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OSRS HCIM for sale

The account details will be automatically emailed to you after payment has been confirmed.

Desired account
1. Order your desired OSRS account from our website
Make a payment
2. Complete order with any payment method of your choice
Receive email with credentials
3. We will send you an email with the account credentials
Account is yours
4. Set an email, change the password, and enjoy

What is an OSRS HCIM account?

An Old School RuneScape Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) account is a type of account which is not allowed to interact with other players in the game. This implies that it cannot trade, use the grand-exchange or loot items from PVP related activities: making the account similar to an OSRS ironman account. The only difference with an ironman account is that HCIM accounts only have one life. Meaning that if you die in an unsafe area, you will lose your HCIM status and your account will automatically transfer into a regular ironman account.

Why buy your OSRS HCIM account from us?

Our feedback

We at Luckycharmgold have sold over 1000+ OSRS accounts on different forums without any problems. We have gathered over 5000+ positive feedback on our Discord, Sythe and Trustpilot page combined. Therefore, when buying an OSRS HCIM account from us you are buying with full confidence that your account will not be recovered in the future.

OSRS HCIM accounts with no email set

All of the OSRS HCIM accounts that we have for sale have no email registered on the accounts. Meaning that you will be the first to set an email on the account and will be the first to change the password afterwards. This gives you full confidence that you know the creation password of the account since the password could not have been altered before.
Accounts with an unregistered email address are also extremely hard to recover since only the creation password is known to the seller. This makes unregistered email address accounts very popular among account buyers.

The type of OSRS HCIM accounts we have for sale

We mainly have OSRS HCIM for sale that are pre-build with specific skills. These are mainly annoying skill grinds giving you the ability to start your HCIM journey with a kickstart. We have many different types of OSRS HCIM for sale with skills done such as 99 Firemaking, 70 Agility, 83 Hunter, 77 Runecrafting, 70 Mining & many more.
After you purchased your OSRS HCIM the details of the accounts will be automatically emailed to the email address specified with your order. After you have received the email with the account credentials you are able to set the first email on the account. After setting the email you can change the password, set an authenticator. and the account is all yours to use. For further security we advice to set an authenticator as well as a bank-pin on your account. We wish you a great HCIM journey on Old School RuneScape and hope that to see your HCIM account on the top of the high scores one day!

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