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Buy OSRS Zerker Accounts

The account details will be automatically emailed to you after payment has been confirmed.

Desired account
1. Order your desired OSRS account from our website
Make a payment
2. Complete order with any payment method of your choice
Receive email with credentials
3. We will send you an email with the account credentials
Account is yours
4. Set an email, change the password, and enjoy

Why buy Runescape accounts from LuckyCharmGold?

LuckyCharmGold is the best website for you to buy cheap OSRS accounts. Our website has sold over 500 accounts across different forums such as Sythe, PlayerAuctions, and Eldorado without any problems. Unlike other websites we are the original owner of all the accounts that we are selling, therefore you can be sure that your account will never be recovered after the purchase. When buying from LuckyCharmGold you are buying with 100% confidence, you can check out our Trustpilot page below for customer reviews.

Our warranty

Most websites that are selling Runescape accounts offer a certain timeframe warranty on the account. After this timeframe when your account gets recovered you are left in the dark. We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all our accounts! Whenever you lose access to your account at any point in the future, we will help you regain access to your RS account by account recovery. If we are not able to recover your account, we will give you a replacement account or offer you a full refund on your purchase.

Unregistered accounts

Almost all of the game accounts that we are selling are unregistered. Unregistered email accounts cannot change the password before the first email is registered on the account. This means that with 100% certainty you have the original password that the account was created with. Unregistered accounts are very hard to recover, which gives even better confidence to the buyer of the Oldschool Runescape account.

How it works

Buying a Runescape account at LuckyCharmGold is a very simple process. First, you choose your desired Runescape account from our account list and complete your purchase with your desired payment method. After the payment has been completed your OSRS account details will be automatically emailed to you. When you have received your Old School Runescape account details be sure to register an email on the account via the official Old School Runescape website. After your email is registered you can access the account settings to change the password on the account for full ownership. To increase the security of your account we recommend setting a bank pin and two-factor authenticator.

Why should you buy an OSRS account?

Most of the people playing the game Oldschool Runescape have a mature age with a full-time job and hence not that much time to play the game. Buying a premade Runescape account is a better alternative than spending hundreds of hours getting your desired account. Players can skip the grind and immediately start playing their favorite activities within the game.

Is buying a Runescape account bannable?

Buying an account in the game is a bannable offense according to the game creator Jagex. However, it is very hard for them to detect the sale of an account in the game. Accounts are usually bought with real cash which makes account sales very hard to detect. Out of the experience of selling accounts, we found that ban rates are nonexistent when transferring ownership of an account. Is your account banned in the game immediately after a sale from our website? Contact our customer support and we will make sure to get you a replacement account or refund your purchase.

What type of OSRS game accounts are there?

We have a large variety of Runescape accounts for sale, such as low- and high-level pure accounts, zerker & void ranged pure accounts, 75 attack piety builds, high total level mains, starter ironman & hardcore ironman, and many more. All these accounts have a difference in total level and quest point specific to their build. Most of the accounts are prebuild to a specific need of the type of Runescape player you are in the game. Do you hate questing or NMZ training? Then buying an account with barrows gloves completed with a high total level is your best bet. Have a look at our accounts listed for specifications of combat level, quest point, and skill levels completed.

Further customizations needed?

Did you find your new game account but want some further specifications? You can do further customization of your new OSRS account by using our OSRS Powerleveling services. We provide any service you might need for your game accounts such as skilling, questing, minigames, fire & infernal capes, achievement diaries, pet hunting, and many more. For more information, we want to redirect you to our Discord server via this link. If you are looking to buy cheap OSRS gold to use on your new account you can check out our buy OSRS gold page.
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