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OSRS Chinning Guide: MM1 & MM2 Tunnel Locations

OSRS Chinning Guide: MM1 & MM2 Tunnel Locations

Chinning is a method of training range in which Chinchompas are used to attack a large number of enemies, resulting in a high amount of experience. This method is very popular for people who want to quickly train ranged: it can generate 300k - 1 million XP per hour. It also gives the highest hitpoint experience rates in Oldschool Runescape.

Chinchompas are multi-target, stackable weapons that can be obtained through hunting or purchased directly from Grand Exchange. When used to attack, they explode on impact, causing damage to nearby enemies. Chinchompas are different from other range weapons: they are living animals, so if they are dropped, they will flee, and you will lose all of them. As a result, you should only carry as many as you are willing to risk. 

Chinchompas are quite expensive in the grand exchange and difficult to catch. This guide will cover both the MM1 and MM2 dungeon locations, the best gear, and various chinning methods.

Types of Chins

After completing the Eagles Peak quest, all types of Chinchompas can be caught using box traps.

Types of Chins

Chinchompas are classified into three types:

Gray Chinchompas

These Chinchomps require a hunter level of 53 or higher, provide no ranged bonus, and provide the lowest experience rates when chining. To equip as a ranged weapon, you need 45 ranged. They are the least common Chinchompas used by players, and I would avoid using them if your ranged level is higher than 45, as red and black Chinchompas provide more experience.

Red Chinchompas

Red Chinchompas require a hunting level of 63 to catch and a ranged level of 55 to equip for ranged training; these chins provide the best-ranged training experience until level 65, when black chinchompas become available. You can expect to spend up to 3.5m gp per hour using these chins for ranged training.

Black Chinchompas

Black Chinchompas require a hunting level of 73 to catch and a ranged level of 65 to use for ranged training. They provide the best-ranged training experiences in Oldschool Runescape. In addition, they provide a +2 ranged attack bonus. They cost nearly twice as much as red chins, so plan on spending around 7m per hour.

Best Ranged Level to start Chinning

Although you can begin chinning at level 45 and gain more experience than other methods available at that level, you will lose far too many chins this way and are better off saving those chins and using a cheaper method until you reach the 80 range. If you don't mind losing a few million gp, you could start chinning at 70, but starting at 45 is not recommended because the XP gained per chins used is extremely low. 

Chinning at MM1 tunnels

To be able to chin effectively, you must be in an area populated by enemies who can be stacked together in large numbers (more than ten), have a low ranged defense, be located in a multi-combat zone, and have their attacks protected against using prayer.

Chinning at MM1

The MM1 location, also known as the Ape Atoll Dungeon, is one of the best places to do chinning efficiently. It is unlocked during the Monkey Madness I quest when you visit Ape Atoll through the glider. This location is filled with various monsters. However, because they tend to cluster and lack ranged defense, you should train with skeletons. The disadvantage of this method is that skeletons only drop skeletal bones, which cannot be sold or taken out of the Ape Atoll dungeon.

When chinning at this location, It is strongly advised to use the Void gear obtained from the pest control minigame as well as the Salve amulet(ei), which when combined, can provide 30% ranged damage and accuracy. This location provides significantly less experience than maniacal monkeys in Kruk's Dungeon, so unless you are unable to complete the Monkey Madness 2 quest for a valid reason, you should switch to maniacal monkeys when chinning. Depending on your gear and how efficiently you use this method, you should expect to gain 150,000- 450,000 experience per hour.

The fastest way to the MM1 tunnels

Apetoll teleport

This method is the fastest way to get to Ape Atoll dungeon; this teleport becomes available after the completion of the Awowogei section of the recipe for the Disaster Quest series.

MM1 dungeon location

After you cast the Ape Atoll teleport, run south to the Ape Atoll dungeon. Ensure you turn to protect from melee because of other monsters before you enter the Apetoll dungeon. When you enter the Ape Atoll dungeon, the image below shows how you can get to the spot filled with a good number of Skeletons for training:

Chinning spot

After a while, the Skeletons will stop being aggressive; all you have to do is run back through the way you came to the de-aggro spot shown above and then back to re-aggro them.

Chinning at MM2 tunnels

Chinning Maniacal monkeys in Kruk's dungeon provide the highest ranged experience rates in Old School Runescape. The Kruk's dungeon is unlocked during the Monkey Madness II quest. Maniacal monkeys have a lower defense, are more aggressive, and gather in larger numbers than skeleton monkeys. Before beginning this method, it is also necessary to have 43 prayers to protect against melee, which is the only form of attack by maniacal monkeys.

Kruk’s dungeon

You should always pray when you're in the dungeon because one of these maniacal monkeys can hit up to 18. Each maniacal monkey has up to 60 hitpoints and no ranged defense.

The maniacal monkeys, unlike the skeletal monkeys, drop one dose of prayer potion Also, when chinning at the maniacal monkeys, the bonus gotten from the salve amulet does not work so you just wear the amulet of fury at all times to get its ranged bonus.. This method is generally semi-AFK because you only need to drink prayer potions and ranging potions when necessary unless you choose to use other methods discussed below. It is recommended to have prayer a lot higher than 43 so you can be AFK for longer periods. 

Although there are maniacal monkeys throughout the dungeon, the best place to use this method is in the northernmost part of the dungeon, as shown in the image below. You can get up to 300,000 to 1,000,000 experience per hour at this location.

The maniacal monkeys are aggressive to you for 10 minutes, after which you must run west into the south passage indicated below, then back to the spot to reset their aggression. 

Fastest method to get to Kruk’s dungeon

  1. Using the Gnome glider to Ape toll then running south
  2. Using the Apetoll teleport on the standard book and running south or the Apetoll teleport on the Arceuus book and running north

How to get the maniacal monkeys

Kruk’s dungeon

As soon as you enter the Kruk’s dungeon, you should be in the image 1 location shown below then you should transverse to the location in image 2 by following the yellow line, from here, you can easily navigate in to the hole where the maniacal monkeys are located. 

Navigating in Kruk’s dungeon

Chinning with the Bonecrusher necklace

Chinning with the Bonecrusher necklace

The bone crusher necklace combines the effects of the bone crusher and the dragonstone necklace to provide automatic prayer restoration while chinning at maniacal, skeletal monkeys, or any enemy that drops bones when they die. The bone crusher necklace requires 70 prayer to equip and is made by a combination of one bonecrusher, one dragonbone necklace, and the Hydra tail, which is dropped by the Achemica Hydra.

The bone crusher can be obtained as a reward from the hard Morytania Diary by speaking to the Ghost disciple in the Ectofuntus. When you kill a monster that drops bones, the bone crusher will automatically crush the bones and give you half the prayer experience that burying the bones would have given you.

The Dragonbone necklace is dropped by Vorkarth at a rate of 1/1000, it restores prayer points as bones are being buried. When its features are combined with the Bonecrusher, which automatically crushes bones as they are dropped, you will be able to increase your prayer points whenever you equip the bonecrusher necklace and kill maniacal or skeletal monkeys, making this method suitable for chinning because you would save a ton of prayer potions.

It is not a good idea to always equip the Bonecrusher necklace because it does not provide good ranged bonuses. Instead, equip the amulet of fury, and when your prayer levels reach 10, equip the bonecrusher, then when you have recovered all of your lost prayer points, equip the amulet of fury again to receive the ranged bonuses it provides. And, because the bonecrusher necklace behaves like a regular bonecrusher when not equipped, you could train prayer simply by having it in your inventory. You won’t need to bring prayer potions when using this method.

Methods of Chinning at MM2

best chinning spot

The Click intensive method: This method generates the highest experience rates when chinning; the procedure is simple; all you need to do is click back and forth after each chin that is thrown. This would make the maniacal monkeys cluster even more and you will gain even better experience rates as a result..This method may require a lot of clicks, but the experience rates may be worth it for you.

De-aggro spot for MM2

When you want to get better experience rates but don't want to click as much as the click-intensive method requires, click attack on the maniacal monkey in the center of a 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 cluster of maniacal monkeys. This method allows you to semi-AFK for a few minutes because you only need to attack when you are not attacking the middle of a 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 clump of maniacal monkeys, allowing you to inflict damage on maniacal monkeys within range of the maniacal monkey on which you throw your chin.

Regular Afk method: This is the standard method of chinning, and all you need to do is turn on auto-retaliate like in the other methods and wait until the maniacal monkeys become non-aggressive before running to the De-aggro spot and back to make them aggressive again. The experience rates are lower than when using the methods above. 

Dancing accounts methods: This method requires the use of two alt accounts. First, you must wait until the maniacal monkeys stop being aggressive to the two alts, and then the second account should follow the first account to the best chinning spot shown above where the maniacal monkeys are packed. If the second account follows the first account at the right time, they will start dancing, and when you attack with your main account, there will be no need to run to the De-aggro spot to reset the aggression of the maniacal monkeys.

Holy Wrench

The Holy Wrench is optional but useful for saving money when chinning; it is obtained as a reward from the Rum Deal quest, which is not difficult to complete and requires a medium level in some skills. If you have this in your inventory while chinning, it will add 2% to your prayer level whenever you drink a dose of prayer potion. 

Holy Wrench

Best gear for Chinning

When it comes to ranged training, you should always look for the best ranged gear that provides the highest ranged bonus based on the training method you use. And the best gear for chinning would be the Void ranging helmet + elite void top + elite void bottom + void gloves + amulet of fury + Archer ring(i) + Soul wars cape + ranger boots, you should swap the amulet of fury for salve amulet(ei) when chinning at MM1. Although Elite Void is not the most powerful ranged weapon, it can deal up to 10% more damage than other ranged weapons if it is equipped when chinning.

Elite Void Knight Equipment

The Elite Void equipment is an upgraded variant of the regular Void knight equipment. To get the full void knight equipment, you would need to complete the hard western provinces diary and you would need 42 attack, strength, defense, magic, ranged, and hitpoints to wear it. it requires 200 commendation points per piece to upgrade the regular void, which makes it a total of 400 commendations for both the top and the bottom. It offers an additional damage boost of 2.5% to both mage and range stats.

Void ranger helm

Void ranger helm

This is a piece of void knight equipment that can be obtained from the pest control minigame; it is bought from a void knight for 200 commendation points, and it offers a +6 ranged defence bonus

Elite void top

Elite void top

This piece of the Elite Void Knight Equipment gives up a +45 ranged defense bonus and a +3 prayer bonus

Elite void robe

Elite void robe

The Elite void robe gives up to a +30 ranged defense bonus and +3 prayer bonus

Void gloves

Void gloves

This piece requires 150 commendations to be bought from the Void Knight; it offers a +6 ranged defense bonus. 

Amulet of fury

Amulet of fury

This amulet of fury is one of the strongest amulets in Oldschool Runescape; it offers a +10 ranged attack bonus and a +15 ranged defense bonus, with a +5 prayer bonus. Please note that the salve amulet(i) should be used instead of this when chinning at Apetoll Dungeon.

Soul wars Cape

Soul wars Cape

This cape offers a +8 prayer bonus, which is the highest prayer bonus from any cape in Oldschool Runescape. It is obtained from the Soul Wars minigame, costs 2,500 Zeal tokens to purchase from the reward shop, and requires 70 prayer to equip and purchase.

Rangers boot

Rangers boot

This can be obtained as a rare reward from the completion of the medium treasure trails. It requires 40 ranged to wear and gives a +8 ranged attack bonus with no defense bonuses.

Salve amulet(ei) 

Salve amulet(ei)

This is the imbued and enchanted form of the salve amulet; it should be used when chinning at MM1. It offers up 20% more damage when chinning skeletons and offers a +3 prayer bonus.

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