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OSRS Woodcutting Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99 For F2P & P2P

OSRS Woodcutting Guide: Fastest Way From 1-99 For F2P & P2P

Among all the skills in Oldschool Runescape, getting 99 in woodcutting can be one of the most relaxing but is by no means the quickest. It all depends on how you choose to train the skill; you can go slower and more relaxing with the AFK method, or you can go faster and more click-intensive with tick manipulation.

Woodcutting is a free-to-play skill; it can be trained all the way to 99 without having to pay for a membership and requires only an axe. This guide will cover all of the quickest and most comfortable or AFK ways to get to 99 woodcutting in both F2P and P2P

Also take note that, although slower or AFK methods are more profitable, they earn extremely low experience rates; therefore, it is advisable to use the fastest methods to complete 99 woodcutting and then use the time saved to do other more profitable money-making methods.

The fastest way to train OSRS woodcutting for P2P

The quickest way to get experience when starting most OSRS skills is to complete quests; this also applies to woodcutting, where completing the following quests will take you from 1 to 26 woodcutting levels.

Quests that give Woodcutting Experience

It would take around one hour and fifteen minutes to finish all of the quests discussed below, assuming you can finish them moderately fast and have all the necessary stats. This would be the quickest route to level 26.

Quests that give Woodcutting Experience

Monk’s friend: This quest is completed by doing favors for the monks at the Ardougne Monastery. It awards 2,000 woodcutting experience when completed and is rather easy to do with no skill requirements. This quest would take about fifteen minutes to complete. 

Enlightened Journey: This quest requires the following skills to be completed: 20 firemaking, 30 farming, and 36 crafting. It also needs 20 quest points. Upon finishing this quest, you will receive 1,500 woodcutting experience in addition to experience rewards in farming, crafting, and firemaking. It would take roughly fifteen minutes to do this task.

Icthlarin’s Little Helper: This is the second quest in the Kharidian quest series; it only requires the completion of Gertrude’s cat quest and has no skill requirement, although decent combat stats is required because you would need to kill a 75 or 81 guardian and a Possessed priest.

This quest gives 4,000 woodcutting experience and other experience rewards in thieving and agility and takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Skratch Uglogwee subquest of a recipe for disaster: This quest requires 41 cooking, 20 firemaking, and completion of the Big Chompy bird quest. Completing this quest grants 1,500 woodcutting experience as well as various experience rewards in cooking, crafting, and ranged. It should take up to 20 minutes to finish this quest

Please note that, if you want to get to 99 woodcutting as quickly as possible, it is only advisable to do these quests if you have the skill and quest requirements to complete them, as it would be faster to go from 1 - 26 woodcutting by cutting trees rather than doing the quest's requirements first.

Helpful tips


As soon as you reach the required woodcutting level, switch axes to enhance your experience rates. Here is a list of all the axes available in old Runescape, as well as the woodcutting level required to use them.

axes available in old Runescape

Banking/dropping logs

It is recommended that you drop the logs as soon as you cut them to save time that would otherwise be spent banking them; however, if you practice in areas where the trees are close to the bank, training while banking the logs can be as fast as dropping them or faster. 

Lumberjack Outfit

Each piece of the full outfit worn gives additional woodcutting experience ranging from 0.2-0.8%, depending on the piece worn. Wearing the full set outfit adds an extra set bonus of 0.5%, for a total of 2.5%.

Lumberjack Outfit bonus

Fastest experience training methods in P2P

In this section, we will go over the various trees, their locations, and the methods to follow to get the fastest experience rates from level 1 to 99 woodcutting in P2P.

Cutting regular trees: Levels 1 - 15

Cutting regular trees from 1 - 15 woodcutting

Trees are the most common thing in Oldschool Runescape; they can be found all around Gielenor, and cutting them grants 25 experience and logs go immediately into your inventory. 

Only an axe is required to cut logs in Oldschool Runescape, and the only axe you can use at level 1 woodcutting is the bronze axe

You would need to cut down 97 logs to reach level 15 woodcutting from level 1 and it would take about 10 minutes

Location of regular trees:

These trees can be found everywhere in Gielenor, but a good spot to cut them if you plan to bank while training is around the Grand Exchange or around the Varrock West Bank.

Cutting Oak trees: Levels 15 - 35

Cutting Oak trees from Levels 15 - 35 woodcutting

The oak tree requires 15 woodcutting and provides 37.5 experience per oak log. Because one oak tree can provide more than one oak log, cutting it requires fewer clicks than cutting other trees. It would take 534 logs to get from level 15 to level 35.

You gain approximately 20,000 XP each hour, so it would take roughly 1 hour to reach level 35. Oak trees are not as prevalent as ordinary logs, but they are quite easy to find across Gielenor and can be found in most of the places where regular trees can be found, albeit in fewer quantities. 

The ability to cut willow trees is unlocked at level 30 woodcutting, and while one log gives 67.5 experience, switching to them is not a good idea because you won't be able to cut them frequently enough to get better experience rates than cutting oak trees.

Locations for Cutting Oak Tree

Although oak trees can be found in some free-to-play regions, the member areas are more convenient for you. Here are the finest sites to chop oak trees:

  • Yannile.
  • Castle wars.
  • Catherby.
  • Tree gnome village.
  • Sorcerer’s Tower.
  • Seer’s village.

Cutting teak trees: Level 35 to 99 

At level 35, you can pick between cutting willow trees and teak trees, which provide very similar experience rates without teak manipulation. However, if you decide to use the 1.5-tick manipulation method, chopping teak trees is unquestionably the quickest method of training until 99 woodcutting. 

1.5 tick manipulation method

This is a very click-intensive approach to get to 99 woodcutting and is also fairly difficult to understand; it may be done by establishing a 3-tick cycle (for example, applying swamp tar on a clean herb) and alternating tiles close to the hardwood patches. When properly timed, the player has the possibility to acquire two logs at the same moment every three ticks. 

1.5 tick manipulation method for cutting teak trees

This strategy takes some practice to master to get high experience rates, so it is best to watch a video guide on this to properly understand how it works. 

Therefore, going from 31 to 99 using the dragon axe with this method will take roughly 70 hours

Expected xp per hour when cutting teak trees using 1.5 tick manipulation and dragon axe

While using Crystal axe, 71 to 99 will take about 62 hours and 17 minutes

Expected xp per hour when cutting teak trees using 1.5 tick manipulation and crystal axe

2 - tick manipulation method

This method is more practical and realistic for achieving 99 woodcutting; it is still click-intensive, but not as much as the 1.5 tick manipulation method; and it is also easier to get good experience rates.

You must first get two animals, such as rabbits or birds, to attack you in such a way that they both attack you every two ticks with your auto-retaliate turned on, and have those two animals attack you in such a way that a hit splat occurs every two ticks, which you can do by stepping beneath them if they're on the same tile to split them up, then getting one caught on a tree or shrub.

 After that, move the two around until you're standing between two teak trees and both enemies are assaulting you. Each time a hit splat emerges on the player, and then either click the ground at the foot of a teak tree or drop a teak log on each off-tick.

Using Dragon Axe with this method, it would take 80 hours and 7 minutes from 35-99

Expected xp per hour when cutting teak trees using 2 tick manipulation and dragon axe

While using the Crystal Axe, it would take 71 hours and 15 minutes from 61-99

Expected xp per hour when cutting teak trees using 2 tick manipulation and crystal axe

Afkable methods to train woodcutting

Cutting Blisterwood tree

Cutting Blisterwood tree

Cutting a Blisterwood tree is the easiest and most Afk method to obtain 99 woodcutting. To cut a Blisterwood tree, you must have 62 woodcutting and have progressed to the stage where you can enter the Darkmeyer when completing the Sins of the Father quest.

What makes this method so AFK is that the tree never depletes; however, there is a 1/10 possibility that your character will stop chopping the tree, at which point you will need to click the tree again.

Because of how simple this method is, I'm sure you can tell the XP per hour would be pretty low, and it would also take a long time to get to 99 woodcutting. When you first start, at level 62, you should expect about 50,000 XP per hour, and this increases to 75,000 as you get closer to level 99. It would take 190 hours to get to level 99 from 62 using this method.

Location of the Blisterwood tree: 

The blisterwood tree may be found at Darkmeyer's Arboretum.

Location of Blisterwood tree

Cutting Sulliuscep 

Sulliuscep is a type of mushroom located in the Tar Swamp in the southwestern region of Fossil Island, therefore you'd have to finish the Bone Voyage to acquire access. Although cutting Sulliuscep takes more clicks than chopping a Blisterwood tree. This strategy is highly recommended if you want to go to 99 woodcutting while AFK because it has significantly better experience rates.

Cutting Sulliuscep

Because of the random attacks from tar monsters and spine mushrooms, which may potentially poison you, It is required to have decent combat stats to withstand their attacks and also an antidote potion.

It is quite beneficial to cut Sulliuscep when there are few other players present since this reduces your chances of getting attacked. the world in which you would most likely find other players cutting Sulliuscep is World 321, which is assigned for Sulliuscep cutting.

For Dragon axe, you should get from 65-99 in approximately 129 hours

Expected xp per hour when cutting Sulliuscep using  dragon axe

When using the crystal axe, the experience rates are slightly higher and you should get from 71-99 in approximately 122 hours

Expected xp per hour when cutting Sulliuscep using  Crystal axe

Cutting Redwood trees

Redwood trees require 90 woodcutting to cut and give 380 experience per set of redwood logs cut; cutting them is particularly AFK due to the time it takes to obtain a single set of logs, enabling you to stay AFK for more than 5 minutes at times, 

Using the Dragon axe, you can gain up to 60,000 experience per hour above 90 woodcutting and up to 70,000 experience per hour as you get closer to 99 woodcutting, If you follow this method to 99 woodcutting from 90, it will take around 128 hours, and you will receive up to 4m worth of redwood logs. 

The Woodcutting Guild is the best place to find redwood trees.

Cutting Redwood trees

Fastest ways to train woodcutting in F2P

Cutting regular logs: Levels 1 - 15

Cutting normal trees throughout Gielinor is the quickest and only way to get started with woodcutting in F2P. it is faster to shift-drop the logs as you get, but if you are low on gold, it is best to bank the logs to sell them at the exchange or utilize them for other money-making methods. it would take around 10 minutes to get from level 1 to level 15; just like in P2P

2 tick Cutting Oak logs: Level 15 - 35

At level 15, cutting oak logs is the fastest option for you. Just like regular trees, these can be found in several spots that are available for F2P. It would take approximately 1 hour to get to level 35 from 15. Don’t forget to switch to mithril and adamant axe at levels 21 and 31 respectively. 

Fastest way to get to  99 woodcutting in F2P

2 tick Cutting Oak logs 35 - 99 

It is also possible to do the 2-tick manipulation for Oak logs in F2P but it is not worth doing at early levels because the experience rates won’t be so different than regular cutting; however, it is highly recommended to do this at higher levels.

Steps for 2 tick cutting oak logs

  1. Make sure you carry your best axe and equip any shortbow; set the attack style to rapid attack with no arrows; also bring some runes for Confuse and Curse; or wear armor to reduce your magic attack to sufficiently splash and carry runes for a damaging spell.

  1. Head to Falador and locate the two oak trees just beyond the southern Falador gates, which are approachable from a single tile, look for the two rats at a neighboring farm as well, which may be brought over to the oaks by using Confuse or splashing any spell. Normally, the rats do not wind up anywhere near the trees on their own, so they must be directed there each time. This can be difficult because the rats can be very difficult to control.

  1. Once both rats have been lured to the trees and are attacking you, keep standing on them and moving around a few tiles at a time until the two rats' attack animations are precisely staggered to attack once every two ticks. Then, when the 0 hit splat drops on you, click one of the two trees, and on the alternate ticks, drop a log from your inventory or click beneath you/under the tree so that the game recognizes an action but does not move you. Continuing this practice gives you a log every two ticks instead of four.

At level 75 woodcutting, it is possible to get over 82,000 experience per hour and up to 95,000 as get closer to 99, making this the fastest way to get to level 99 woodcutting in F2P


Free locations to cut oak logs

  • Draynor village
  • Varrock
  • Falador
  • Lumbridge
  • Port Sarim
  • Rimmington
  • Wilderness

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