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OSRS Baby Pure Guide

OSRS Baby Pure Guide

24-hour beginner baby pure guide

Beginner pures, also known as baby pures, are the quickest and easiest way to get into PKing. With minimal risk, fast fights and big KO potential, low level pures are some of the most fun you can have PKing in Old School Runescape, for those completely new to PKing and those who are more experienced. PK sets can be as low as 30k, and baby pures have an extremely low skill floor – as can be learnt in our baby pure PK guide – making this build one of the best to learn PKing from scratch on and start obliterating your opponents.

Building a PK-ready baby pure can be done, efficiently, in less than 24 hours. With this build, you can go straight to PKing without delay and get straight to the fun on a single bond. This guide will show you how to create a pure with 50 attack, 60 strength, 60 ranged and 31 prayer – fully quested and ready to be trained into a higher level or max pure

For this build, you will need:

  • Some gp – 5m will be plenty
  • A dwarf multi cannon, 5000 cannon balls
  • 200 anglers, 30 stamina potions, 20 ranging potions, 20 super combat potions
  • 20 dueling rings, 20 games necklaces, 10 rings of wealth
  • Air staff, 1000 mind runes, 1000 chaos runes, 1000 fire runes, 1000 earth runes
  • 200 logs, a knife
  • 50 dragon bones

The initial setup for the account – mage is used to kill the bosses fought during quests


A majority of the XP is done through questing – this is far quicker than traditional XP training, and allows you to quest further for mithril gloves, avas accumulator and ancient magics without ruining your pure build.

Quest items needed:

  • Black bead, yellow bead, red bead, white bead
  • Burnt meat, eye of newt, onion
  • Hammer, 1067 coins, garlic, holy symbol
  • 5 cheeses, leather gloves
  • 6 air runes, 6 earth runes, 6 water runes, rope, 6 logs
  • 6 clay, 4 copper ore, 2 iron ore
  • Redberry pie, pickaxe, 3 iron bars
  • Desert shirt, desert robe, desert boots, 3 bronze bars, hammer, 50 feathers, Shantay pass
  • 10 bread, 10 cooked trout, Asgardian ale
  • 50 pure essence, bucket, Rope, axe, plank, any staff

Once you have collected all these items and geared up appropriately, you are ready to start your account! Makes sure to use the “attack styles” plugin on runelite to hide defensive attacks, to make sure you stay at 0 defence XP, and always carry multiple stamina pots and anglers to make your questing as smooth and easy as possible

50 attack, 60 strength 60 range baby pure guide

  • Complete Imp Catcher
  • Completed Witches Potion
  • Complete Vampire Slayer

Once these quests are done, train to 20 magic on the lesser demon on the top floor of the wizard’s tower

  • Complete Witches House
  • Complete Waterfall quest
  • Complete Fight Arena
  • Complete Tree Gnome Village
  • Complete Doric’s Quest
  • Complete the Knights Sword

Train your fletching to 10. Thankfully this is the only non-combat skilling you’ll need to do on this account for this baby build

  • Complete the Tourist Trap – make sure to use your lamps on Agility
  • Complete The Grand Tree
  • Complete Death Plateau
  • Complete Dwarf Cannon
  • Complete Restless ghost
  • Complete Priest in Peril
  • Complete Mountain Daughter

Train your prayer to 31

dragon bones can be used on an altar inside a house for the fastest XP. You can find open houses with altars in Rimmington on world 330. Make sure you don’t go past level 31, as we want to keep the combat level of the account as low as we can.

The bulk of questing is done, and your account should be coming together nicely. Now it’s time to train your combat. Start by training range. Below are the setups you should use whilst training – don’t worry if you can’t afford ranger boots, just leave the boot slot empty. Steel darts are extremely cheap and deal as much damage as Iron Knives at a fraction of the cost, and are highly recommended for training.

1-40 range setup


40-50 range setup


50-60 range setup


To train range, safe spot the Ogres near castle wars with your cannon – make sure you are attacking the ogres with your darts as well to train HP. Behind the bushes is a safe spot, so you will never have to worry about being damaged by the Ogres

Train in this spot until you have 60 ranged


Once you have achieved 60 Ranged, it’s time to train melee. Sand Crabs is the best place to train your combat stats, as they hit very little, have low defence and are extremely AFK. Aim to stand in a spot where three crabs spawn and aggro you, as this is the most efficient way to kill sand crabs. If you can’t find these spots, hop around the sand crabs and see where people are training – these are the good spots. Find an open world and get started. First train to 45 strength, then 50 attack. Once 50 attack, swap to a granite hammer and train to 60 strength

30-45 strength, 45-50 attack setup


45-60 strength setup


Once you have achieved 60 strength, congratulations, you’re PK ready!


This is our recommended setup for PKing in this bracket. Wait until a big arrow, then double maul + whack for the KO. With next to 0 risk, protecting the gmaul, you can die without worries as you learn to PK – Lots of people within this bracket get smited easily for their obby mauls and granite mauls, so there’s lots of GP to be made. Good luck PKing, and I’ll see you on World 560!

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