Oct 18 2021

OSRS HCIM Account Buying Guide

OSRS HCIM Account Buying Guide

Purchasing a Hardcore Ironman


Hardcore ironman can be some of the most fun, rewarding and challenging content in the game – balancing risk of death with efficiency and obtaining max, best in slot gear without losing 1 life and without the assistance of others. As anyone who has played a Hardcore ironman before can tell you, Due to the nature of Old School Runescape and the game mode itself, it can be a long grind in-between death from beginner, early content back into the mid and end game where the real fun PVMing and skilling begins, making deaths even more frustrating as starting a new account can mean hundreds of hours of grinding, questing and skilling before you can really get back into the game mode. Fortunately, we at Lucky Charm are committed to maximising your enjoyment from the game by doing these grinds for you!

Let us do the hard work for you

Along side our account services, where skilled workers will hand train your account for you, we also offer account sale services. Some of the worst parts of efficiently training your new HCIM is the early game - Wintertodt isn’t exiting for anyone, let alone getting 99 Firemaking for the umpteenth time on your new hardcore, and it’s very easy to get burnt out before even getting to the part of the game you want to play. Our most popular account builds are 99 firemaking, 99 firemaking / 70 agility and 99 firemaking / 70 agility / 83 Hunter. These three builds are perfect for anyone either new to Hardcore Ironman, or those rebuilding a new account after losing status. With these options, you can choose to skip some of the most annoying and boring grinds within Oldschool RuneScape and get straight into the action without being inefficient on your account or limiting yourself. Due to the nature of the boss and its loot, it is far better to get 99 firemaking whilst remaining at 10hp, as well as the crates stacked up being a fantastic starter pack for the early and mid-game on your Hardcore.


All our accounts are 100% Hand trained by our workers – we will never sell botted accounts, or hide any bans / mutes that have been registered on the accounts. We will only ever use Runelite or Vanilla client whilst training accounts. Our customers satisfaction and security are our highest priority, and if any problems arise within the purchasing of an account or after obtaining the account we are always here to help. All accounts sold through Lucky Charm have no registered email or authenticator – meaning we have no way of recovering the account after you have purchased it and added the necessary security details. We highly recommend you add a recovery email, authenticator and change the password after the account is in your possession to make sure there is no way someone is able to obtain your account.

Need more?

Extra services are always available through our services discord. We offer an extremely wide range of services for your account, from item collection to endgame PVM carries and completions. We have experience with almost all content in the game, from low level fire capes with no supplies, to bossing as a HCIM and diary completions. Any content that you are unable to complete due to time constraints or lack of experience with, we have you back and can help take your account to the next level – just open a ticket up in discord or chat to us in the general chat.

Account Process and details

Why these stats?

We create the accounts fresh and get straight into training. Our skilled workers hand-train the account to 99 - we do not use Bots, AHK scripts, cheat clients or multi-boxing, and all accounts are sold with 0 bans or offences unless stated otherwise.



We get to 99 firemaking first using wines bought from Draynor Village, or cakes. This is an early game grind that must be done on any Hardcore to be efficient, as Wintertodt gets much harder when your HP is trained above 10hp, and the crates are near essential for making your Ironman experience as comfortable as possible.



We get 70 agility using rooftop courses only, collecting all the marks of grace to get your account full graceful – an essential item for any account – as well as set you up to make more stamina potions. 70 agility makes questing on an Ironman extremely smooth and quick, with way less walking than an account with 1 agility.



83 Hunter is an essential skill to have on an ironman since at 83 hunter players can catch dragon implings which have very notable drops such as amulet of glory, magic seed, snapdragon seed which are all very important for an ironman. Especially the amulet of glory is very useful for early PVM on the Hardcore Ironman.


Once purchased, we will send you the accounts login and password Through the Runescape website, you can change the set email and add authenticator to the account and change the password. Runescape passwords are not case sensitive, so we recommend you use a long password that is not used on any other websites. Note – this will not change the login email, so make sure you have that written down as to not forget. Setting a recovery email will mean this account is 100% yours – we have no way of recovering your account, even if we wanted to, so you have absolute security and zero worries we can recover once the account is trained up to a beast Iron.

A pre-made Iron is an incredibly easy and quick way to save time and avoid burning out on some of the slow yet essential early game grinds on Ironman, and is highly recommended whether you are new to Ironmen or a returning player looking for a hardcore challenge.

If you have any further questions, message Lucky on discord or ping any of the managers within our services or accounts discord in the general chat. Good luck on your Ironman, and I hope to not see you on the hardcore deaths twitter!

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