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Death Matching Staker

Combat Level Combat Level 122
Attack 99 Hitpoints 99 Mining 60
Strength 99 Agility 51 Smithing 44
Defence 99 Herblore 33 Fishing 49
Ranged 48 Thieving 54 Cooking 70
Prayer 70 Crafting 61 Firemaking 50
Magic 65 Fletching 30 Woodcutting 55
Runecrafting 28 Slayer 14 Farming 20
Construction 10 Hunter 1 Total Level 1209
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What is an OSRS staking account?

An OSRS staking account is an account that has maxed melee combat stats. That means that it has 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints. These accounts are used in the Duel Arena to battle against other players to bet OSRS gold against each other. The staker accounts are popular since the Duel Arena is a place where in-game money can be gambled for 50/50 odds.

Why should you buy an OSRS staking account

An OSRS staking account is perfect if you are a regular staker in the Duel Arena. Most of the people that are dueling in the Duel Arena have maxed combat accounts, giving you the opportunity to gamble them at 50/50 odds. At the moment, there is a maximum amount that you can stake in the Duel Arena of 10m.
Another reason to buy an OSRS staker is to use the account as an alt account. Since it has maxed melee combat, these types of accounts can be used as tanks for bossing at Bandos or Zamorak in the Godwards Dungeon for example.

Why you should buy an OSRS staker from us

All the staker accounts that we have for sale have no email registered to them. You will be the first to set an email and change the password. We have sold over 1000+ accounts without ever having any problems. Furthermore, we are the original owner of all the accounts that we are selling, hence we can guarantee that your staking account will never be recovered in the future.