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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide: Best Methods For 2024

OSRS F2P Money Making Guide: Best Methods For 2024

Despite the restrictions on F2P worlds in OSRS, this guide is designed to equip you with practical and effective money-making methods. When put into action, these methods can help you earn enough gold for a bond or to participate in any F2P content.

OSRS F2P Money Making Guide For 2024

Smithing Rune items and selling them at the grand exchange

Smithing rune items like the rune two-handed sword, rune plateskirt, and rune platelegs is the most profitable method to make money in OSRS, and it is also quite relaxing to do; the best location to do this method is at an anvil south of the Varrock west bank since it is the closest to a bank in F2P. Withdraw your hammer, fill the rest of your inventory with rune bars, and click on the anvil to smith. After smithing the item you want, bank the rune item and repeat the process. You should be able to make 900 rune items per hour, which would sell for a reasonable price most of the time due to its demand. However, you should test this on a few items before committing to doing it for long periods of time.

bank and anvil in varrock for smithing items

Requirement for smithing rune items: 99 smithing, 30M GP to buy rune bars

Hourly profit from smithing rune items: 800,000 GP.

High-alching Profitable F2P Items

Players can buy several items from the grand exchange in F2P in OSRS and make a profit when they are high alched. F2P items that can be high attached for profit are found here. Ensure you uncheck the box beside "Show Members Items” items when checking the prices to see only F2P items, as shown below. Use a staff of fire to cut costs and use items with larger buy limits to be able to high alch for longer periods.

Osrs high alch calculator

Requirement for high alching Profitable F2P items: 55 magic for high-level alchemy and 20M GP to buy items and nature runes

Hourly profit from alching profitable items: 400,000 - 500,000 GP,

Crafting Ruby Jewellery and selling them to the grand exchange

Crafting jewellery is one of the relaxing and profitable methods of making money in F2P OSRS. It should be done at the Edgeville Furnace since it is the closest to a bank. You will need a necklace mould and decent capital to buy gold bars and rubies. Withdraw the necklace mould, 13 gold bars, and 13 rubies, then click the furnace to start crafting them into ruby necklaces,. Then, bank them at the Edgeville bank shown below and repeat this process.

edgeville furnance for cratfing jewellery

Ensure you don’t equip any armour to reduce stamina drain. After crafting, sell the ruby necklace at the grand exchange every few hours to make a profit; you should be able to craft 1200 ruby necklaces per hour. Always ensure you test out with a few before committing to do it for long periods due to price fluctuations. This method is excellent because you also get up to 90,000 crafting experience per hour.

Requirements for crafting ruby jewellery: None,

Recommended items: 400,000 GP and necklace mould.

Hourly profit from crafting ruby jewellery: 250,000 GP

Collecting steel platebodies and alching them

A steel platebody spawn is located close to the Lava Maze, which is in level 40 - 45 wilderness and can be accessed in F2P. Players should bring a knife to slash the web at the entrance of the Lava maze and some food to heal damage from monsters within the Lava Maze. 

steel platebody spawn

The ideal bank for banking is located west of Varrock; walking from there to the Lava Maze takes roughly 5 minutes and 30 seconds, but players should use the Varrock teleport to get back to the bank when they want to bank. Players can camp here for long periods, but due to pkers, it is a good idea to bank often to avoid risking too much. Make sure to bring nature runes and a staff of fire to cast high alchemy, run to the spot shown above, pick the steel platebody, and hop worlds to find another; continue this process until you get an inventory full of steel platebodies, cast the high alchemy spell on all steel platebodies and repeat.

Requirements for collecting steel platebodies: 55 magic for high-level alchemy, nature runes, and staff of fire

Recommended: food or 43 prayer for protect from melee, knife, and varrock teleport.

Hourly profit from collecting steel platebodies: 250,000 GP

Casting bones to bananas

Players can cast the bones to bananas spell to turn all regular bones in a player’s inventory into bananas; it requires two water runes, two earth runes, and one nature rune to cast. However, players should use a staff of water instead of the water runes to cut costs and improve profit. This method is click-intensive, as you need to withdraw bones from the bank to fill your inventory, cast the bones into bananas, and repeat as quickly as possible. The bananas should be sold at the grand exchange to make a profit, Players should buy a few bones from the grand exchange first to test them out and ensure they make a profit.

make money casting bones to banana

Requirements to cast bones to bananas: Bones to Bananas, 15 magic

Recommended items: Staff of earth

Hourly profit: 230,000 GP

Grinding chocolate bars into chocolate dust

Chocolate dust is always in demand in F2P as it creates energy potions, which several players use to train Herblore. Like other methods related to this list, you need a decent amount of capital to start, and you should always test these methods to ensure they are profitable before committing to do it for a long time.

make money grinding chocolate bars

This method is mainly done in the grand exchange, so more chocolate bars can be bought if the player runs out. The best way to do this is to click the pestle and mortar or a knife and then on the chocolate bar to grind it into chocolate dust; this should be done repeatedly to grind each chocolate bar in 1 tick, resulting in about 9,000 ground every hour; this method can be AFK but that results in a 75% reduction in profit. To do this, you should wait until chocolate bars in your inventory are ground automatically after using the pestle and mortar on the chocolate bar. 

Requirements for grinding chocolate bars: None.

Recommended items: 200,000 GP

Hourly profit: 210,000 GP.

Tanning cowhide to leather and selling them at the grand exchange

Although the profit margin between cowhides and leather is small, this method is quite profitable since players can craft up to 3,500 every hour using the Elis in Al Kharid. Although capital is needed, this method requires no skill or quest, making it ideal for new players.

tanning cowhides at Elis

Start at the bank east in Al Kharid, withdraw coins and 27 cowhides, run north to Elis, right-click him to trade, and then tan them all; this takes 45 seconds when walking. Therefore, players can tan 2,000 hides each hour. Up to 3,500 hides can be tanned each hour while running.

Requirements for tanning cowhide: 400,000 coins.

Recommended items: Weight-reducing clothing and energy-boosting potions.

Hourly profit from Tanning cowhide: 200,000 GP 

Reselling feather packs to the Grand Exchange

A feather pack is an item that contains 100 feathers; they can be bought for 200 coins from fishing shops, which are available for F2P. Gerrant’s fishy business in Port Sarim is excellent for this method; he restocks in 1.2s and has 100 feather packs when full. You need a decent amount of capital to do this efficiently. Since feathers can stack up, you won’t need a bank until you run out of cash. After a while resell the feathers at the grand exchange to make profit

Gerraant location in port sarim

Requirements: None.

Recommended items: 500k coins recommended as start-up capital

Hourly profit from reselling feather packs: 200,000 GP

Reselling anti-dragon shields to the grand exchange

As shown below, Oziah, located northwest of Edgeville, sells anti-dragon shields for just 26 coins. He always has 35 in stock and restocks every 0.6 seconds, so players do not have to switch worlds to use this method. This method is quite simple: you need a good amount of capital to start, and you should repeatedly buy the anti-dragon shields from Oziah and then bank. 

Oziah location

The Edgeville bank is very close to Oziah, so players should use this to bank the shields; after a while, these should be sold at the grand exchange to make a profit. Since your inventory would be filled quickly, you should have energy potions to make this method even more profitable. You should be able to buy 3400 anti-dragon fire shields per hour following this method.

Requirement for reselling anit-dragon shields: Dragon Slayer I.

Recommended items: Energy potions and above 30,000 coins capital

Hourly profit from reselling anti-dragon shields: 200,000 GP per hour.

Selling Noted Maple Longbows to Shops

You can buy maple longbows in large numbers from Grand Exchange and sell them to shops around OSRS. The recommended shop to sell to is located in Rimmington. You should keep the maple longbows noted, so you don’t need a bank. You can also use the menu swapper runelite plugin to change the left click when the cursor is on the item to sell five maple longbows. Sell only 3 to 5 maple longbows to the shop at Rimmington with less than ten in stock and hop worlds quickly to find another

sell maple longbows at Rimmington

Requirements for selling maple longbows: None

Hourly profit from selling maple longbows: 100,000-200,000, depending on the stock of the vendors you sell to.

Killing Ogress Shamans

Ogress Shamans are located in the Corsair Cove Dungeon. They drop rune items, gems, runes, big bones, coins, shaman masks, arrows, and some other items at a fairly decent rate. It’s ideal to kill these monsters using melee to save money that would otherwise be spent on ammunition. To make good profits, you should ensure you have high melee stats.

Ogress shamans location

When using melee, run southeast from the entrance, as shown above, to the room containing two Shamans, a fire, and a raw tuna. The tuna can be cooked with the fire to heal your health, so you can stay in the Dungeon as long as you like, but you should wait till the Shamans stop being aggressive before you attempt to do this. Good gear for this method in F2P is full green d’hide armour and an amulet of power, as it provides a good magic defence bonus.

You should bring runes to high alch since the Ogress shamans drop different alchables, and also runes to cast bones to bananas should also be brought if the tuna is not sufficient for you.

Requirements for Killing Ogress Shamans: Completion of the Corsair Cove to gain access to Corsair dungeon, 80 strength, 80 attack, 80 defence if using melee, at least 80 ranged if using ranged, and 80 magic if using magic.

Recommended items: Bones to peaches, 55 magic and runes for high-level alchemy

Hourly profit: 140,000 GP

Collecting Nature runes and selling them to the grand exchange

Nature runes are very useful and in demand in OSRS, mainly used for High-level alchemy spells. Nature runes spawn in only two spots in F2P in the wilderness, as shown below. Players can repeatedly collect nature runes from this spawn and sell them at the grand exchange. However, players should be wary of Pkers and carry items they are willing to lose while banking often so as not to risk too much, as it is inevitable that players will encounter Pkers. 

nature rune spawns

Two lesser demons are also moving around this location, so low-level players should take note. Two nature runes are located in this area; one is at the northwestern corner of the island, and the other is south of the island; both have a respawn time of 1 minute and 45 seconds. To get the best profits, players should telegrab both nature rune spawns and hop worlds; this means you will need to carry law runes. However, you should only carry a few law runes due to the risk of running into pkers; about 100 law runes per trip is ideal.

Requirement for collecting nature runes: 33 magic for telekinetic grab. 

Recommended stats: Decent hitpoints or 43 prayer to protect from melee is required

Hourly profit from collecting nature runes: 130,000 GP

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