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OSRS AFK Money Making Guides: Best For 2024 Melee & Skilling

OSRS AFK Money Making Guides: Best For 2024 Melee & Skilling

Most of the best money-making methods in OSRS involve high-intensity PVM, such as Vorkath, corrupted gauntlet, Raiding, and many others. These can be challenging for players who want lots of gold as they need to play for long hours, which can be draining. AFK or low-intensity methods are better for players who do not enjoy these high-intensity grinds.

OSRS AFK Money-Making Methods for 2024

The methods discussed below are low-intensity and generate decent GP per hour. They are perfect for players who want to do other things while making OSRS gold. However, you should note that almost all have high requirements.

1. Killing Brutal Black Dragons

Killing Brutal Black Dragons is one of the best AFK money-making methods in OSRS. They can be highly profitable if players use a weapon with inexpensive ammunition to kill them. Brutal black dragons are in the Catacombs of Kourend; the fastest way to get here is through Xeric’s talisman. Ensure to pray against magic, equip an antifire dragonfire shield, and maintain your distance to reduce the damage from their magic attacks and Dragonfire.

Making money with Brutal black dragons

You must bring prayer potions, divine ranging potions, and extended antifire potions. If you run out of prayer points, you should restore your prayer points at the Ferox enclave since there is a bank right next to the rejuvenation pool; the fastest way to get here is through a ring of dueling. Depending on your ranged level, you should expect 40 - 70 kills per hour,. The Best weapons for this method are the twisted bow or the dragon hunter crossbow with diamond bolts or amethyst arrows.

Requirements for killing brutal black dragons: 85+ ranged, 37+ prayer, 77 slayer

Profit per hour: 950,000 to 1.6M GP

2. Killing Rune Dragons

After completing Dragon Slayer II, Players can find Rune Dragons in the Lithkren Vault; the fastest way to get here is by using a digsite pendant teleport. This method is more risky than the other methods as there is a higher chance of dying since these dragons are the strongest metal dragons and can inflict much damage. They have two special attacks, Electricity balls and a special ranged attack that hits through prayer; because of these attacks, it’s debatable whether rune dragons are AFK or not, but since killing Rune Dragons can be done with little attention, some players consider them AFK.

rune dragon spawns

It’s more profitable to use melee against these monsters; the best weapons to use in order of effectiveness are Voidwaker, Dragon claws (as a spec weapon), Osmuten’s Fang, and Elder Maul; you should also use your best in slot melee gear like the full Torva or Bandos along with Justiciar or Neitiznot faceguard or helm of Neitiznot. You should also bring runes to cast high-level alchemy, as these monsters drop many alchables.

Requirement for Killing rune dragons: 90+ in all melee stats, 70+ prayer

Profit per hour: 1M - 1.5M, depending on your melee stats. Up to 45 kills per hour

3. Killing Gargoyles

Gargoyles are slayer monsters, and you need to have at least 75 slayer before they can take damage from you; they are on the Slayer Tower’s top floor and basement, and players can kill them in the basement only if they are on a slayer task to kill them. To kill Gargoyles, you need to use a rock hammer, however if you have Gargoyle Smasher, it will automatically kill the Gargoyle when it gets to 9 or lower hitpoints; players can buy it for 120 slayer points from a Slayer master.

gargoyles spawn

Bring along your best melee gear and a special weapon like Dragon Claw. You don’t need to use prayer potions when fighting Gargoyles as long as you have decent defence stats; if you have low defence, you can bring along the Guthan’s infested armour. Killing the Gargoyles is afk, and they drop different items and alchables, so be sure to bring runes to high alch to save time from banking trips. Following this method, you can expect to kill 150 Gargoyles per hour with 80+ combat; it can go up to 200+ with higher melee stats.

Requirements for killing Gargoyles: 80+ combat, 75 slayer, and 55 magic if using high-level alchemy

Profit per hour from killing Gargoyles: 600K - 1M, depending on combat stats.

4. Killing Vyrewatch Sentinels

Vyrewatch Sentinels are the stronger version of the Vyrewatch. About 19 of them are in the streets of the upper-class areas of Darkmeyer, and you can get there quickly using a Drakan medallion. When you want to go to the bank, you should wear the Vyre noble clothing; this would make the Vyrewatch sentinels stop being aggressive toward you and give you access to the bank nearby.

These monsters popularly drop the blood shard, worth up to 9.9M. Vyrewatch Sentinels are only harmed by Ivandis flail or Blisterwood flail. They have high defence stats, so high melee stats are required to do this method efficiently. 

Vyrewatch spawn

Since Vyrewatch Sentinels are aggressive and will attack you if you are in their range, you only need to click when you want to pick up loot or bank. With high melee stats, you can kill up to 50-90 Vyrewath sentinels every hour; your profits depend on speed and luck. There is a bank close to the Vrewatch Sentinels, as shown above, allowing you to bank all your loot quickly and return to combat. The Vyrewatch Sentinels drop armours, runes, seeds, and other items, making each kill worth 10,000 coins.

There is an altar around this area; you should pray against melee and use the altar to restore your prayer points. The main disadvantage of this method is that during peak hours, there are usually a lot of players killing Vyrewatch sentinels, making it challenging to find a world with fewer players in that area.

Requirements: High melee stats, 43 prayer, completion of sins of the father quest,

Profit per hour from killing Vyrewatch Sentinels: 500,000 to 800,000 GP 

5. Killing Ents

When killed, Ents drop remains called Ent trunk that players can chop to get several sets of logs and a chance to receive a bird nest, which is quite profitable. Ents do not have high melee stats, and players with mid-level melee stats can kill them. If you have low defence stats, it is also possible to safespot the Ents with ranged using the trees and rocks north of the lair.

Ents location

The best way to get to the Ents is by teleporting to the Corporal Beast’s lair using a game necklace and exiting the cave. This method requires A high woodcutting level to make a decent profit, as it will improve how fast you can chop at the Ent trucks.

Requirement for killing ents: 60+ melee combat stats or 60 ranged if you are safespotting; 75+ woodcutting, 43 prayer for low defence.

Profits per hour when killing Ents: 500,000–700,000 GP, depending on woodcutting and combat stats.

6. Killing Skeletal Wyverns

Skeletal Wyervs are at the end of the Asgarnian Ice dungeon, which players can find south of Port Sarim and north of the Mudskipper point, as shown below. They are the only monsters that drop the granite legs. Like other wyverns, they require an elemental shield, mind shield, Dragonfire shield, Dragonfire ward, or the ancient wyvern shield to neutralize the effect of their icy breath. 

Skeletal Wyverns location

Skeletal Wyverns have a high defence, which is why you should have high ranged stats before using this method; they attack with melee, ranged, or ice-breath attacks. To make this method low-intensity, you should safespot them using ranged while praying against missiles.

Requirements for killing Skeletal Wyverns: 72 slayer, 80+ ranged, 43+ prayer, 55 high-level alchemy.

Profit per hour from killing Skeletal Wyverns: 500K per hour.

7. Cooking Raw Sharks

Sharks are one of the most popular foods in OSRS; they heal 20 hitpoints when eaten, obtained from cooking a raw shark on a fire or cooking range; this method also rewards the player with 273,000 cooking experience every hour. Even at 99 cooking, raw sharks can still get burnt when cooked, unless you cook them at the Hosidius kitchen with cooking gauntlets or complete the elite Kourend diary; this reduces the burn rate to 0%.

Hosidius kitchen location

Players must purchase raw sharks in large amounts from the grand exchange, so this method requires a decent amount of gold. Players can cook an average of 1,100 - 1,300 sharks per hour, depending on the burn rate.

Requirements: 80+ fishing, 89+ cooking, cooking gauntlets, and completing the Easy Kourend & Kebos Diary to access the Hosidius kitchen.

Profit per hour: 400,000–450,000 GP

8. Mining Salts

Salts are in the Salt Mine underneath Weiss. Three types of salt, Efh, te, and Urh, can be mined at the salt mine. These create Icy basalt, stony basalt, and different fire pits. Salt rocks do not frequently deplete when mined, making it AFK. Salts are also stackable, so you don’t need a bank to do this efficiently.

location to mine salt

Unlike the other methods, mining salts requires no start-up capital for a decent profit; you only need a Rune or Crystal pickaxe.

Requirements for mining salts: 72+ mining, Completion of Making friends with my Arm

Profit per hour from mining salts: 380,000 GP

9. Mining Amethyst

Amethyst is a mineral mined from Amethyst crystals, the highest-level rock in OSRS, requiring up to 92 mining. Amethyst crystals are in two spots in the mining guild: southeast and west of the bank; mining here requires completing the Elite Falador Diary and speaking to Belona for permission to use.

Amethyst crystal locations

Players can mine Amethyst crystal 2-3 times before it depletes. Instead of banking the Amethyst, you can use a chisel to craft it into Amethyst bolt tips, arrow tips, dart tips, or Javelin heads; these can stack up, meaning that you won’t need to bank indefinitely; this method is easier but at the expense of the profit that players can make. You should also wear the Varrock armour 4, giving you a 10% chance of getting twice the ore. The expert mining gloves will give you a 25% chance of not depleting the Amethyst crystal you are mining.

Requirements for mining Amethyst: 92 mining

Profit per hour from mining Amethyst: 250,000 to 350,000 GP depending on if you use Varrock armour 4 and expert mining gloves or not

10. Catching Anglerfish

Anglerfish heal in different amounts depending on your health point; they are the best food to heal above 93 hitpoints, boosting health by 22 when eaten; this is why they are always in demand in the grand exchange for a reasonable price. Anglerfish can be fished off the beach shore north of the main docks of Port Piscarillius. A sandworm and fishing rods are needed to catch Anglerfish. It is also advisable to use Spirit Flakes as it has a 50% chance of making a double catch, giving an additional 50% anglerfish.

anglerfish location

Players can purchase Sandworms from Tynan’s fishing supplies close to the Anglerfish spot at the docks of Port Piscarilius. A fishing barrel is very beneficial here, too, as it will double the time needed before you bank.

Requirements for catching Anglerfish: 82 fishing

Profit per hour from catching Anglerfish: 250K GP

F2P AFK Money Making methods

There are also a few low-intensity money-making methods available for free to play; although not as profitable as P2P, you can still make a moderate amount of coins when following these methods:

1. Crafting Diamond Jewellery

Players can use a furnace to craft gold bars and diamonds into necklaces. The Edgeville furnace is highly recommended for crafting diamond jewellery because it is the closest to a bank and can make 1200 pieces of diamond jewelry per hour.

crafting diamond in F2P

Requirement for crafting diamond jewellery: 56 crafting, 700K GP, necklace mould.

Profit per hour from crafting diamond jewellery: 300k GP

2. Tanning cowhide

Tanning cowhide is a popular way to make money in free-to-play. Cowhides can be converted into hard leather to make a profit at Elis in Al Kharid. Test this method with a few hides to ensure you make a good profit before committing to it for long periods.

Requirements for tanning cowhide: Energy potions and up to 400,000 GP are needed to do this method.

Profit per hour from tanning cowhide: 260,000 GP

3. Crafting Ruby Jewellery

You need gold bars and Ruby to craft ruby jewellery at a furnace; it’s best to use the Edgeville furnace as it is the closest to a bank. Up to 1200 Ruby pieces of jewellery can be made with little effort. You will need up to 400,000 GP to start and a necklace mould.

crafting ruby jewellery in F2P

Requirement for crafting ruby jewellery: None

Profit per hour from crafting ruby jewellery: 190K GP

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