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OSRS Fishing Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99 For F2P & P2P players

OSRS Fishing Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99 For F2P & P2P players

Getting to 99 fishing, like most other skills in Oldschool Runescape, is a challenging task, and you need to be efficient if you want to get there as quickly as possible. There are several ways to get to 99 fishing, and the one you choose depends on whether you want to get there as quickly as possible, be AFK, or get the most rewards out of it. 

In this guide, we have compiled the quickest methods to get to 99 fishing on Old School Runescape. We have broken down the experience rates, total time required for each method, best outfits, and equipment to make 99 fishing even faster for you both in P2P and F2P.

For those looking for the most AFK-able and profitable method to get to 99 fishing, we have also included a proper breakdown of the methods, including how long you can be AFK and the total number of gp you can expect to get from each profitable method mentioned.

Fastest Way to get to 99 fishing in P2P

Advancing from level 1 to 33 via quests

osrs quests that gain fishing xp

Undoubtedly, the fastest way to get started with fishing in P2P is by doing these quests: 

  • Sea slug: This quest requires only 30 firemaking and takes only 15 minutes to complete, it rewards 7,125 fishing experience which takes you from level 1 to 24 fishing.

  • Fishing contest: This quest only requires 10 fishing and if you've completed the sea slug quest, you already have 24 fishing, which is more than enough to complete this quest. The fishing contest quest gives 2,437 fishing experience and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

  • Freeing Pirate Pete quest of a Recipe for Disaster: 31 cooking is required to complete this quest; a medium combat level is also required to kill 5 mudskippers with combat levels of 30/31 and a crab with combat level of 21/23. This quest gives 1000 fishing experience and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio: This quest requires 30 firemaking, 15 agility, 30 cooking, and 5 fishing with the completion of the jungle potion, and it rewards 5,000 fishing experience and can be finished in 15 minutes.

  • The Fremennik Trials: This quest requires 25 fletching, 40 woodcutting, and 40 crafting, as well as decent fighting stats to kill Koschei the Deathless and the Draugen, a level 69 monster. This quest rewards you with 2,812 fishing experience and takes 30 minutes to complete. 

Assuming you meet the necessary prerequisites for these quests and possess some familiarity with questing, you can expect to reach level 33 fishing in just 1 hour and 25 minutes. This method undoubtedly stands as the swiftest route to attaining level 33 fishing from level 1.

Levels 20 till 58 fishing: Fly Fishing

At level 20, you have unlocked the ability to fly fish; fly fishing with tick manipulation offers the fastest experience till 58 fishing. However, without tick manipulation, drift net fishing provides better experience rates until level 47 fishing.

fly fishing

To fly fish using tick manipulation, you'll need a fly fishing rod, feathers, herb, tar, knife, and teak/mahogany logs. This method has a learning curve because it takes time to improve your clicking and timing so that you can do this activity consistently. You need to shift drop the fish and then click on the fishing area.

The table below shows the expected XP per hour doing fly fishing at different fishing levels with tick manipulation

Expected XP per hour when fly fishing

Therefore, you can expect to get from 20 to 58 fishing with this method in 4 hours

Levels 58 till 80: Barbarian Fishing

Barbarian fishing is unlocked at level 48 fishing and requires 30 agility and strength to do so. fly fishing gives better experience rates at this level until level 58 fishing, at which point 3-tick Barbarian fishing becomes the fastest method of fishing in Oldschool Runescape and also gives agility and strength experience, making it ideal for you if you have low agility or strength levels.

Barbarian fishing

To do the 3-tick manipulation correctly, you will need the Barbarian rod, which can be purchased at Otto's grotto, as well as feathers as bait. You will also need herb, knife, and mahogany logs. 

The table below shows the expected XP per hour for barbarian fishing at different fishing levels with tick manipulation. You can get 58 to 80 fishing in 20 hours. 

Expected XP per hour when Barbarian fishing

Levels 85 till 99: Two-tick Harpooning Swordfish/tuna with Crystal Harpoon

At level 85, two-tick harpooning swordfish and tuna in Piscarilliius with crystal harpoon provides better fishing experience rates than Barbarian fishing and also gives you a better chance of obtaining the heron pet; nevertheless, if you have low agility and strength levels, it is recommended that you continue with Barbarian fishing until you reach level 99 to obtain those extra agility and strength levels.

two-tick harpooning swordfish and tuna

This fishing method is only recommended if you do the two-tick manipulation and to achieve good experience rates, you must be efficient, just like in barbarian fishing. This method may appear complicated at first, but it becomes pretty straightforward as you become used to it. I'll break it down for you: make sure you're being attacked by two rats attacking two ticks apart, then click the fishing spot every time the rat strikes you, and a hit splat shows on the player character.

At level 85, you can expect about 116,000 XP per hour

At level 99, you can expect about 132,000 XP per hour

Using this method, you can go from level 85 to 99 in about 80 hours.

These methods discussed above are the fastest way in P2P to get 99 fishing, and in total, it would take you about 105 hours and 25 minutes from 1-99 fishing if you followed these methods efficiently.

Fastest Way to get 99 fishing in F2P

Catching raw shrimps and raw Anchovies from 1-20 fishing

When it comes to training skills in free-to-play, you don't have many options, especially when you're just starting. At level 1, you can fish raw shrimps with the small fishing net, and at level 15, you will start to capture anchovies but not consistently; your experience rate averages 2,000 XP per hour and also increases as you catch anchovies more often. It would take you about 2 hours to go from 1 to 20 fishing using this method.

Catching raw shrimps and raw Anchovies from 1-20 fishing

Fishing raw trout and raw salmon from 20 to 99

Catching raw trout and salmon is without a doubt the quickest way to reach 99 fishing in F2P. You could gain up to 15,000 XP per hour with this strategy, and at 30 fishing, you could catch salmon at irregular intervals, increasing your XP per hour over time up to 45,000 XP per hour as you move closer to 99 fishing. It would take you about 360 hours to get 99 fishing with this method.

Catching raw trout and salmon from 20 - 99

To catch raw trout, you need a fly fishing rod and feathers and it can be done at Lumbridge or Barbarian, one feather is consumed anytime a fish is caught and you would need about 225,000 feathers to go from 20 to 99 fishing.

The most Profitable method for 99 fishing

Catching Minnows from 82 to 99 fishing

Catching Minnows

Catching minnows can be done at Kylie Minnow's fishing platform at the fishing guild, which requires level 82 fishing, completion of a fishing contest, and a full angler's outfit to access. It is quite AFK compared to other methods because it does not involve tick manipulation, and it also provides decent rewards.

Minnow fishing spots vary every 15 seconds, so you would need to click a new spot each time, resulting in 240 clicks every hour. The experience rate is slower than the other methods mentioned at this level; you should expect between 40,000 and 56,000 XP per hour from levels 82 to 99 fishing, but this method is still quite profitable, and you can get up to 32M+ gp if you decide to catch minnows from levels 82 to 99 and make approximately 165,625 gp per hour at level 99. Wearing Rada's blessing increases total GP from minnows by 10%.


Fighting the Tempoross uses skills rather than combat, just like Wintertodt, requiring only 35 fishing and the following items to be efficient and successful: rope, bucket, hammer, harpoon, and small fishing net to claim rewards. You can join other players to fight this boss or go solo by traveling to the ruins of Unkah.


The Tempoross, also known as the Spirit of the Seas, is considered a boss and not a minigame; therefore, death during the game will cause a loss of items and Hardcore Ironman status. Fighting Tempoross requires a relatively low amount of effort when compared to the tick manipulation methods discussed above, but you should expect lower experience rates, The experience rates vary depending on the type of harpoon you use, your fishing level, and if you cook or not. You also get the opportunity to get experience in other skills like cooking, construction, and strength

If you want to receive higher permits and get better rewards, especially for ironmen or those looking to increase their chances of getting the tempoross pet, it is best to cook the harpoon fish before firing it through the cannon. However, doing so reduces the experience rates.

expected XP per hour when fighting Tempoross

It would take about 205 hours to get to 99 fishing using the regular harpoon, and without cooking, it takes roughly 250 hours with cooking.

For the Dragon harpoon,

The dragon harpoon is not unlocked till 70 fishing

expected XP per hour when fighting Tempoross with Dragon harpoon

It would take about 175 hours to get to 99 fishing using the Dragon harpoon without cooking; it takes roughly 220 hours with cooking

For the Crystal Harpoon:

The crystal harpoon is not unlocked till 70 fishing

expected XP per hour when fighting Tempoross with Crystal harpoon

It would take about 156 hours to get to 99 fishing using the Crystal Harpoon, and without cooking, it takes roughly 195 hours with cooking.

Fighting the Tempoross boss without cooking provides lower rewards, and if you fight the boss from levels 35 to 99 fishing without cooking, you can expect to get rewards that cost around 40m in total from the rewards pool; however, if you cook, this number can go up to 75M gp depending on your luck.

Here are some of the items you can expect to get from the Tempeross reward pools: raw Sharks, Manta rays, salmon, Feathers, Planks, Seaweed, Tome of water (empty), dragon Harpoon Raw Sea turtles, raw Swordfish and caskets

Expected Loot from 35-99 fishing at Tempoross

 Most AFKable Fishing Methods

Catching Karambwans from levels 65 to 99

One of the most AFK methods to get to 99 fishing is to catch Karambwans on the tropical island of Karamja, which requires the completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai quest. The fishing spots are north of the shipyard and at the Fairy Ring spot c k r.

Catching Karambwans from 65  99

To catch Karambwans, you need a Karambwan vessel and Karambwanji. You need to fish for Karabwanji for roughly 6 and a half minutes to be able to catch Karabwans for an hour; however, this time lowers as your fishing level increases. You can fish till your inventory is full of Karambwans without clicking, allowing you to be AFK for up to two minutes, or better yet, get a barrel from doing Tempoross to capture additional fish, allowing you to be AFK for up to four minutes when catching Karambwans.

Banking can be easily done by teleporting to Zanaris via the nearby fairy ring. You can expect to collect up to 80m worth of Karambwans if you go from 65 to 99 fishing using this method. The XP per hour is relatively low, at 30,000, and it would take approximately 420 hours to reach 99 fishing from level 65.

Catching Monkfish from Levels 62 to 99

Catching raw monkfish is done at Piscatoris Fishing Colony with only a small fishing net in your inventory after completing the swan song quest, and it also requires level 62 fishing. Catching monkfish is also ideal for most players due to its proximity to the bank.

Catching Monkfish from 62 - 99 fishing

This method is relatively slow, but it requires little attention, and you can be AFK for up to 1 minute, you can get 40,000 gp per hour and get up to 14M GP worth of monkfish from 62 to 99 fishing using this method. you can expect to get about 33,000 XP to about 42,000 XP per hour from levels 62 to 99 fishing, and it would take around 360 hours to get to 99 fishing from level 62. It is recommended to wear the full angler’s outfit to get better experience rates and a rada blessing for more monkfish.

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