth bones.

Training prayer with superior bones

Training with Daganoth bones to 70 is a better option by far, after that, you should train with superior bones from 70 to 99 prayer.

Gilded altars

gilded altars

If you have 75 construction, you simply need a hammer and a saw in your inventory to create a gilded altar in the altar space of the chapel of your player-owned house (POH). If you don't own a home, you are welcome to utilize other players’ houses in Rimmington and Yannile on W330.

Gilded altars are crucial if you want to reach 99 prayers as quickly as possible since they provide a 250% bonus, a 300% prayer experience when one incense burner is lit, and a 350% benefit when both are lit

Using the Superior Bones for training, you should be able to get 1.3 million experience every hour.

Alternatively, you can use the Chaos temple to train, it is certainly cheaper but slower and you’d need to be more careful because of Pkers.

3. Construction

Like other skills on this list, training construction all the way to level 99 would be pricey, but the skill has excellent experience rates. 

This is a summary of the quickest route from construction level 1 to 99.

Fastest methods to 99 construction

Level 1 - 19 Making Crude Wooden Chairs

The quickest route to 19 construction would be to construct crude wooden chairs in the parlor's chair hotspot within your POH. This would require two planks, two nails, a hammer, and a saw from your inventory. It would only take a few minutes to reach 19 construction.

Levels 19 - 33: Making Oak Chairs

The easiest path from levels 19 to 52 is to create Oak Chairs. You can construct Oak chairs in your POH's living room chair area; it takes 19 construction and grants 120 experience; all you need in your inventory is a hammer and a saw.

Levels 33 - 52: building oak larders

At level 33, building oak larders is the fastest way to get experience. You may build it in the kitchen larder area of your POH to gain 480 experience, and all you need to have in your inventory is a saw and a hammer.

Levels 52–77: Making Mahogany tables

It is the second-fastest way to train construction and is reasonably priced. It can be created in the dining room table space in your POH and only needs a hammer and saw.

Level 77 - 99: making Gnome benches

To be able to build the gnome bench, you need to have a superior garden in your POH. it can be built in the seating space, This is the fastest method of getting to 99 construction but it is very click-intensive compared to mahogany tables.

This would take roughly 13 hours to get to 99.

4. Ranged

Fastest method  to 99 ranged

The ability to employ chins that can hit many foes makes ranged the fastest fighting skill to get to 99. Once at 99, ranged may be highly useful, especially for PVM, and it's very effective against most high-level monsters.

Here are the fastest ways to get to 99 ranged include:

Level 1 - 32: Questing

No doubt the fastest way to get to begin ranged would be to do these quests, if you complete Shadow of the Storm, Death of Dorgeshuun, and Horror from the Deep, this would take you to 32 ranged.

Level 32 - 45: Dwarf canon

Using a Dwarf cannon in multi-combat zones is the fastest way to get to get level 45, you only need to complete the Dwarf cannon to use this, you can cannon use ice trolls or caged ogres.

Level 45 - 99: Chinning maniacal maniacal monkeys

When using black chins with this method, it is possible to get up to 1m experience per hour using this method and get to 99 ranged in about, to unlock this method, you only need to complete the Monkey Madness II quest partially.

It is possible to get 99 ranged in 15 hours.

5. Cooking

Cooking can be very relaxing to train and like prayer, while being afk, it offers high experience rates but when trying to get to 99 as fast as possible. You would need to use a click-intensive method which is the 1-tick Karambwan cooking, 

Fastest method to 99 cooking

1 - 30: Cooking Poison Karambwan

The fastest experience when starting it out fishing is the 1-tick cooking Karamban into poison Karambwan You will need to buy 500 raw Karambwan but you won’t be able to successfully cook all of them into poison Karambwan. but you only have to cook 168 successfully.

This method is super simple and you can do it by holding down 1 and quickly using raw Karambwan on a fire or any cooking range. This would take roughly 10 minutes to get to 33. 

30 - 99: Cooking Karambwan

this type of cooking gets unlocked at level 30 and it offers the fastest experience till 99 cooking, this method is similar to cooking poison Karambwan, you need to hold down 2 and quickly use the raw Karambwan on a fire or cooking range. Here are the experience rates you can expect when using this method:

experience rates when 1-tick cooking

You can get to 99 cooking in about 16 hours.

6. Firemaking

The quickest way to reach 99 firemaking is to burn logs all the way there. There are several types of logs you can use in Oldschool Runescape, but you should use the one with the fastest experience rates for your firemaking level. Firemaking is typically advised by most players, and it's also one of the least expensive options on this list.

The logs you should utilize and the experience rates you should anticipate are listed in this table.

experience rates when burning logs

It would take about 27 hours to get to 99 firemaking with these methods above.

7. Smithing

Since ores and bars can be bought via Grand Exchange, smithing is a skill that can be trained quite quickly and allows players to create a variety of metals and metal bars. The fastest approach you can use to reach level 99 smithing is as follows:

Anvil Smithing: 1 -40

Anvil Smithing

Anvil smithing involves smithing metal bars into various items, in your journey to 50 smithing, before switching to smith gold bars, you should ensure you smithing with the bar into items that offer the best experience rate for your smithing level.

To do this, you need to find an anvil that is close to the bank so you can easily deposit and withdraw ores, an example of this is at the Varrockc West Bank which is a bank situated just south of it.

Level 40 - 99: Smithing Gold bars at blast furnace

Only P2P players may access the Blast Furnace minigame; after you reach level 40 in smithing, you must pay 2,500 every 10 minutes to utilize it. You can use the minigame teleport to get to the blast furnace.

Using the goldsmith gauntlets, which you can obtain after finishing the Family Crest Quest, can speed up this process and increase your experience rate to around 380,000 smithing experience per hour at a cost of roughly 25 million.

8. Herblore

Herblore is a skill that is exclusive to P2P players. It can be trained through the creation of potions, the majority of whose ingredients can be purchased from the Grand Exchange; obtaining the ingredients for higher experience rates would incur additional costs in gold points. An additional benefit of this skill is that it can be trained with minimal clicks, even when using the quickest method possible.

As shown in the chart below, it is preferable to move to make stronger potions when they can significantly enhance your experience rates per hour. At different levels, you can acquire the ability to make various potions that just slightly alter your experience.

Fastest method to train herblore

It would take you roughly 30 hours to get to 99 with this method.

9. Crafting

Crafting enables you to make a variety of items, including jewelry, armor, and ceramics. Similar to the majority of the skills on this list, the items needed to train crafting can be easily obtained via Grand Exchange.

Fastest method to 99 crafting

Standing close to a bank allows you to train to 99. It's also a very calming talent to train rapidly to 99. The quickest approach to do this is to adhere to the crafting level-appropriate procedures listed below.

Level 1 -20: Crafting Leather items

At levels 1-7, you should craft leather gloves

At levels 7 - 9, you should craft leather boots.

At levels 9 -11, you should craft leather cowl

At levels 11 - 14, you should craft leather vambraces.

At levels 14 -20, you should craft a leather body.

Using this method will require about 217 leathers and about 37,000 gp.

Level 20 - 77: Cutting gems

At levels 20- 27, you should cut Sapphires

At levels 27 - 34, you should cut Emeralds

At levels 34 - 43, you should cut Rubies

At levels 43 - 55, you should cut Diamonds

At levels 55 - 77, you should cut Dragonstones.

Level 77 - 99: Crafting D’hide bodies

Level 77 - 84: Crafting Red d’hide bodies

Level 84 -99: Crafting Black d’hide bodies

Using this method until 99 would cost you about 159m gp you can get anywhere between 430,000 to 380,000 experience per hour

10. Hunter

Hunter is a skill that allows you to catch different creatures all around Runescape, when training you will need some hunter equipment that can easily gotten from Grand Exchange. Here is the way to get to 99 Hunter in the fastest way possible.

Fastest method to 99 hunter

Level 1 - 15: Polar kebbits

You need a noose wand and you can find them in the Relleka hunter area northeast of Relleka, Each kebbit caught earns you 30 hunting experience.

Level 15 - 29 Ruby Harvests and Copper Longtails

You would need a butterfly net, some butterfly jars, and two bird snares to catch these; they can be found in Piscatoris Hunter area, and you can get up to 9,000 experience per hour with this method.

Level 29 - 43: Swamp Lizards

You can catch Swamp lizards north-west of Slepe, you only need a rope and a small fishing net, and you can get up to 20,000 to 25,000 experience per hour.

Level 43 - 60: Catching spotted kebbits using a Falcon

Catching spotted kebbits using Falcon that can be gotten from Matthias when catching spotted kebbits, you can expect to get up to 70,000 experience per hour.

Level 60 -67: Catching Red salamanders

Red Salamanders are located south of the entrance to the Ourania Cave. You need 5 ropes and 5 nets, and you can expect up to 105,000 experience per hour at 70 hunting.

Level 67 - 73: Black salamanders

Black salamanders are located in the Boneyard Hunter area in the wilderness. You can quickly get here with a teleport to Chaos Temple with a burning amulet, then run northeast.

Level 73 - 99: Black chinchompas

This requires the completion of Eagle’s Peak quest to set box traps, they are found in the hunting area in the level 32- 36 wilderness. You can get up to 210,000 experience per hour at level 90 and you can get to 99 hunting in 60 hours

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