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✔️About the account✔️
- Combat level 54 that can hit super high with a venom stack (perfect for bounty hunter)
- Mithril Gloves + Mage Arena 2 Cape + Unholy Book unlocked
- No email registered on the account, you will be the first to register an email and change password

👑Why choose me?👑
- We are the original owner of all the accounts that we sell. Therefore, we can guarantee that your account will never be recovered in the future (unlike a lot of other sellers that buy accounts of customers to then re-sell again to you).
- The login email (used to log in to the account) was never created, and you are able to create this email address yourself, making you the original owner of that email. DM me after purchasing the account for more information.
- I have sold over 2000+ accounts on other forums and marketplaces such as Sythe.
- In business since 2019
- Registered company from the Netherlands (EU)