Created: Jan 2 2024

How to Buy OSRS Accounts Safely

How to Buy OSRS Accounts Safely

When you are doubting whether you should buy an OSRS account, it is good to first do extensive research before making a purchase. We wrote a guide to help you make better decisions about where to buy your next OSRS account.

Reputation of the seller

The reputation of the seller is one of the most important aspects to look at when deciding where you want to buy your OSRS account. When purchasing off a website, make sure to check out their Trustpilot page and have a Google for their reviews. 

When purchasing from marketplaces such as Eldorado and PlayerAuctions you should also be looking at the amount of OSRS account sales your seller has already done and scroll through the reviews of the seller to make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable vendor. 

If you decide to purchase from other marketplaces such as Sythe or Osbot then we recommend only dealing with people that have a high donor status and at least 500+ vouches. A common way scammers try to scam people is to buy a high donor status on Sythe or Osbot with some vouches to then sell multiple OSRS accounts. When they have sold all their OSRS accounts, they will then recover the OSRS account at a later point, making you lose all the OSRS GP you put on the account and all the effort you put into leveling. Buying from established sellers on Sythe that have been active for over a few years with at least 500+ vouches should give you better confidence that the seller is not a scammer. 

reputation of a seller

Make sure that the seller is the original owner of the account

We first talked about the reputation of the seller being extremely important when determining if you should purchase the account. However, this doesn’t mean anything if the seller is also not the original owner of the account in question. 

Many websites purchase OSRS accounts from their customers to then re-sell them for a higher price to another customer. Sometimes they even claim that they trained these accounts themselves, so be extremely careful! These sellers have no control over an account being recovered, resulting in you being afraid of possibly losing your account in the future, causing all progress and hard-earned money to go down the drain. 

Make sure that the account is not re-bought

Another essential element is that the account you purchased was not bought back from another customer. Sometimes customers buy an OSRS account from a website, play on it for a bit, and then try to sell it back to the website for a lower price. Since they played on it and therefore know a lot of information about the account, such as previous passwords and billing information, they can sometimes recover the account (even though they are not the original owner). This means that even though the website where you are purchasing from is reputable, and they are the original owner of the account, your account can still be recovered when it was first sold to another customer and bought back. 

Buying OSRS accounts with no email registered

To ensure that you are the first person purchasing the account, buying an OSRS account with no email registered to it is highly recommended. Since there is no email set on the account, this means that the current password on the account is also the creation password. This implies you are the first person purchasing the account, and therefore it gives you greater confidence when purchasing the account. 

Another advantage of buying an OSRS account with no email registered is that they are harder to recover. The seller of the account only has the creation password that they know of the account, and they were only able to use bonds or membership codes on the account for membership. Meaning that they lack credit card billing information, which is needed to recover most OSRS accounts. Therefore, accounts that are sold with no email registered are extremely hard to recover (in some cases even impossible). 

account with no email set

What to do after you purchase an OSRS account

We have dived into the information of what to look out for when you want to purchase an OSRS account in the safest way possible, but what to do once you get handed over the account information? Before the introduction of Jagex Launcher Accounts the best way would be to register an email, change the password, set an authenticator on the account, and a bank pin. With the launch of Jagex Accounts, however, the best way is to import your new account into your Jagex launcher account. Doing this makes the account even harder to recover by the original owner, and this is the most optimal way to improve account security.

Our way of selling OSRS accounts

We at LuckyCharmGold have sold OSRS accounts since 2019, meaning we are a very experienced vendor in the account-selling business. We only sell accounts that we are the original owner of, and almost all the accounts we sell have no email registered. Furthermore, the original login email of the accounts we sell has never been created before, meaning you can still create this email: making you the original owner of the login email. All these features, combined with 1500+ vouches on Sythe, $777 donor status, and 200+ Trustpilot reviews should give you enough confidence to buy OSRS accounts from us.

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